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Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
"I'm over her " he said
As his wife turns away and he gently tucks her photo in his pocket.
Sometimes love doesn't fade
Chloe Zafonte Apr 2019
I don't get haunted by ghost. I get haunted by memories of people who are still alive, just not around anymore.
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
Hello there! It has been a while
I had a glorious thought
After so long,  you've failed
To make me smile, I'd like to say
That he is everything you're not
Chloe Zafonte Sep 2016
It was my first week of kindergarten.
The adults around me went from being cheery to glum and irritable.

I came home that day and took my back pack off, I walked into the living room to see my Dad screaming and crying at the T.V! I looked at the screen to see the planes crashing into the towers, channels replaying it over and over again.

Images of Osama Bin Laden's face replaced Saturday morning cartoons. School went from learning to constantly singing patriotic songs and how we love our country.

I could not fully retain what was happening around me but I could feel the emotions of my teachers, parents and peers rubbing off on me.

The world went from green to gray that day and now I understand why.
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
If you're fat, transgender, ugly or gay it won't affect anyone's life in any way, so ignore this world of predijuce jerks and do what you feel that works.
I've been around all sorts of different people from gay to trans and they're just people like everyone else. I just wish others would stop caring so much of what others think
Chloe Zafonte Apr 2016
Most people worry about dying alone
I just worry about dropping dead without doing what I always wanted.
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2017
Sitting here staring into the sun, reminiscing about the days where life felt a little more at ease. About how all is changing, how I have grown into a woman with her own life as I mentally say goodbye to peace of mind.
I'm moving in a week and I was forced to put my dogs in a foster home. while I'm currently in college working my *** off. This is how I'm feeling.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2018
Maybe she makes you feel better when you embrace her essence, maybe that is why you storm in and out of my presence. We spent every day together through summer heat and leaves in the fall, winter comes and I'm left with vague answers and no phone call. The streets at night is where you ponder, high off her love as I lay in bed and wonder... will you come around when the day comes and I finally birth your only son? Or will you still be on the run? You claim that becoming a father makes you scared but maybe you're distracted by her burnished stare. I come to realize that in your world I have become a minority while she is on the rise to become a priority. Was she really worth quitting your work? Is she enough to make you think our will arrive by a stork? You must be thrilled when her taste is on your tongue, vanish into a world of your own that makes you feel young. It may be this way now but I miss the person who took me out on adventures not the one who smells of smoke and risk his life for a woman who will ruin his face and give him dentures.
Chloe Zafonte Aug 2016
An opinion of one or a few is not the earth's population's opinion of you.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
You begged and pleaded to give you a chance
but you stomped on my feet once we started to dance.
Translation: I  gave someone a chance and he ****** it up deliberately once he had it
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
A 2 year old boy was killed by an alligator
"I don't care he was white"
"The parents are neglectful"as these people mourn their baby that
they created, birthed and raised for just a short time.

The gorilla was shot simply to save a child
" justice for harambe" " they should of killed the kid"

50 people have been shot dead in a gay nightclub by a man who pledged to isis. "Islam is a religion of peace" "hug a Muslim" so the LBGT  community no longer matters? You'd rather defend a religion that isis branched  off  of?

A man gets arrested for ****** a girl and gets 3 months in prison which is completely unfair and he doesn't need to be in society. All you say is " it's white male privilege" do you people care about that traumatized girl? Who has the deal with this humiliation for the rest of her life.

