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 Jul 2016 kiko
Camille Anne
You are the cold silent breeze
I am the wild windstorm
You are the gentle humming of the leaves
I am the startling blare of thunder
You are the first ray of sunshine after a downpour
I am the piercing lightning
You are the fleeting floating clouds of cotton
I am the cumulonimbus cloud brewing a monsoon
You are the smell before and after the rain
You are the calm before and after the storm
I am the chaos in between
Enclosing me in your peaceful clasp
Embrace me
 Jul 2016 kiko
Camille Anne
The way that I love you
Is like a little afternoon nap
Pure, calm, and innocent
Like pages of a book on your lap
Silently enrapturing a moment

The way that I love you
Is like drinking wine or perhaps tea
A peaceful ending to a busy day
Like a favorite bedtime story
Last recollections before drifting away

The way that I love you
Is like a rainbow after a storm
Existing in calm solidarity with the sky
Like the daily sunset part of the norm
A quiet shower of exquisite colors up high

The way that I love you
Is not all-consuming, not greedy
It is encompassing and free
It is softly flowing yet steady
 Jul 2016 kiko
Astrid Michaels
I realize
That not all men

That not all men

That not all men

That not all men

That not all men
Are destructive

But it's enough men
For me to be scared
Of all men
 Jul 2016 kiko
Dominique Cruz
I'll love you in the downtown alley, I'll love you along the bay;
I'll love you in that small town where my heart still longs to stay.
For Neko x
 Jul 2016 kiko
DaSH the Hopeful
I get lost in your kiss
                   Yet feel at home on your **lips
 Jul 2016 kiko
Sian Mathers
 Jul 2016 kiko
Sian Mathers
I want you to paint me,
and leave your mark.
Use my skin as your canvas,
Make me your work of art.

I want you to draw on me,
make me your personal sketch.
Using implements as pencils,
With each mark that you etch.

I want you to colour me,
in your signature shade.
Rosey pink with crimson red,
Then bid it not to fade.

I want you to hurt me,
as only you can do.
Make me pay for your misfortunes,
Tell me i deserve it too.

I want you to punish me,
show me you’re not weak.
Dispose of your bad luck,
Make my pain your winning streak.

I don’t know how to love you,
if you don’t hurt me too.
I don’t know how to treat you.
I will end up hurting you!
 Jul 2016 kiko
Sexy (10 W)
 Jul 2016 kiko
''You can still look **** without potraying *** in pictures''
 Jul 2016 kiko
• Words •
 Jul 2016 kiko
The words will come
when you're sound asleep
And you've lost it all
and have nothing to keep

When your mind is shallow
and your pain is deep
And your eyes resemble
the clouds that weep

The words will come.....
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