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Camille Anne Jul 2016
Will there ever come a time we’ll part and drift, like woods and logs surging in the waves of the ocean, free flowing to destiny? Fear encompassing every ounce of our soul that someday this reality is merely a dream of the distant past, a reverie that left us.

                      A decade-old unsent love letter with a withered rose beside it,                      drops of ink smudged and dried on the margins. A photograph                      worth a thousand unspoken words lying on the bedside table.

Will I ever walk alone the path where footsteps of strangers resonate against the bowl of cloudy blue sky above us? Footsteps untraced from the past and into the faint future once clear yet now laced with fog and mist from sighs of doubt each stranger breathes before each step into the journey.

                      A ruffled curtain swaying with the afternoon wind, draining the                      excess sunshine. A sweet scent of vanilla from the spilled perfume                      bottle on the floor.

Will you remember me once I fly away from you? Will you chase me once I run? Will you wrap me in your embrace and remember me forever?

                      A sleeping angel and before you wake up, while the sunlight                      caresses your face like I once had, before you wake up, I whisper                      into your ears, “Only you, my darling, only you.” And I kissed                      your cheek.

A gunshot resonated.
Camille Anne Jul 2016
The way that I love you
Is like a little afternoon nap
Pure, calm, and innocent
Like pages of a book on your lap
Silently enrapturing a moment

The way that I love you
Is like drinking wine or perhaps tea
A peaceful ending to a busy day
Like a favorite bedtime story
Last recollections before drifting away

The way that I love you
Is like a rainbow after a storm
Existing in calm solidarity with the sky
Like the daily sunset part of the norm
A quiet shower of exquisite colors up high

The way that I love you
Is not all-consuming, not greedy
It is encompassing and free
It is softly flowing yet steady
Camille Anne May 2016
Wish I could read
All day and night
Under the sun or moon
The stars or high noon

Wish I could write
About all in the world and life
What is in my heart, my mind
And everything else I can find

Wish I could voyage
The world is paradise to explore
Meet every face
Photograph every place

Wish I could sing
Belt out an off tune
No worry of being wrong
Just pour myself in a song

Wish I could dance
Lose myself in an empty room
Swirl and twirl around
Sway to every beat, every sound

Wish I could dream
Gaze faraway and sigh
Discover inspiration there and here
Make all the sitting thoughts stir

Wish I could love
Express my heart and soul
Utter a confession
Live each day with passion

Wish I could be happy
Wish I could be,
Camille Anne May 2016
You are the cold silent breeze
I am the wild windstorm
You are the gentle humming of the leaves
I am the startling blare of thunder
You are the first ray of sunshine after a downpour
I am the piercing lightning
You are the fleeting floating clouds of cotton
I am the cumulonimbus cloud brewing a monsoon
You are the smell before and after the rain
You are the calm before and after the storm
I am the chaos in between
Enclosing me in your peaceful clasp
Embrace me
Camille Anne May 2016
April has been full of warmth.
April has been a lovely dream.

Golden sunshine in between book pages,
butterflies fluttering in their cages.
Still summer afternoons, a loving sigh,
walking under the moonlit sky.
Spontaneous evening rendezvous,
midnight musings ensue.

Walking behind to steal glances,
the heart silently prances.
Memorizing the curves of each hair,
tracing the freckles on skin so fair.
Talking about love and nonchalance,
coy smiles as a response.
A cigarette between her fingertips,
I gaze longingly at her glossed lips.

After endless dialogue,
it is time for the epilogue.
Camille Anne Apr 2016
If you have ever drowned
In someone
You would know all reason
Is gone

When you cannot breathe
And gasp for air
Because all you can think about
Is her pretty hair

One which flows in black waves, tied back
Dry and unkempt
But she is still the most beautiful person
You have ever met

Finding comfort in the lonely
Disdain for humanity
I will grow up like her
I want to grow old with her
Camille Anne Feb 2016
People would ask how we met and I would tell them,
You’re the boy who was bored at work and always called my phone but not talk
I was the girl who knew it was you but pretended not to
You’re the boy on the bus I always sat beside
You’re the boy who switched seats with me when it was raining and the roof was leaking above
You’re the boy who never brought an umbrella and walked under the rain
It looked fun and I loved the rain hence, I did too
You’re the boy who admired James Dean
You’re the boy who went straight to the culture and politics section of the bookstore
I was the girl who went straight to the poetry and literature section
You’re the boy who liked iced cold beer
I was the girl who liked green tea frappe
You’re the boy who liked bars and pubs
I was the girl who liked cafes and libraries
You’re the boy I spent cigarette breaks with
I was the girl who didn’t smoke and never will
You’re the boy I loved conversing with
I was the girl who kept to herself
You’re the boy I never thought I’d write about
You’re the boy who wanted to be a diplomat
I was the girl who wanted to be a psychologist
Yet our paths crossed
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