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BangzIII X Mar 2015
Yes,there's nothing I love more than turbulance.
The breath taking,
eye widening,
teeth clenching thrill of it all..
And what I love about it most is your face when your legs are spread far apart like newly weds after an ugly divorce,
nevermind the other passengers,
that fine attendant asked if she could join.
I'm known as a Pilot too,so lemme assure you of a safe arrival,
this flight could be waaay better than the peak of most highs,
and can never be spoilt..I never knew a cat that was ever this moist.
Or a fish that never needed water,but I don't eat mine raw,
unless the caviar looks right.

So lemme show you the skies,
soar all planes of ******* and ofcourse I'll open your mind.
You can keep your heart,
what's below your diaphragm is what I want,
only if the diaphragm's motion can be paused from below and above..

Welcome to the Mile High Club.
BangzIII X Mar 2015
I lost her..and her..and H.E.R.
I found myself swirled in a whirlpool of bad news  as  they consumed my light..
As they consumed my life
I resided to a some place between another's thighs,just to complement my highs and Damu shot eyes.
Rose like a flower on high tide,
I guess it was high time I realised the lies of reality.
The push and pulls of forbidden fantasies,
the sudden abortion of dreams when my heart was dropped to the ground and broke in slow motion,
the pieces of what she..she and S.H.E meant to me..until another comes and inglutinates those broken pieces.

The saviour who came and cast away my demons,
and she was not Jesus,
but his mother.

— The End —