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3.4k · Feb 2016
Dear political correctness
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
We're not allowed to mention Christianity
A Muslim man discusses Allah, we can't judge.Black people have pride in themselves, so do white people .We're automatically racist and unaccepting. A man gets hired for a high paying job instead of the women.This is a case  for feminism because it's injustice. A man cheats on his partner, he has hormones.A woman cheats on her man, she's a *****! A woman is ***** she's making it up.A man is ***** no one believes him. A gay person is disliked by a certain individual .It's homophobia, a black man kills someone and the whole race is blamed, a white man kills someone he's just a ******. You say crusty old white men are making decisions about your body.Should he change his race then decide if you can reproduce? I'm eating Sushi and I'm not Asian, it's cultural appropriation and it's  offensive so only Asian people can eat at Asian restaurants? That reminds me of when segregation was going on. We have a right to our opinion but I say something I'm instantly prejudice and you don't want hear it. I made the wrong assumption now I'm a horrible person because you feel that you can monitor my thoughts. You all think that you're all for social justice but it's really going to come back and bite you in the ***.
2.4k · May 2017
Chloe Zafonte May 2017
If it is anything that describes my life, it is comparable to being a Goldfish. A Goldfish stuck inside a plastic bag. I can be floating at ease until someone traumatically shakes it, the water will begin to even out until everything starts shaking again. I lose my balance, I lay at the bottom yet I still have the courage to get back up again because I still have the capacity to try.
2.0k · May 2016
American Logic
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
Inequality is the most horrible thing anyone would ever have to go through. But I don't  want to hear anything a white male has to say. Plus he's cis he's unimportant, accept me for my gender or I'll rip you to shreds just like you did to me although we just met 3 minutes ago. I hate the cops they should all drop dead! But someone broke into my house last night let me dial 911 to have them locked up.

I believe in freedom of speech but let me interrupt you because you're wrong and offensive and no one wants to hear! Say no to body shaming but you're thinner so I'll criticize yours because big is beautiful. Say no to thin privilege "we are all beautiful in our own way don't degrade"

You don't like what I like, you're nothing to me and you're ugly too! But let's not judge a book by it's cover. They don't like me because of my color! Well did they say that was why? No you probably spouted crap again. It's just plain racism, no other way to describe this situation.

Look at you wearing all that makeup you're so fake. You must be insecure since you had plastic surgery. Because you look ugly at least you look better now " everyone is beautiful" except for you of course! You didn't agree with my political views why do you matter?
Just a day in the life of good old u.s.***
1.6k · May 2016
Lighten up
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
Lighten up dear
Do not shed a tear
The pain will be gone soon
Maybe not tomorrow or at noon
It will all be Chrystal clear
The end is not near
The pain will be gone soon
Like an escaped balloon
Into the skys of a summer day
Gently floating, fading away.
All I've seen in this site are these heart breaking poems. Just wanted to cheer you all up.
1.4k · Dec 2015
Who I'd rather be
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
I'd rather be a villian by standing up for myself than the victim Who silently cries for help.
1.4k · Feb 2017
Liar Liar
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2017
Lair lair! waste my time
Lair liar! equivalent to slime
Built me a home under a delusion
Therefore my absence is the resolution
Liar Liar! You are disgusting
My respect for you is just combusting
Liar Liar! Waste my time
Lair Lair! committed sins
Now pay for your crimes
1.3k · Jan 2016
Don't feed your ego
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
Love shouldn't be fed to
with a spoon to satisfy your needs
1.3k · Dec 2015
Being a woman
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
The worst part about being a woman
Is that a man can hurt me emotionally
And I will always get the blame
It comes off a bit feminist but I'm tired of being told "I just choose the wrong guys"
1.2k · Jun 2016
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
People are ****** to death by being gay or transgender or for marrying someone who their  parents did not arrange for them to marry. Girls are sold into *** slavery or worse forced to be submissive to their ****** or to be married to them.  Men, women  are killed for being Christians or are in hiding from their prosecutors. Children live on the streets eating garbage trying to provide for their youngest sibling because their parents had died. people  die every day by speaking out against something they believe in, you have the opportunity for free speech. Tell me how the government doesn't provide enough for you, how mistreated you are by men. You think you're so "oppressed" look at the world around you.
1.2k · Jan 2016
Gentle eyes
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
You were such a liar for someone
who had eyes as innocent as a child
1.1k · Feb 2016
Just walk away
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
What makes you valuable is waking away from the people who think they're special enough to be chased.
People want to be chased it's their ego  booster so don't give them the benefit.
1.1k · Feb 2016
Crying eyes
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
Crying eyes, crying eyes!
So sick and tired of believable lies
Days pass and the feeling never dies
1.1k · Jan 2016
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
Society is just an imaginary dictator
that we feel the need to impress turns out she's not very beautiful either
1.0k · Mar 2016
A narcissist's cry.
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
Their ego never dies
claiming to have changed but continue to lie. All about themselves is all they ever spoke, they become as dull as an empty bottle of coke. They'll want you when you're gone, remember they're the sinless one who never does any wrong. Humans are their toys, searching every direction for innocence to destroy. Convincing that they need you but you know that is not and will never be true. You my dear have already been poisoned by the tea of lies, here I present you the narcissist's cry.
Chloe Zafonte Sep 2016
It was my first week of kindergarten.
The adults around me went from being cheery to glum and irritable.

