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115.2k · Jun 2012
The end of a story
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The end is nearing but please don't cry
please don't worry we all have to die.
My time has come, the story must end
you were my lover, my best friend.
63.1k · Jun 2012
Life is beautiful
Andy Cave Jun 2012
A flower blossoms as a bird sings its song
life is beautiful but it doesn't last long,
so enjoy it while it's here, don't wait till it's gone
or you might miss the flowers and the birds lovely songs.
46.6k · Jun 2012
Love so young
Andy Cave Jun 2012
He calls her his princess, his beautiful queen
yes everything's perfect this isn't a dream.
They are amazing together, a couple so sweet
their love so young is a miraculous feet.
41.5k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
As the sun does rise your life begins.
As you grow older it slowly decends,
and when it sets, your life does end.
41.0k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The littlest things make life so great
they lead you to a certain fate,
but you do not know what is to be
because fate's more vast than the sea.
34.2k · Jun 2012
Pure and true
Andy Cave Jun 2012
This love we share is pure and true
it will not falter as others do.
We have found the half that makes us complete
oh what a momentous feet.
I am so very much in love with you
our love is endless, pure, and true.
30.9k · Jun 2012
Falling for you
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Your smile takes my breath away
your eyes they glisten like the suns rays.
You are so beautiful, so perfect it's true
and now I slowly am falling for you.
I can't hide these things I feel,
no I cannot keep my heart conceiled,
it beats so fast when you come near
my haze is lifted and I see clear.
I now feel happy without sorrow,
and now look forward towards tomorrow.
30.7k · Jun 2012
Through the eyes of a child
Andy Cave Jun 2012
If only the world saw through the eyes of a child
everything would be so happy, and peaceful, and mild.
The fights would be over, it would be everlasting peace
oh how sweet it would be to see like my neice.
28.8k · Jun 2012
My loving dove
Andy Cave Jun 2012
You are my soulmate my one true love.
Your beauty is radiant like a morning dove.
You fill me with joy, you fill me with pride
together we go along for this ride.
This life that we cherish, that we hold so dear,
together we live with love not fear.
27.4k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Lying beside you I know everything's right
it really doesn't matter if it's the day or the night,
because as long as we are together and nothing is amiss
together we shall live in a sorrow less bliss.
20.9k · Jul 2012
My Love
Andy Cave Jul 2012
Eyes like diamonds that sparkle and shine
lips so plush a ruby red wine.
Voice so majestic, you melt to the core
you crave for her love so you come back for more.
Skin so soft that it doesn't seem real
you love her so much you can't keep it conceiled.
She is all that you want and all that you need
she's your glass of champagne not a pitcher of mead.
16.9k · Jun 2012
The Proposal
Andy Cave Jun 2012
To the sweetest girl in all the land
I drop to my knee and I grasp your hand
I show you that ring that sparkles so bright,
and ask you to marry me tonight.
15.5k · Jun 2012
Fifty years later
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Fifty years later their love has not blemished
it's only grown stronger it will not deplenish.
They still like to kiss at those midnight hours,
he still buys her chocolates and beautiful flowers.
Their love story continues to write out more pages,
as their love persists throughout the ages.
15.3k · Jun 2012
Dances loving embrace
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The gods in the sky they quiver in fright,
because you're the most beautiful right here tonight.
They sit there in awe, in a fascinated state
while I hold you so closely knowing you are my date.
We stood there and danced to the songs that we knew,
while I told you so sweetly that I'll always love you.
14.4k · Jun 2012
My world, my everything
Andy Cave Jun 2012
You make my world spin, you make my heart beat fast.
This love that we have, oh how it will last.
I cherish each moment
each breath that you take
oh this love that we have
it will never break
13.1k · Jun 2012
Proving Love
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I'll do anything just to be with you.
I'll do the impossible just to prove myself true.
I'll turn grey skys to blue,
make the unthinkable true
all just to prove that I love you.
13.0k · Aug 2012
Andy Cave Aug 2012
The tears well up then pour from your eyes
you fall to your knees and you scream at the sky.
