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Andy Cave Mar 2013
27 down and insurmountable feat
streak on the line for the Miami Heat
They fight, they rally, they scratch and they claw
They defeat the odds and leave us in awe.
I am not a Miami Heat fan but this was an epic comeback to keep this amazing streak alive.
Andy Cave Sep 2012
You think that you are not pretty
for reasons I don't know why
well baby I think you're gorgeous
so amazing and so kind.
I love the way that you laugh
and I love the way that you smile
oh these things about you make my heart beat fast
for miles upon miles.
You're the sweetest thing I ever did see
though you do not think the same
you feel a bitterness inside you
because once you where just a love game.
You are my everything now
not just a pawn in chess
I love you more than anyone has
you are not a second guess.
I will treat you better than those guys from your past
oh baby you know I will
I will fix your heart from all those breaks
and once again it will feel.
Oh my darling I love you
and I swear to you that I will be there through it all
no nothing can stop me, not a thing
not chains or giant brick walls.
I will bring back the happy
and end all your sad
because I love you with all of my heart
Yes you will know how to feel again
as we begin our fresh new start.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I am alone, so alone, forever lost
for the words that were said this is my cost
not one companion
not one friend
no one to walk with me hand and hand.
No one to laugh with or with to cry
no one to tell me to quit being so shy.
Yes being alone is a path I will face,
but being in love is the path I'll embrace.
Andy Cave Dec 2012
I feel so alone
as I lie in this bed
an empty shell
of a heart now dead.
Andy Cave Jan 2016
I only want to smile
to feel all warm inside
someone to say they love me
every day and night.

I want to be romantic
write you my cheesy poems
so I search and I wait for love to appear
and my heart to not feel so alone.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
When you're trapped in that moment the passion does rise,
then you see that bright sparkle that shines from her eyes,
that twinkle, that glimpse of the fire that dwells,
then the magic ignites in sounds of fireworks and bells.
Yes in that moment you know everything's right,
then you lie down together and sleep for the night.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I gave you my heart hoping you would keep it safe,
but you threw it down and broke it like a flowerless vase.
Betrayed and stunned by the actions you've shown
now I feel useless, sad, and alone.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Your vision turns red, your blood pressure hightens
you lose all your sense and your fists they just tighten
you lose all control and you scream at the sky
then you shove your face in your pillow and begin to cry.
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Frantic beating
from my heart
hyperventilation starts
mind races
body numbs
head pounding
like erratic drums
an anxious fit
won't go away
with me forever
it's home to stay.
Andy Cave Dec 2012
I take hold of your hand
not wanting to let go
my eyes start to water
beginning to overflow.
I drop down to the ground
I'm now on one knee
you know what's coming
"Will you marry me?"
Now your tears fall
you can't even express
you can barely manage
to say the word yes.
Now the wedding is here
we could hardly wait
to be together forever
twas our fate.
Our lips they lock
after the I do's
it's now time for the honeymoon
6 nights in Peru.
We've been together ten years now
I'm as happy as can be
but my happiness vanishes
when I awake from this dream.
I awake to realize
that I'll never have bliss
I'll be forever alone
with no happiness.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The sadness slowly tears him apart,
it drives him insane, it shatters his heart.
He just wants so bad to forget his past,
but he cannot forget so forever it lasts.
He wishes so badly that the memories would end,
and that he had chosen much better friends.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Beautiful memories of dreams that came true
of that precious first time I laid my eyes on you.
That time was bad, but was a blessing in disguise
me meeting you was the grandest prize.
I am oh so happy you saved my soul
now I have a future and many a goal,
you're a guardian angel, a savior so sweet
I hope all your dreams come true and you accomplish many a feat.
Andy Cave Aug 2012
The tears well up then pour from your eyes
you fall to your knees and you scream at the sky.
She broke your heart, drove the knife through your chest
and for the greatest of friends, the one you call "best".
You try and you try to keep it together
but it's so hard because this pain is forever.
Andy Cave Apr 2016
Dear Kobe,
For years I've watched and hated
as you tore through the N.B.A
but even though I despised you
I couldn't look away
You became one of the greatest
made me respect the way you play
from a three point shot to start your career
to sixty on your final day.
It's been a pleasure to hate you
but I'm sad to see you go
because beating L.A just won't be the same
without a Black Mamba show.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Lying beside you I know everything's right
it really doesn't matter if it's the day or the night,
because as long as we are together and nothing is amiss
together we shall live in a sorrow less bliss.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Happily ever after that's how it's all supposed to work out,
well it doesn't, it *****, it makes you cringe with doubt.
The world is painful filled with loss, sorrow, and fear
it makes your face flush with color and fills your eyes with tears.
You think that it will get better, but it won't yes I know
and to cover all the pain you fill your nose up with blow.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I've been broken and battered and felt my heart split in two,
but for some reason my mind always wanders back to you.
I hate that these thoughts never go away,
I just want you out of my life when once I thought you'd always stay.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
You're treated like trash, you're treated like dirt
why are you with him he's such a ****.
