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Chris Oct 2018
is just another
four letter word
with u involved
Chris Oct 2018
i don’t know where i’d be

if i weren’t constantly

in some aspect of my
Chris Sep 2017
i love this girl
but i used to love this other girl
and i used to think
i always would

but i don't

and it's an ugly thing
to not love someone anymore
so i won't love this girl
and it's still

an ugly thing
It's been awhile HP
Chris Apr 2017
all the bald giants have
donned their toupees
but they remain silent

the sun overhead licks
at my back and the salty
sweat of my brow
stains the bill of my hat

insects swarm overheard
while the smell of putrescent fish
and fermenting leaves
invades my nose

the scaled monsters
beneath the black water
grin at my every move

and i feel at home
Chris Apr 2017
there's a little cooler
by the nine light
has a note on it-
says 'don't throw away'

read it just about every day
i know how it feels
to be thrown away,
no longer be of use

but i'm no hoarder
and cleaning day has come
so i'll stay true to the note
and let someone else have you

hope they'll be
better than i was
Chris Apr 2017
my life can be summed up
with a long list of
coulda beens
but I let it all slip away
to be content with average
to stay out of any light,
lurk in the shadows
and all the chances linger
like a fog that the sun
can't seem to burn away
we coulda been great. good luck with LG
Chris Apr 2017
they say there's plenty of fish out there
but what they fail to mention
is how many fishermen
roam these waters
so oftentimes i'll go
to places that i seldom
seem to even get a single bite
but at least there's no competition around
everyone is the same
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