Take time to realize the suffering and embarrassment the victims and the ones who personally know the victims are going through instead of defending perpetrators and bring outside stories into the case.
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Like alcohol to a wound
You think someone can heal you  
It will just sting and burn
Don't trust anyone
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
If a person flat out tells you they love you
within a short period  of time, they don't love you at all.
If someone likes you they'll flirt with you, show affection but no one is going to tell you they love you right away especially if they haven't known you very long.
Chloe Zafonte Apr 2018
Summer is coming again, to you I'm dead and no longer care for me. But our baby is a reminder of who we used to be.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
It does not matter
how a person comes into your life,
it is what they bring into it
Chloe Zafonte Jul 2016
America is your stereotypical hot blonde. She complains a lot and has a new problem every few weeks or month, easily forgets when something new pops up. She creates rumors and lies to prevent everyone from knowing the truth because she loves seeing everything unfold into a disaster. America is attractive, every guy wants to get in her but they realize that it was a huge mistake after they do when they realize how annoying she is! Once a month America starts her period and it becomes a ****** battle of endless drama lurking all over the land, seeking the sanity of it's victims.
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
Inequality is the most horrible thing anyone would ever have to go through. But I don't  want to hear anything a white male has to say. Plus he's cis he's unimportant, accept me for my gender or I'll rip you to shreds just like you did to me although we just met 3 minutes ago. I hate the cops they should all drop dead! But someone broke into my house last night let me dial 911 to have them locked up.

I believe in freedom of speech but let me interrupt you because you're wrong and offensive and no one wants to hear! Say no to body shaming but you're thinner so I'll criticize yours because big is beautiful. Say no to thin privilege "we are all beautiful in our own way don't degrade"

You don't like what I like, you're nothing to me and you're ugly too! But let's not judge a book by it's cover. They don't like me because of my color! Well did they say that was why? No you probably spouted crap again. It's just plain racism, no other way to describe this situation.

Look at you wearing all that makeup you're so fake. You must be insecure since you had plastic surgery. Because you look ugly at least you look better now " everyone is beautiful" except for you of course! You didn't agree with my political views why do you matter?
Just a day in the life of good old u.s.***
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2017
A,B,C, D E, F,G, white people are oppressing me. Q, R,S,T, U, V let's resort to name calling if you disagree. W, X,Y,Z, everyone I don't like is a Neo ****. I know I do not see what you see, so instead of calling me an Sjw , how about shut up and listen to me? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, can you please stop calling everyone a special snowflake? 9,10,11,12, both sides are arguing as the world goes to hell. 13,14,15,16, stop with the screaming it's so obscene! Old Mcdonald had a farm, they're burning the flag oh no! Islam here, black lives matter there, Trump's building a wall oh no! With a protest here and a protest there, everywhere we protest. Old Mcdonald had a farm, they punched a **** oh no! This old conservative, he was on a run. A liberal offered him a hot dog in a bun, had a raging fit for a man who's over grown. Then boycotted every store he's ever known. Goodnight America, you're a bunch of sensitive loons, there's only more to happen so let's stay tuned.
Neither side of the political spectrum is innocent, you all have problems.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2017
Liberals are the social outcast that cry a lot in school
while conservatives are the big mean bullies on the playground.
Face it America has turned into one giant child who can't get it's way.
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
I wonder if you think of me just how I think of you, you're on my mind all day and night wonding if I'm on yours too.
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
Their ego never dies
claiming to have changed but continue to lie. All about themselves is all they ever spoke, they become as dull as an empty bottle of coke. They'll want you when you're gone, remember they're the sinless one who never does any wrong. Humans are their toys, searching every direction for innocence to destroy. Convincing that they need you but you know that is not and will never be true. You my dear have already been poisoned by the tea of lies, here I present you the narcissist's cry.
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
If anything I'm angry, just plain angry.
I want to kick and scream but I smile,
I want to break down but I calmly breath,
die but I have reasons to live.
I look strong but believe me I'm angry
just plain angry.
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
They say that the past is in the past, what they say is true but it never exactly fades for you. You don't do what you want when the voice of the person who brought you down lingers in your brain, as you still hear the angry footsteps stomping up the stairs even when you know they're no longer there. That rechid angry face still lingers your mind, you expect a harsh word or strike from anyone so kind, you learn to rely on yourself, you know that no one will show compassion, believe you or lift a finger to help. You close yourself off from the world feeling rejected by society, you were told that you were worthless
It hurts just as worse when they cut your skin while shirtless. Try and make your life at ease, grow older, step out of your comfort zone because you're the one to please.
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
"If you disagree with me you're automatically a Trump supporter"