You're nothing to him just a simple house maid
where will he be when you're in need of his aid
not there that's right, nowhere to be found
he could care less if you were dead in the ground.
You're better than this, I know this for fact
you show so much love but that's something he lacks
he is twisted, vindictive, a ******* for sure,
but somehow he has this magic allure.
He treats you unfairly, he is so unkind
perfection he seeks but he is so blind.
You want just to leave but you can't it's so sad
the way he mistreats you just makes me so mad.
I want just to save you from his controlling grip
and take you away on some special trip.
I love you so much and now at a whisper
you are awesome, amazing, the perfect sister.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
You lay in that bed never to arise
while I sit beside you crying at your sudden demise.
How could this happen, your story just started
but because of your illness, you have departed.
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Thoughts wander
tears fall.
What just happened?
What went wrong?
You said you loved me
well apparently not.
You left me broken
no second thought.
You said I'm the ONLY one for you
Ha, you probably said that to him too.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
He loses all sense as his heart's ripped away,
he thought that she would always stay.
But she didn't, she left for another man
so now his heart trembles along with his hands.
He has now lost his will, his reason for life,
but it is all over now as he falls with the knife.
Andy Cave Feb 2015
Time passes me by
all I see is black and white
colors elude me.
Andy Cave Jun 2013
She lies there oblivious to her surroundings
the only thing she knows is hurt.
She has yet to have felt the best emotion of all
She is swimming in grief and pain
but yet she won't let it show to others.
She lies there oblivious to her surroundings
while she slides the hot steel knife
deep into her skin.
The bite of the metal calms her
relaxes her.
She does this to force her pain elsewhere
but all it does is show the wounds
no one thought was there.
This was inspired by the book Willow by Julia Hoban.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The gods in the sky they quiver in fright,
because you're the most beautiful right here tonight.
They sit there in awe, in a fascinated state
while I hold you so closely knowing you are my date.
We stood there and danced to the songs that we knew,
while I told you so sweetly that I'll always love you.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
This darkness slowly eats at my heart
it systematically tears me apart.
The place that it brings me fills me with fear
and makes my eyes fill with tears.
All I want is for this darkness to dissipate
and bring love back to me instead of hate.
Andy Cave Mar 2017
Do you or don't you
The question always on mind
It's stressing me out.
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Another day
has passed me by
the sun has set
the moon did rise.
I look above
at the moon so bright
and dream of love
of Mrs. Right.
Andy Cave Oct 2012
My eyes they start to close
as my mind does drift away
I slip from conscious thoughts
to a dreamworld without delay.
I dream of slaying dragons
and of basking in the sun
oh this dreamworld that I go to
is filled with wondrous, merry fun.
I am the king of dreamworld
I can do whatever I please.
I can drive a lamborghini
or I can sail the seven seas.
I can speak another language
and throw touchdowns for the Saints.
Oh dreamworld, oh dreamworld
you are so much more than great.
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Crippling words you spout from your lips
breaking my spirit, sinking my ship.
Your words are so hurtful, they tear me apart
if they were a game I'd be sent back to the start.
Your words leave me empty, I'm dust in the wind
but your words read the truth, this is really the end.
Andy Cave Aug 2012
The wind it whispers to the creatures and trees
telling of a place filled with wonderous joy.
A place where all can live as one
not a single creature better than the rest.
This place of beauty, of grace, of pure tranquility
no fear, no sorrow, no pain, or anger.
A place where everyone and everything is welcome
this place has no true name
but is known by most as Eden.
Andy Cave Nov 2012
Close your eyes and listen to the beating of your heart.
Listen as it tries to escape,
escape from the cage from which you've kept it.
Let it escape,
let loose your love again.
Breathe in and feel,
feel as you should have felt all along.
Feel the happiness you've hidden away
and release the pain,
the pain that has imprisoned you.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The look in her eyes show a passionate heat
of a love so cherished it cannot be beat.
The love is so strong that it can't be broken
he shows her that ring that permanent token.
That token that shows how much he cares
for sickness and death together they share.
They stay together through the good and the bad
they then become parents, a mom and a dad.
But a day did come when she would fall not to rise,
and he would cry hopelessly at her untimely demise.
But a day would come when he would see her again
in the kingdom of heaven, with their family and friends.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Your smile takes my breath away
your eyes they glisten like the suns rays.
You are so beautiful, so perfect it's true
and now I slowly am falling for you.
I can't hide these things I feel,
no I cannot keep my heart conceiled,
it beats so fast when you come near
my haze is lifted and I see clear.
I now feel happy without sorrow,
and now look forward towards tomorrow.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The littlest things make life so great
they lead you to a certain fate,
but you do not know what is to be
because fate's more vast than the sea.
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Believe in yourself
take hold of the wheel
let loose your emotions
feel feel feel.
Let out that sadness
you hold deep inside
and let your happiness
rise and climb.
Don't let others
put you down
be who you are
and be it proud.
Andy Cave Apr 2015
I've just met you
but it's easy to see
that you could be the one
I've been hoping to meet.
You could be that girl
I see in my dreams
the one who shows up
and sweeps me off my feet.