She broke your heart, drove the knife through your chest
and for the greatest of friends, the one you call "best".
You try and you try to keep it together
but it's so hard because this pain is forever.
12.7k · Aug 2012
Life's ups and downs
Andy Cave Aug 2012
Life has its moments, its ups and downs
moments with smiles and moments with frowns.
Good times and bad times we go through it all
but you can't hide emotions behind iron clad walls.
Express yourself, let out how you feel
don't keep it inside, don't keep it conceiled.
Show your happiness, your love, or your pain
to keep it inside would drive you insane.
Yes life has its moments, with smiles and frowns
always keep going and rise up when your down.
12.0k · Jun 2012
That first glance at love
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Your smiles as bright as the sun rising high.
You give me these feelings just walking by.
Believe me when I say that you are the perfect girl,
for without you there isn't a world.
The beauty you have is fit for a king,
I'll make you my princess, no better my queen.
11.3k · Jun 2012
Bad memories
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The sadness slowly tears him apart,
it drives him insane, it shatters his heart.
He just wants so bad to forget his past,
but he cannot forget so forever it lasts.
He wishes so badly that the memories would end,
and that he had chosen much better friends.
9.7k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
He loses all sense as his heart's ripped away,
he thought that she would always stay.
But she didn't, she left for another man
so now his heart trembles along with his hands.
He has now lost his will, his reason for life,
but it is all over now as he falls with the knife.
8.6k · Aug 2012
Andy Cave Aug 2012
My heart finally healed but it's once again shattered
I showed my true self but it didn't even matter.
I thought I'd found love but instead I found sadness,
the butterflies are dead now my mind is all madness.
5.3k · Sep 2012
What is "Love"
Andy Cave Sep 2012
Love is a word that is hard to define
a feeling so strong, it's very divine.
Love is a child
a husband
a wife
it can be very painful, sharp like a knife.
Oh love effects everyone on this planet called Earth
from the teens in high school
to a mother giving birth.
Yes love is a feeling so strong and divine
a word so powerful, you can not define.
5.2k · Jul 2012
Love Bug
Andy Cave Jul 2012
I have found a new meaning in the words that I write
this darkness has passed and now I see light.
My heart beats again so incredibly fast
as I have found a new happiness that I know will last.
I am so overjoyed, I am so smitten
that the love bug returned and I'm once again bitten.
4.2k · Dec 2012
Andy Cave Dec 2012
The fire is raging
as my passion explodes.
Heart beating so fast
my chest might implode.
I pull you in close
and our lips they do meet.
Such an affectionate moment
so perfect and sweet.
The fire burned brighter
for every second we kissed.
And all that was around us
ceased to exist.
3.6k · Jun 2012
The cell of your mind
Andy Cave Jun 2012
You are trapped, imprisoned in the cell of your mind
if this were a movie you'd want to rewind
you'd rewind to when you were pure and true,
so that you can stop yourself from hating you.
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Emotions run wild, emotions so deep,
my mind grows weary climbing mountains so steep.
Stumbling and falling as I'm climbing so high
I reach, I reach, I reach for the sky.
I'll reach for your hand and pull you down from gods reign
yes I'll do anything just to see you again.
Andy Cave Feb 2013
Everyone has there own personal story
in this book we call life.
Some stories are happy with fairy tale endings
while many are tragic and filled with despair.
One thing all of our stories in this book
have in common with each other
is that we all make choices
that can and will effect how this book
turns out, for better or worse.
This book is filled
with love
with hate
with mistrust
with deceit
with sexism
with racism
with ******
with family
with friends.
This book of stories
will never end
will always have tales
of heroics
of thievery
of superstition.
This book called Life
has billions of authors
and billions more to come.
This book
shows bravery
and cowardice.
This book is amazing
this book is full of
crazy story lines.
This book
I wrote this when I was falling asleep so it might be a little weird to read. Please leave feedback on my tired writing :)
3.0k · Dec 2012
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Neil Patrick Harris
a man who is
(wait for it)
Whether he plays
a doctor
a womanizer
or even himself
will forever be
a badass.
