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 Apr 2017 Chris
Deserted Tears
 Apr 2017 Chris
I've driven myself in
to the valley of deserted

To where it's too hot,
while living is an isolation.

There's no river nor
lush forest around,
its as dry as the desert
sands, then humidity
strikes your nerves
that you'll feel

The crimson sky
Bleeds of its inking

I on the other hand
solidify my strength
to ease the burden
I carry, as i lift myself
Little by little towards
A meaningful step

© pax
I wrote this as a means to remind myself for the beauty of life.
 Apr 2017 Chris
life's jump
The fear in your eyes explore
Your laughter much softer
Darkness means more
Here in the water

Spaces look different
In shadows indifference
Cut in a locket
Heart shapes committed

A compass points direction
Arms for affection
A night in the water
Waves us ashore
 Apr 2017 Chris
I write not
 Apr 2017 Chris
I write not because i seek your truth,
i just do - for someone who seeks
understanding in all the doors we see.

I write not because i seek your pity,
i just do - for someone who seeks
understanding in all tough roads we
go through.

I write not because this is a job,
i just do - for someone who seeks
relief to the burden he has not
spoken out loud.

© pax
 Apr 2017 Chris
Happy quote?
 Apr 2017 Chris
I don't want my life to be
amazing, i just want it
to be happy...
Aren't we all want this? there are some happiness that are short, some takes longer, and some never arrive at all. There are some happiness that  are amazing or simple - big or small... I guess my happiness didn't arrive yet, as i am a late bloomer or very much reserved to the point of being afraid... im still overcoming that.. this thought/quote sprang to mind thinking i don't want an amazing life, with all the luxury or many amazing achievements, i just want to be loved and to love back in the simplest way of life, but i guess its still too much to asked. :(
 Apr 2017 Chris
 Apr 2017 Chris
i wrote a lot of great poetry when i was in love
i wrote even better poetry when i was in pain
i wrote the best poetry when i realized that the two emotions were actually the same.
For the longest time
I've had this romanticized view of lonesome drinking
I picture someone slowly zippin on a drink
and smoking sophistically
in a dull light
while writing great poetry

But when I've finished my 12th beer
and my 28th cigarette
in a dull light
And the only thing I've written
is something ****** like this

that romantic view is dead

Still I know
that tomorrow
Once my hangover is gone
I will do it all over again
 Apr 2017 Chris
 Apr 2017 Chris
I hope you're happy
But ******* too
You're better off without me
I'm too blue for you
Sometimes I dream
Of the places we've been too
The things you used to say
The things we used to do
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