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CI Thomas Mar 2021
I remember you
When you were four feet tall
And you kicked me in the shins
For pulling your piggy tails

I remember you
With your thick-rimmed glasses
And some senior girl pushed you around
And you tripped her in study hall

I remember you
On the senior trip to Vermont
And you got a cold
And I spent the whole trip inside with you

I remember you
On graduation day
And you were crying as you drove away
And I was crying as I watched

I remember you
When I walked into that meeting
And you were sitting there
And I made a fool of myself

I remember you
That second first night
And I felt dizzy when you kissed me
And you stayed for breakfast

I remember you
An hour ago
And you snuck into my room
Because we couldn't wait to see each other
I had no idea at the age of 17 where we would be 3 years from now.
Not once did I think I would find someone so young who would love me for 3 years and not leave me.
And I know I'm lucky.
Lucky to not be dropped after high school,
Lucky to not have be left for someone from your university,
Lucky to not have been cheated on on a night out.
Because thats not always the case for people in love.
I'm 20 now, and not only am I lucky enough to find my one person for life,
But I'm lucky enough to call them my best friend.
-Everything I didn't say #100
Athena Pepe Nov 2015
Matter can not be created nor destroyed.
Is it the same with love? I wonder.
Perhaps just our love.

One does not create it,
rather falls into it,
proving it's existence.

Love is never lost,
changed only.

It is a chemical reaction,
and oxytocin.

The dynamics of our love have shifted.
Once drowning in a volatile sea,
I was obsessed.

Then lying on a dry cracked bed
just as damaging.
Where did the love go?

Into you.
Osmosis of love
through parted lips,
gyrating hips.
In progress

— The End —