Neil Patrick Harris is my favorite actor and forever will be.
2.9k · Jun 2012
That crushing blow
Andy Cave Jun 2012
He sits there and weeps as his heart begins to split,
he is so fallen aback at her powerful hit.
That crushing blow that broke his pride
he thought she would stay never to leave his side.
But he was wrong, so wrong, he would never be right,
now he sobs so deeply for his remaining nights.
2.9k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The heartache is settling in on my soul
the pain that I'm feeling it's taking its toll.
I'm tired, worn down, so very much broken
my heart was your key, your personal token.
My world went tumbling, crashing so fast.
This love so cherished, I wished it had last.
2.9k · Jun 2012
Upsetting you
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I am so very sorry for upsetting you,
you are such a great friend I hate when you're blue.
The way things went, they didn't go well
I should have stayed hidden, trapped in my shell.
Your friendship meens more to me than anything money can buy
upsetting you like this makes me want to lie down and cry.
Please forgive me for making everything bad
I just want you to be happy, not mad, not sad.
The things that I said well they were not smart,
so I decided to write something straight from the heart.
I want for our friendship to stay and to last
so let's start over fresh and forget the past.
No I don't want to lose a friend oh so dear,
that's my biggest worry, my biggest fear.
Let's forget last night and all the days that have past
this friendship so important to me I just want it to last.
2.9k · Jun 2012
Love does not falter
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Love does not falter it does not break
it doesn't weaken when theres mistakes.
It always lasts, it lasts for life
with your husband, or with your wife.
Love does persist through many trials
it makes old couples reconcile.
So many chapters have pain and sorrow,
but then there's the chapters of tomorrow
the ones with love and happiness
that make your smiles filled with bliss.
The ones you love, they hold you tight
they always make sure you're alright.
They love you deeply, with all their heart
they cannot stand to be apart.
Those are the ones to keep forever
you musn't leave them, never.
2.9k · Jun 2012
The freezing of time
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Time freezes and heartbeats stop
you stand there in awe and your jaw it just drops
yes you know in that moment that you are in love
when that light of longing shines from above.
No it is impossible to resist such a power
when you know she's the one, your beautiful flower.
2.8k · Aug 2012
Andy Cave Aug 2012
The wind it whispers to the creatures and trees
telling of a place filled with wonderous joy.
A place where all can live as one
not a single creature better than the rest.
This place of beauty, of grace, of pure tranquility
no fear, no sorrow, no pain, or anger.
A place where everyone and everything is welcome
this place has no true name
but is known by most as Eden.
2.7k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
You lay in that bed never to arise
while I sit beside you crying at your sudden demise.
How could this happen, your story just started
but because of your illness, you have departed.
2.7k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
This darkness slowly eats at my heart
it systematically tears me apart.
The place that it brings me fills me with fear
and makes my eyes fill with tears.
All I want is for this darkness to dissipate
and bring love back to me instead of hate.
2.7k · Jun 2012
Beautiful memories
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Beautiful memories of dreams that came true
of that precious first time I laid my eyes on you.
That time was bad, but was a blessing in disguise
me meeting you was the grandest prize.
I am oh so happy you saved my soul
now I have a future and many a goal,
you're a guardian angel, a savior so sweet
I hope all your dreams come true and you accomplish many a feat.
2.6k · Jun 2012
Eternal love
Andy Cave Jun 2012
The look in her eyes show a passionate heat
of a love so cherished it cannot be beat.
The love is so strong that it can't be broken
he shows her that ring that permanent token.
That token that shows how much he cares
for sickness and death together they share.
They stay together through the good and the bad
they then become parents, a mom and a dad.
But a day did come when she would fall not to rise,
and he would cry hopelessly at her untimely demise.
But a day would come when he would see her again
in the kingdom of heaven, with their family and friends.
2.5k · Jun 2012
Turmoil and backstabbings
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I fall back staggered, stabbed in the back
why would you do this, your heart is now black.
