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 Jan 2016 Andy Cave
Here's to Yours
And Here's to Mine.
Here's to Those
Time's Left Behind.
Here's to the Noo
And Here's to the Morrow.
Here's to Joy
To Hell with Sorrow.
My toast to the New Year, raise your glasses and drink to us all.
 Jan 2016 Andy Cave
“There’s a museum of *** around the corner”
“A what?”
“A museum of ***.”

A lady hums a melody on the bus to Queens, I lean in and listen to her quietly, but don’t say a word.

Crowds choke avenues as protestors call out the police. The police surround them. The irony of being protected by the same force that destroys is not lost.

Rain puddles on the black cement, I notice how soft the yellow water is in contrast with the harsh taxis.

A stray glove sits lonely on the subway stairs, useless without its other half.

“This entire factory used to be covered in graffiti, the city keeps painting over the art”

A snotty waiter recommends watery wine that costs an arm and a leg, he snorts when I don’t tip.

At a flea market a lady assures me this moonstone will “cleanse me,” I lost it rushing off to midtown.

The lights twinkle like flecks of gold against black stone and I realize night is never night here.

My guy tells me he doesn’t like me in the city, I tell him I’ve never liked myself anyways.
There is no such thing as over
Because no matter how many times you said we're done
Not a million "The End..."
Can make me stop from loving you
I can tell you how to write sad poems,
all my favorite songs that make me cry. . .
I can recommend movies that end in a suicide note
or books, where the character never does learn how to fly.

I would lend you the eyeliner that is most smear-resistant
for the days that you have to sneak away to the public restroom, lock yourself in a stall, and finally let the emotions out. . .
I can talk about my old car and the boys I've kissed in it
and how they took advantage without a doubt.

And yet I will always say I'm doing good when you ask
and promise there is a brighter side to life
because you do not have to be clever to make yourself a mask,
there just need be a (false) sense of contentment in your eyes.
 Jan 2016 Andy Cave
In the dark I felt your warm breath upon my lips
This shouldn't happen, nothing more will happen
My body and my mind bicker with each other
The internal conflict pains me so I grasp your hand

I grasp your hand and your heart quickens
How did this happen? Where is this going?
Your body tenses as if any movement will make this moment vanish
And in the dark you breathe your warm breath upon my lips
 Dec 2015 Andy Cave
Marissa Mira
Hello, my dear heart
how have you been?
Are you still there?
Inside my scared chest ?

Oh heart, you're such a fool
You promised you would stay with me
One smile, you belonged to him
Now, you're letting us fall

I told you to be patient
To be gentle towards yourself
My dearest heart, what have you done?
I feel as though he ripped a hole inside of me

But you claimed his beauty
Fought for his affection
His eyes held thousands of constellations
You're a lover of stars

Please, heart
Come back to the security of me
I promised to never let you wonder away again

With all my love,
Your Brain
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