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Lin Apr 30
Help me
I'm falling

And I don't know
How to ever get up
Because I'm in the deepest hole
In total darkness

With no way out
Lin Mar 10
You're drowning
You're suffocating
You can't breathe

The panic takes over
No one there for you

Lin Feb 19
You turned around and asked me
Why I couldn't sleep

But how am I supposed to tell you
The million thoughts that goes through my head
every time I try to sleep
Lin Jan 26
The words you say
I don't think you know
How much they hurt

The things you do
It actually hurts
like I can feel the pain
Going through my whole body
not just my heart

and it can make me feel
so alone
even when I'm right next to you
Lin Jan 16
And there is no better felling
Than laying in each others arms
And it feels like everything is perfect
And there is no trouble in the world

When you're asleep
I look at you
Careful not to wake you up
Because I don't want you to think that
I am some sort of creep

I think I never knew what love was
Until I met you
With your
Brown eyes
For you.
Lin Jan 12
I wish I could believe in miracles
Like I did before
When I used to pray every night

Now I am just living on the edge
One step wrong
And it all falls down

It is hard to not feel overwhelmed
By all these feelings
Especially now when the loneliness is eating me up
Lin Jan 9
and I thought about it
That I am
not really alone
because I've always got
the loneliness
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