I was blinded by love, it was going so well
for what you did to me you can go straight to hell.
2.5k · Dec 2012
Silly Mayan's
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Well the twenty first has finally arrived
yet I'm still writing, very much alive.
The mayan's were wrong
doomsday is not here
so enjoy your day
and have an ice cold
2.4k · Jun 2012
It never can be
Andy Cave Jun 2012
What I want so bad never can be
because you're in love with another, it's easy to see
yes fate is so cruel for teasing me
about what could have been but never will be.
2.3k · Jun 2012
Young love to old love
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Their hearts beat together as one perfect being
they are so engulfed in love even though they are teens.
They peice together, the halves that make the other complete,
their love burns bright in a passionate heat.
Their love persists even after so long
he still writes her those ballads, those poems, and those songs.
They have been together through heaven and hell,
and today to their children their story they tell.
2.3k · Oct 2012
Andy Cave Oct 2012
My eyes they start to close
as my mind does drift away
I slip from conscious thoughts
to a dreamworld without delay.
I dream of slaying dragons
and of basking in the sun
oh this dreamworld that I go to
is filled with wondrous, merry fun.
I am the king of dreamworld
I can do whatever I please.
I can drive a lamborghini
or I can sail the seven seas.
I can speak another language
and throw touchdowns for the Saints.
Oh dreamworld, oh dreamworld
you are so much more than great.
2.1k · Aug 2012
Never give up
Andy Cave Aug 2012
He lays in bed clutching his chest
fighting that pain that's entombed in his breast.
He tries to hold back the tears welling up
but the pain's too severe and staying strong's not enough.
A break-up is hard but a divorce much more
now he pulls out the gun from his dresser drawer.
He thinks it is simple, the easy way out
not one thing can stop him from his pre set route,
until his daughter walks in asking daddy what's wrong,
why can't you and mommy just get along?
He hides the gun quickly so his baby won't see,
then he hugs her so loving, "I'm so sorry sweety".
She doesn't know it but she saved her father,
yes he is so grateful for his wonderful daughter.
It's been a few years now but they are back together
yes everything's perfect, it couldn't be better.
2.1k · Jun 2012
An empty vase
Andy Cave Jun 2012
I gave you my heart hoping you would keep it safe,
but you threw it down and broke it like a flowerless vase.
Betrayed and stunned by the actions you've shown
now I feel useless, sad, and alone.
2.1k · Dec 2012
Andy Cave Dec 2012
I wish I could return
to the time back when
we could talk for hours
and were the greatest of friends.
But I ******* things up
we drifted apart
now only memories remain
in this broken heart.
2.1k · Dec 2012
Forever and always
Andy Cave Dec 2012
Forever and always I'll be there for you
like you'll always be there for me.
I'll guide you through the sad and lonely nights of your past
like you'll guide me through my fear of what lies ahead.
I'll be the ship to lead you across the ocean of tears you have shed
and you'll be the plane to lead me through my infinite clouds of thought.
I'll be the blanket to keep you warm at night
and you'll be the one who will forever hold me tight.
Oh forever and always I'll be there for you
like you'll always be there for me.
2.0k · Jun 2012
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Your vision turns red, your blood pressure hightens
you lose all your sense and your fists they just tighten
you lose all control and you scream at the sky
then you shove your face in your pillow and begin to cry.
2.0k · Dec 2012
Andy Cave Dec 2012
I take hold of your hand
not wanting to let go
my eyes start to water
beginning to overflow.
I drop down to the ground
I'm now on one knee
you know what's coming
"Will you marry me?"
Now your tears fall
you can't even express
you can barely manage
to say the word yes.
Now the wedding is here
we could hardly wait
to be together forever
twas our fate.
Our lips they lock
after the I do's
it's now time for the honeymoon
6 nights in Peru.
We've been together ten years now
I'm as happy as can be
but my happiness vanishes
when I awake from this dream.
I awake to realize
that I'll never have bliss
I'll be forever alone
with no happiness.
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