I came home that day and took my back pack off, I walked into the living room to see my Dad screaming and crying at the T.V! I looked at the screen to see the planes crashing into the towers, channels replaying it over and over again.

Images of Osama Bin Laden's face replaced Saturday morning cartoons. School went from learning to constantly singing patriotic songs and how we love our country.

I could not fully retain what was happening around me but I could feel the emotions of my teachers, parents and peers rubbing off on me.

The world went from green to gray that day and now I understand why.
999 · Dec 2015
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Point the gun at me all you want
I'm still not the suspect of your own
created crime.
Standing up for myself is apparently so bad
980 · Jul 2016
Chloe Zafonte Jul 2016
They left you for a reason
They didn't see you for a lifetime
They saw you as a season
974 · Jan 2016
You're responsible
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
Your parents gave you life, but they're not responsible for the choices you make.
I'm tired of people blaming their parents for crap they did to themselves.
934 · Feb 2016
If lies could kill
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
If lies could  **** I'd be long dead by now.
929 · Jun 2016
Little red haired boy
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
A little boy with bright red hair, was playing by the balcony above the stairs. Standing on the seat of a rocking chair, pushing it back and forth without a care. Rocking so fast, throwing himself over the balcony, ten feet in the air! I rushed to save the child, searching everywhere to see that the little boy was never  even there.
This was a dream I had last year and it always stuck with me so I turned it into a poem.
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
They say that the past is in the past, what they say is true but it never exactly fades for you. You don't do what you want when the voice of the person who brought you down lingers in your brain, as you still hear the angry footsteps stomping up the stairs even when you know they're no longer there. That rechid angry face still lingers your mind, you expect a harsh word or strike from anyone so kind, you learn to rely on yourself, you know that no one will show compassion, believe you or lift a finger to help. You close yourself off from the world feeling rejected by society, you were told that you were worthless
It hurts just as worse when they cut your skin while shirtless. Try and make your life at ease, grow older, step out of your comfort zone because you're the one to please.
898 · Jun 2016
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
Everyone deserves to be accepted unless you're white, a male, straight and stayed the gender you were born with and don't agree with the views I have. I have the right to my opinion but if you're not voting for Bernie Sanders you need to be beaten to a pulp. Our opinions need to be heard and yours needs to be silenced with an air horn. If you believe in killing terrorist you're a bigot and if you don't believe in abortion you're stupid and 36 weeks is a proper time to abort the baby. Accept me for all my genders although you don't even know half of them. Everyone is racist subconsciously and educate yourself to find out why because I don't need to educate you myself really because I have no supporting evidence and quite frankly  I'm talking out of my ***. I absolutely despise white people although I have ,German, Irish, British and French ancestry but they're still pieces of **** for what they did back in the before I was even born! You don't like me although I'm black NOT because I'm black as a matter of fact you never made a comment on my race but you're still racist. I don't care what people think as I'm outside protesting a bakery who won't make cakes for gay people. Women are oppressed in this country, the men who lose their kids in a divorce settlement, being told that women can't **** or abuse them mean nothing to us it's all a myth. I'm a loud mouth, unappealing, racist, violent controlling perpetrator but just love me!!
I'm using complete sarcasm in this
881 · Mar 2016
Time is meaningless
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
Someone you've known for over a year
Can easily stab you in the back without warning, while someone you met last month may not do  such a thing so be warned, time means nothing to a cold soul.
Last year I took someone out of the "friend zone" to realize he wasn't worth a single conversation after nine months of dating while someone I met last month has been treating me better.
875 · Dec 2015
Blame game
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
McDonalds didn't make you fat
You did that! Guns didn't magically fly in mid air and pop you in the ***! You did not accidentally cheat on your significant other
You don't trip and fall into the arms of another! Your race is not accountable for your big mistakes, Obama is not responsible for your electric bill nor is the Muslim population for the many killed. Pets don't have the natural instinct to behave it's lousy owners who don't know how to keep an animal trained.
Please stop with these pathetic blames and grow a brain.
PS: the top sentence refers to people who sue McDonald's for making them fat when they had the choice not to eat there!
852 · Dec 2015
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Don't misjudge me
Don't be scared
I just have a broken heart
Yet to be repaired
847 · Apr 2016
Chloe Zafonte Apr 2016
I've always wondered off alone, I've never thought of my house I live in as a home. As I grow I wonder about the possibilities of the earth, I've longed to explore since year one of my birth. When the sun shines, I look to it and stare. Wherever else he shines above I want to  be there. I wonder off enjoying the silence of the spring day, creating ideas that may go a long way. They address me as a loner who will socialize never but in all honesty being alone is what makes me so clever.
814 · Dec 2015
Do you feel like a man?
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Do you feel like a man
when tears ponder her face?
When another dull woman
secretley takes her place?
Is this how you confide?
By watching her slowly lose her pride
As you try to make your love sound sincere
We all know you're very insecure
If manipulating is all that you enjoy
You are not a man
Just a silly pathetic boy
This does NOT apply all men but things like this sicken me
798 · Jan 2016
We're all mad here
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
We are all a little absurd, just some people express it more outward.
790 · Dec 2015
Dear Sperm Donor
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
You may have created me
But you will never be my parent
You killed every chance you had
Didn't even spare it
You've shown nothing but abuse
Using the term "dad" as an excuse
******* us all up with your selfish desires
Loving you will never be required
I don't care if he's my Father I have no reason to respect this man, he did not give me life he gave me hell.
789 · Dec 2015
Human duct tape
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Once you become heartbroken, you look for someone to fill in the void one left.
You're not in love, just looking for healing in the wrong place.
If you think you are head over heels with someone in a short period of time where you just went through a break up it's just a rebound because you feel alone. I've done this before and many of my friends have it just makes things worse .
787 · Dec 2015
In a world of 7 billion
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
There is good and bad in every individual walking the earth, Race and and location does not define one's own worth
Everyone walking the earth has an individual personality, it doesn't matter what race, country or state they belong to.
783 · Dec 2015
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
If you play with another's feelings
You will find yourself bitter and alone
That is no one's fault, but your very own
772 · Jun 2016
Wake up
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
In a world full of 7 billion people you're going to waste your life crying and tearing yourself apart over a *******. Poor you! There are good memories, you won't forget this person but if they had the audacity to disrespect you then you have to accept the fact that this person was fake, they either got what they wanted from you and left or never got what they wanted and left because they had no intention to stay anyway. Don't live in the delusion they promised you.
To everyone who keep crying over someone who tore them apart. I read a lot of poems like this on here and see a lot of this in real life.  This is my message to you.
762 · Aug 2016
Chloe Zafonte Aug 2016
I can care too much or care less and either way I'm hated for it, so I'll decide how I feel.
759 · Jun 2016
It's your fault
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
The only reason you can't move on is because you choose to lay awake at night reading old messages, getting your hopes up and wondering how it could of been. You know that letting go is not easy but you don't even give it a try, you remain in the same depressed state because you choose to be in denial and hold onto this fantasy. If you do not get out there and try to be happy you never will be the choice is yours.
751 · Feb 2017
What really needs to end
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2017
You are not