- America
Even if the topic had nothing to do with Trump you're still a Trump supporter.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2017
I chased a speeding car, having the confidence that I would catch up to it.
My knees gave out, I fell on my face, scraped my arms and legs, laying face first into the ground on that hard gravel road. I had no control over my energy, my body was fading fast as I was running out of breath. I looked down up at that gravel road and the car was gone. That car held my sanity, emotions, strength.Yet left me with precious memories that I can never get back in this lifetime until I work to get back on my feet.
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
You don't need advice on how to get someone to want you. If someone loves you they'll come around, they'll talk to you, ask you out and stay by your side. Attraction comes naturally it is not forced.
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
I turned on a song I used to sing for you
My mind went back in time
I want to cry
But my tears for you aren't worth a dime
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
There's a bandage for every wound, you're the only one choosing not to let it heal up.
Things are going to hurt you but if you choose to dwell in memories, you're doing it to yourself.
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
If you see the beauty in everything
Then you wouldn't view the world so
Dark gray
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Do what you want
As long as it doesn't harm anyone else
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
Dark hair, a paler face
Unique and such a disgrace
Shorter than the rest not expected
to fly the nest! With a very troubled past yet no one knows I matured fast. Sitting in my own personal jail, words sink in like hammers to a nail. Expected to love others who don't deserve my time to ones who see my existence as worthy as one dime. I'm just a puppet cutting away my strings hoping, praying somewhere and someday I will find my wings.
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2019
I'm 7 years old, I'm alone on the playground as kids call me Dora because of my olive skin and short hair. Teachers see but they don't care. I go home, my father is high and beats me to a pulp physically and mentally. It's my fault because I act up and everything he does is father like and gently.

I break down and hardly speak. When I did I was told that I was stupid and to nshut up. I would sit in my dark room in tears, listening to the laughter of my siblings and peers. Dreading the sound of his footsteps that were so loud, they shook the chandelier.

I'm 13 years old, my mental health goes down hill. I'm angry, violent, in need for attention, making up lies, pulling stunts and finding myself in detention. I'm a teenager now and too hormonal so I'm always getting the belt. I speak to counselors and CPS. But my Father "loves me". I receive no help. I'm just a troubled child and a mess.

I'm 16 years old. My parents divorce. Life gets better then takes a turn for the worst. My dog passes away at the age of seven. Her being my only support, wishing I could join her in heaven. No one understands the loss I feel or the anger I display. I endure the silence of my room, the only thing I have left of her is her collar and the memories she gave me of when I was smaller.

I'm 17 years old. My boyfriend of 3 years drops me out of the blue, I find another guy who's new to replace the hurt. It went from laughter to walking on eggshells. He would make accusations and jump to conclusions, leaving me in a state of confusion. I'm trapped and made me question myself. I couldn't leave, the attention I was receiving was my self help.

Months later he leaves and sets me free. I celebrate, yet feel alone because love is what I need. I'm online sending naked photos to men I'll never meet, thinking they'll fall in love and run away with me. This is how I dealt isolation and misery.

I'm 18 years old, last year of high school. My "best friend" turns on me like a snake. The school leaves me stranded in her constriction. I'm a wreck to the point where I want to end it all in my bathtub. I stop myself, realizing that this was not the answer. I continue my days in despair. Knowing it was just me against a world that couldn't care.

I'm 19 years old and I say that I had enough and seek therapy. It helps with my emotions but not my home life. Waiting for life to pick up, I continue with strife.

I'm 21 and we all get evicted from where we live and have to stay with my grandparents. Who would not hesitate to shank my mom with a shiv if they could, but this is how I had to accept life in a toxic environment and not as I should.

That same year I get to move out and be on my own. In an apartment in the city most known. I meet a man one afternoon in late June and before you know it I'm pregnant and we're over the moon.

Six months pass and the lease is up. And he has no interest in renting a place together like I'm a waste of space. I move into a shelter not realizing the choice I made was a huge mistake.

