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 Jul 2016 BangzIII X
It's sad that
You're no longer here.
Because I'm listening to this song
I miss you.
I love you
Come back,
No don't, you hurt me and I hurt you.
James Blake , is my spirit animal. And I miss you.
The Chaos of Love
(It's a Friday Night **** Poem)**

it’s a very slippery *****
into the chaotic vortex called love.
sometimes it starts
with a smile and a hi.
other times just a casual passing by
and it’s the way her hips sway
and she’s not afraid to look you in the eye.

but fast
or super slow,
it always ends up
sweaty, messy,
arms and legs tangled
in a whirl wind of sated sighs.
it’s like riding a an ocean swell
crashing on your wide open shores.

i love laying on your beach
you, naked under the magic of stars,
my fingers tasting
the contours of your skin
signing my passion on your heart
as it beats to the rhythm
of your name
on the ocean’s breeze.

i love painting you,
your skin colored with smooth
tongue strokes dipping, mixing
and dancing erotically
in your emotions’ moans
as your metaphors scream
musky, ******* sighs.

I just love the chaos
of your love.

Aztec Warrior/redzone 2.27.16
Once again the music is Diana Ross'  "Love Hangover"
Destined fate restored, artistic, prowling ponderously under my nail biting exterior she saw the beauty in the way my eyes glowed devilishly unshaken. I explored her covert. Lavishing lashes pranced about her glowing pupil. She felt intensely vigorous letting her hands demolish my unseen temple. Lips laying rose tinted kisses upon my lying fortress. Unclaimed desire to escape the tidal waves. She answered in great confusion to my curiosity. A bitten lip, weary eyes, sharpened words stabbed at the heart in hand. Yet reluctant to see that as the answer i persuade my inevitable heart to rapidly beat to the sound of her singing. As her tempo began uncontrollably my heart simultaneously racing. Thudding almost as if fireworks went off in my chest blessed. Yet heartbreaking in such since the way she walked was always away. I persumed maybe just a bit to soon. Then her hand grasped mine & our feet waltzed on the moon. The fireworks were no longer in my heart but in the sky. Out of the depths of neverland a loud clock trembled through us. I looked away for a second or two. In that instant i was left only holding the cloth.. fury & heart ache. Curse you time. Love never waits on me. It rushes my life..
I wanted to trace her spine with my tongue.
She only wanted me for the high of her ******.
I only wanted her for the rise in pitch when her screaming turned into completely ****** healing
I loved the way her legs wrapped around my head.
As if she wanted me to stay.
As my tongue flicked & licked.
My mouths indulging her juices.
The air filled with lust.
Gripping & ripping. .
I felt her body rise
Legs tighten
A moan of satisfaction quenched my thirst.
Everything flowing.
I crawled up her temple
She helped lick off the fluid from my face.
With no hesitation her hands were placed below my waist.
She ran her fingers through me.
Arch my back with the movements.
We move rhythmically.
I feel her. She feels me.
I can't hold back the emotions.
I release a few satisfactory screams
In this moment I say "baby you make me weak. "..
 Mar 2015 BangzIII X
Some people want to draw the world upon their skin
But I see it there already
Some people stamp their favorite messages down arms and legs
But I see lovely verbage fall
around the edges of my veins
If my breast is a canvas
my bones an easel frame
my mouth will scatter paint
my eyes drip silver rain
to show you I am full and finished
A Universe
my name
May my words uncover my soul to the wise  and my beauty be hidden from fools. What a wonder has God created in every one of us!
 Mar 2015 BangzIII X
Fall in love with the way his voice shakes when he tells you he's scared to lose you
Fall in love with the way he smiles when you kiss his cheek while he's trying to sleep
Fall in love with the way he gives you goosebumps when he whispers sweet nothings in your ear
Fall in love with the way his fists clench when he gets frustrated because he can't explain how much you mean to him
Fall in love with how his breath fills your mouth when he kisses you so deep it feels like your lungs have melted away
Fall in love with how his eyes fill with tears when he knows that he hurt
Fall in love with every part of him

She had a beauty that would tangle your tongue if you ever tried to describe it..
You form a stutter as your heart tried to reiterate the words fumbling from your lips.
She would just look at you..
Then a knot would twist.
Your mind would echoe you idiot as you just tried to put together a simple sentence.
He.. hel..lo.
You couldn't really look up but you knew her smile has risen kissing her face as her eyes glowed in awe or complete amazement.
Her love was a tongue twisters. Hearts collapsing falling in this evident love that couldn't be denied not even by the tongues tied.
Lyricist she spoke more like sang her voice mesmerizing.
Have you ever choked on the alphabet & threw up nothing close to what you were thinking especially when all you could think is oh god she is beautiful.
Tongue twisted with the romantic poison of a crush everlasting..
I am swimming, in drunk regrets and unreasonable demons.
I have lost my voice and sense of time..
I try to capture the essence of life but I wind up at your door.
My eyes filled with love and regret.
My breath filled with drunken heart ache.
I slumber, I slouch, I slurr words i normally can pronounce.
My eyes red as the blood seeping through my lips.
I find it a battle to let my battered fists hit the door you hide behind.
This time I will change.. I promise.. I couldn't tell you I meant it but I thought it.
I found myself sitting on your porch step, head in hands crying..
I know it's unreasonable, my actions to leave unthinkable but tonight..
Tonight I need you more than I need to breathe.
Can I work up the courage to possibly have the door slam in my face.
I'm already broken so what will that change?.
I just need you in my arms before one last time.
Passionately dancing on a burning blazing pit
Kissing the lips of an unmarked slit
Blood being dazzled across your finger tips
Hearts in a frazzle jumping to find a quit
Sleep dancing nightmares dreaming of monsters
Ripping at the brain you, are ashamed to have
Refraining the truth from the lies being stabbed
Tossing & turning reluctant in the past
Tripping over faith with death in your hands
Running in circles from the beast you create
Sipping the blood of those with your fate
Learning the jokers ways
Killing the innocent for the sake of your brain
Madness in nightmares fears in dreams
Never awaken a beast you can't tame
Sleep dancing sleep dancing the horrid dreams away
Feet not burning on the fiery flames.
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