A ****** for being a man

A racist for being white

Homophobic for being straight

A terrorist for being Muslim

Or a bigot for disagreeing

Stop generalizing
You're not anything unless you commit the act
749 · May 2016
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
Truth is that everyone is a hater not a congratulator!
I hate seeing people who go all out of their way to insult someone or criticize a celebrity  as well as someone who achieved something higher.
742 · Nov 2016
Unexplained feeling
Chloe Zafonte Nov 2016
I have a horrible feeling in my gut.
That I can't shake off and it's driving me nuts. I don't know if it's me or you, maybe something from out of the blue? Panic attacks kept me up all night, I stared at the stars with this restlessness I tried to fight. I can't tell you what's going wrong, but I just know I have to stay strong.
735 · Apr 2017
Chloe Zafonte Apr 2017
At one moment, my life was a rose. Crumbled in the hands of greed only to recover naturally as it grows beneath the weeds.
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2017
A,B,C, D E, F,G, white people are oppressing me. Q, R,S,T, U, V let's resort to name calling if you disagree. W, X,Y,Z, everyone I don't like is a Neo ****. I know I do not see what you see, so instead of calling me an Sjw , how about shut up and listen to me? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, can you please stop calling everyone a special snowflake? 9,10,11,12, both sides are arguing as the world goes to hell. 13,14,15,16, stop with the screaming it's so obscene! Old Mcdonald had a farm, they're burning the flag oh no! Islam here, black lives matter there, Trump's building a wall oh no! With a protest here and a protest there, everywhere we protest. Old Mcdonald had a farm, they punched a **** oh no! This old conservative, he was on a run. A liberal offered him a hot dog in a bun, had a raging fit for a man who's over grown. Then boycotted every store he's ever known. Goodnight America, you're a bunch of sensitive loons, there's only more to happen so let's stay tuned.
Neither side of the political spectrum is innocent, you all have problems.
711 · Jun 2016
A generation of sociopaths
Chloe Zafonte Jun 2016
A 2 year old boy was killed by an alligator
"I don't care he was white"
"The parents are neglectful"as these people mourn their baby that
they created, birthed and raised for just a short time.