The house mom nags and nags, treating me like I'm five. I spent hours and hours waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. But she prevented me from seeing him, I was again alone. Third trimester pregnancy and I'm doing back breaking chores under her force. I'm carrying heavy objects and a baby inside me like a horse, and I'm in pain.

I wanted to move but had nowhere to go, my boyfriend got into drugs and he's absent. I have no comfort from anyone because they don't understand, I'm suffering but doing what I can.

A monster of a girl moves in. She steals and hurts my infant son. No one believes me and thinks I'm wrong doing. I'm there for most of the year and her only three or four, I'm the bad guy and they like her more. I'm being framed for things I did not do, she and the house mom were the perfect two. We fight and I get kicked out!

Instead of being devastated, I leave and life took me to a better route. Trauma stays the outcome pays off.

I'm now 23 years old. I live in a beautiful apartment that I worked hard to get. My son is now one, the year came and went. Life has been peaceful and we're happy as ever. At night, I look at the sky and remember that every single traumatic fight, mental scar and slaps to the face. Lead me to where I am today. That I'm not a failure or a disgrace. Life has trails and is not a speed race.
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
The worst part about being a woman
Is that a man can hurt me emotionally
And I will always get the blame
It comes off a bit feminist but I'm tired of being told "I just choose the wrong guys"
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Although I still have hurt that needs to mend, I'm beginning to feel like myself again.
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
If it's anything I've learned it is that honesty is the greatest gift one can give.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
I scream internally and laugh out loud
Welcome  to  my  life  you must be  so proud
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
We live in world were we are told to love ourselves and if we do we're a conceded *****, so in that case be the best ***** there is!
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
The jealous partners
Are the most guilty
aware of your innocence
When they are the most filthy
I've been through this before if they're jealous of something little
They're cheating!
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
You've turned me so bitter and sour
You've picked the peddles off me
A delicate flower.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
Either be happy with what you have, make the best of it or change it, if anything just stop being so bitter.
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
McDonalds didn't make you fat
You did that! Guns didn't magically fly in mid air and pop you in the ***! You did not accidentally cheat on your significant other
You don't trip and fall into the arms of another! Your race is not accountable for your big mistakes, Obama is not responsible for your electric bill nor is the Muslim population for the many killed. Pets don't have the natural instinct to behave it's lousy owners who don't know how to keep an animal trained.
Please stop with these pathetic blames and grow a brain.
PS: the top sentence refers to people who sue McDonald's for making them fat when they had the choice not to eat there!
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
When you bleed it's your job to bandage the wound and your choice to let the blood flow.
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Running to someone from your past
Is like playing a board game
and moving back
To the starting point
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
People control you
Like a horse to it's bridle
Feeling a need to claim
A pointless title
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Even if he walks through fire for you
And speaks with words like Shakespeare's Romeo, a man who cheats does not
Love you
I know there's open relationships I don't care! The snakes who manipulate women get to me
Chloe Zafonte Apr 2016
People are like bubbles
Most follow the wind, pop within seconds,
become stuck on one thing and others travel miles and miles.
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
I'm just a butterfly flying free, never a worry of what happens to me
Full of life, my wings are brisk as the world around me is a risk.
I am small and surrounded by danger, putting little trust into the hands of strangers. Remove my wings and I will die, on the inside I will cry.
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2017
Peer out the window, I see the snow. Another reminder of how I have no place to go.
No room to think nor privacy to cry, in the cage I go to slowly and painfully die. An animal I am, soft skin, young face, two legs, no fur. Unloved, untouched, hoping for a miracle to occur. Only left with memories of simple moments where I felt free, the only chances God himself has ever given me. I feel lonely, though there is more to just being alone. I am a human with needs to has an urge to do everything on her own.
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
Nothing is going to change for you because you feel insecure! No one is going to to dumb themselves down for your sake, learn to love yourself.
If you're intimidated by someone who happens to be prettier or smarter than you that's your issue not anyone else's.
Chloe Zafonte Aug 2016
I can care too much or care less and either way I'm hated for it, so I'll decide how I feel.
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