I do not know why
I feel this so fast
but I know one thing
I'd love if it'd last.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Fifty years later their love has not blemished
it's only grown stronger it will not deplenish.
They still like to kiss at those midnight hours,
he still buys her chocolates and beautiful flowers.
Their love story continues to write out more pages,
as their love persists throughout the ages.
Andy Cave Jan 2013
Holding her hand
he watches her
take her final breath.
A tear trickles down his face
he feels his heart tremor
and falls down, motionless.
His beloved was taken away
so he chased after her
through the clouds
of the heavens above.
Andy Cave Dec 2012
White dress, wedding gown
now heading downtown
second thoughts, too late.
Two jobs, feel spent
struggling to pay rent
abused by her husband.
And they say
he always hits her daily
even more so lately
been that way since eighteen
and lately her face seems
sunken in and bony
looking more than gloomy
and she screams
the worst things in life are dear to us
yes I love him with all I have
even though he treats me bad
but I don't want to go home tonight
if I go home he could **** me
beat me unmercifully
yes I'm to scared inside
to go home tonight
to go home tonight.
Torn shirt, black eye
beaten till she wants to die
curled up, long cry.
Drunk night, comes home
she finally grabs the phone
cops come, now alone.
And they say
he always hit her daily
even more so lately
been that way since eighteen
and lately her face seems
sunken in and bony
looking more than gloomy
and she screams
the worst things in life are dear to us
yes I love him with all I have
even though he treats me bad
but I don't want to go home tonight.
If I go home he could **** me
beat me unmercifully
yes I'm to scared inside
to go home tonight
but I go home tonight
dressed in white
teary eyed
ready for a better life
for the first time, I feel safe tonight
ready for this new life.
And they say
she smiles more lately
since he went away
been that way since that night
and lately her face seems
brighter and less weary
looking lots more cheery
and she screams
the worst thing in my life is gone from me
yes I loved him with all I had
but now he's gone and I feel so glad
now I'm not scared inside
to go home tonight
to go home tonight.
I wrote this while listening to The A Team by Ed Sheeran, let me know what you think about it :)
Andy Cave Nov 2012
you inbound the ball
you hear the screaming of the crowd
the pick is set
you step back
you pull the trigger
you awake to find you aren't Michael Jordan.
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Forever and always I'll be there for you
like you'll always be there for me.
I'll guide you through the sad and lonely nights of your past
like you'll guide me through my fear of what lies ahead.
I'll be the ship to lead you across the ocean of tears you have shed
and you'll be the plane to lead me through my infinite clouds of thought.
I'll be the blanket to keep you warm at night
and you'll be the one who will forever hold me tight.
Oh forever and always I'll be there for you
like you'll always be there for me.
Andy Cave Feb 2015
The bags of his eyes begin to fill
begin to weigh down his entire being.
He shudders, lips trembling
as the dam breaks and the tears fall.
He screams but nobody hears
his pain, his agony.
His body lies useless
as an emotional barrage
begins ripping him apart.
What could he have done
to help if anything?
His body trembles as sleep
takes him away
to the only place
he'll see her again.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
We are finally done with those twelve long years,
it has been a wild ride filled with smiles and tears.
This chapter has ended, but this story has just begun
so let's enjoy ourselves before college and just have some fun.
This is the true beginning of this story called life
the story filled with mystery, happiness, husbands and wives.
We are all grown up and have shined in the light,
we have conquered all of the challenges and showed them our might.
We have an adventure ahead of us filled with mistakes and success,
so let's be excited for the mystery and be simply our best.
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Anger has consumed me
a hate for all the violence
a hate for all the bloodshed
a hate for all the crime
a hate for those who hurt others.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The heartache is settling in on my soul
the pain that I'm feeling it's taking its toll.
I'm tired, worn down, so very much broken
my heart was your key, your personal token.
My world went tumbling, crashing so fast.
This love so cherished, I wished it had last.
Andy Cave Jun 2013
I put a smile on my face each and every day
just trying so hard to bury this pain.
But no matter how much and how hard I try
the hurt escapes from deep inside.
I've tried to move on I've tried to forget
but just hearing your name makes my heart skip.
So now I'm lying in bed all teary eyed
hoping that this isn't our final goodbye.
I wrote this a long time ago but lost it so now that I found it I decided to post it.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Shot in the chest by that arrow so sharp,
now love songs are playing from a beautiful harp.
I'm fallen aback at this sudden revolution
that you are my future, my one solution.
Andy Cave Oct 2012
It happened so fast
I fell for her romance
She swept me off my feet
made me feel complete
but then she took it away
made me think she was there to stay
She broke my heart in two
now I am lost, so confused.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
If only if only our love would have last
but you couldn't get over the things from the past
so now as the days pass by I feel more and more lonely
I think to myself if only if only.
Andy Cave Aug 2015
I stand in this valley
a flood of colors surround me
green, blue, purple, yellow
a bounty of flowers all around.
Jagged cliffs stand in the distance
towering, mysterious, desolate
beckoning me to come near.
I run towards them
through the valley of flowers
through the calm sea of colors
off to the unknown that awaits
at the top of the cliffs.
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