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Divinity Apr 2017
Love is embracing even our
deepest, darkest crevices.
and sprouting us the wings to move forward.
if only we surrender.
Divinity Apr 2017
If you're looking for a muse,
baby let me break your heart.
Divinity Apr 2017
I've searched high and low for love
only to find reflections and mirrors.
nothing can save me
from the burden of loving myself.
Divinity Mar 2017
How to live life twice and not get
caught up in the sorrow?
How to revisit the past without
it stealing my tomorrow?
They never said writing would be easy.
Divinity Mar 2017
Sing me songs
and I'll dance along...
You and I never miss a beat
Divinity Mar 2017
at first glance we're
all just looking
for a hand to hold
and a set of lips
to kiss-
but dig little deeper
and you'll find
that we're all in
need of ourselves.
Divinity Mar 2017
Poetry makes even the most
mundane experiences feel sacred
and that is where the magic lies.
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