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Nov 2015 · 1.0k
A Secret Place
Athena Pepe Nov 2015
A secret place known only to those
who chill with their bros
on back roads
making an ode
to live forever.
Everyone is getting clever
down by the river
talking about the future,
just some invincible kids
barely able to lift their lids.
Nov 2015 · 2.5k
The Science of Love
Athena Pepe Nov 2015
Matter can not be created nor destroyed.
Is it the same with love? I wonder.
Perhaps just our love.

One does not create it,
rather falls into it,
proving it's existence.

Love is never lost,
changed only.

It is a chemical reaction,
and oxytocin.

The dynamics of our love have shifted.
Once drowning in a volatile sea,
I was obsessed.

Then lying on a dry cracked bed
just as damaging.
Where did the love go?

Into you.
Osmosis of love
through parted lips,
gyrating hips.
In progress
Oct 2015 · 729
Athena Pepe Oct 2015
I want to go home.
Not to the home I know now
but to the home I used to know,
I sit at home and I long for it.

For my naivety,
for my happiness,
for the memories that will
pale all others,

for the people who will never be young
and the ones that will never be alive

I miss how bad I had it
and not even knowing
or caring
because I was happy.

I know now
and it hurts.
I want to go home
even when I am home.

— The End —