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 Apr 2017 Chloe Zafonte
Chocolate ecstasy on my tongue is
melting my troubles away
Each time you glance at me,
your eyes flicker perfectly, but
I often wonder what you see.
Remember when the sun kissed you darling?
Look at your skin and the memories will come flooding
If I were the rain,
I'd be dying to touch the earth,
cascading from nimbus clouds,
desperate to quench your thirst.

Yearning to bring new life
and glistening morning dew,
to a cold and arid place
where a garden never grew.

Today the sun may shine,
tomorrow may be the same,
but somewhere on the horizon
are skies that I'll reclaim.

I'd shower you with tenderness
and promises never untrue.
If I were the rain,
I'd be falling for you.
the green cloth, held
in a new wind--let the birds
come again
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