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Lin 5d
And there is no better felling
Than laying in each others arms
And it feels like everything is perfect
And there is no trouble in the world

When you're asleep
I look at you
Careful not to wake you up
Because I don't want you to think that
I am some sort of creep

I think I never knew what love was
Until I met you
With your
Brown eyes
For you.
Lin Jan 12
I wish I could believe in miracles
Like I did before
When I used to pray every night

Now I am just living on the edge
One step wrong
And it all falls down

It is hard to not feel overwhelmed
By all these feelings
Especially now when the loneliness is eating me up
Lin Jan 9
and I thought about it
That I am
not really alone
because I've always got
the loneliness
Lin Jan 8
and we are all
surfing along
on this thing
called life

until we get throw
Lin Jan 4
How do I control
these thoughts
I just want to end it

I don't dare to tell you
that a long time ago
I gave up
Because you believe in me
and I don't want to disappoint you

Because if you knew
that there was no hope
I would end up all alone
When someone believes in you and you just play along. Pretending that you want to fight even if you know that there is no point. And you also feel like you can't tell them that you don't have the energy to fight. You feel like your whole life is a lie.
Lin Dec 2018
They told me
Time heals everything
But they never answered my question
How long time does it take?

Because this feels like forever
and that is a long time
When you've got nowhere to go

I think,
If I ever saw the light again
I will become blind

So what is the point?
Lin Dec 2018
What is real?
What is not?

Am I an illusion?
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