The gorilla was shot simply to save a child
" justice for harambe" " they should of killed the kid"

50 people have been shot dead in a gay nightclub by a man who pledged to isis. "Islam is a religion of peace" "hug a Muslim" so the LBGT  community no longer matters? You'd rather defend a religion that isis branched  off  of?

A man gets arrested for ****** a girl and gets 3 months in prison which is completely unfair and he doesn't need to be in society. All you say is " it's white male privilege" do you people care about that traumatized girl? Who has the deal with this humiliation for the rest of her life.

Take time to realize the suffering and embarrassment the victims and the ones who personally know the victims are going through instead of defending perpetrators and bring outside stories into the case.
707 · Feb 2016
I miss me and my gypsy soul
Chloe Zafonte Feb 2016
I have a gypsy spirit
all I want is to be free
the sound of a place beautiful and far away
I can hear it! I need a place where I can be me.
I need to put my soul back into place
back before it became shattered with many heart breaks.
I wish to be the calm person I once was,
not someone who becomes angry
just because. Once what is left of the toxins go away
I hope that I will find me again and will be here to stay.
703 · Mar 2017
Get what you give
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2017
Strangle me then ask me why am I not breathing.
Suffocate me then ask "why are you wheezing?"
If I was was deaf would you ask why I cannot hear?
If I was blind would you ask why I cannot see clear?
While I look down would you think I am looking above?
This is how it feels when told that I am utterly stern.
I cannot give love when mistreated is given in return.
700 · Jan 2016
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
If you're fat, transgender, ugly or gay it won't affect anyone's life in any way, so ignore this world of predijuce jerks and do what you feel that works.
I've been around all sorts of different people from gay to trans and they're just people like everyone else. I just wish others would stop caring so much of what others think
699 · Jan 2016
Chloe Zafonte Jan 2016
Actions are are damaging
as well as words, being sliced with invisible swords.
There are so many people out there who are in abusive relationships and I was one of them at the age of 17 and I was able to escape thankfully. This relationship affects me today although it's long over, things like this shouldn't be bottled up because there are people who care.
690 · Mar 2016
I hate you
Chloe Zafonte Mar 2016
Your insults still linger through my brain adding more to my  personal pain. Creating no worth, just jabs at my self doubt so take your presence to the next route.
686 · Dec 2015
What can stick to you
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
Be careful what you say
Your words impact and
effect people more
Than you think
It doesn't matter if it's in real life or online
A person can get hurt regardless
685 · Dec 2015
I need me
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2015
It took me years to learn how to love myself
Out of all honesty I do not need your help
Chloe Zafonte Dec 2016
**** is a horrible disgusting crime!

But for Muslims it's fine? Hmm

Shut up you're being racist

But we're not talking about a race.

You're the oppressor that everyone has to  face.

But I'm only one person!

You're a white male!

That's being racist aren't you against that?

Excuse me sir! Did you just shame me for being fat?

This has nothing to do with anything.

You may find me unappealing but get down one one knee and give me a ring.

You just seem to really dislike me though

Did you just address me as a ***?

Where is this coming from?

How dare you violate me? What's next slip drugs in my coke and ***?

I'm starting to believe you've had enough to drink.

Are you saying I'm uneducated and incapable to think?

Well I'll admit I thought it since there are words you can't comprehend.

When will this patriarchy come to an end???
662 · May 2016
Chloe Zafonte May 2016
Ew it's you...
What are you doing back?
Coming around again out of the blue.
You tried to hurt me but I wouldn't crack
You think you're special, I thought so too.
But you're just a ******* narcissist
Try and play games with me but it won't work. Try and control my feelings if you insist, you won't get by in life just being a ****. Seeing me go on in life must be hard, can't seem to get the concept that you're not clever, only an idiot can fall for the sorry card. We will never happen again ever! You don't need me you're just bored, go back to that ugly attention seeking little **** with no originality, you two were perfect that's why she was your *****. Now she's trying to copy my appearance and personality! You see clearly that I am done, I'm striving for change, have fun
Mr. Mentally Deranged.
For all the girls out there who's ****** up by some guy!
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