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it was quiet here yesterday
the rain came and dripped
with noises outside the back
i looked out to see the gutter
slipped and listened to the

looked at the wet glistening
on the ivy

wedged the cloth to soak
the water up then lit the fire

done some drawings
cookings. a pleasant
day for me

comparing large dresses

hoping that all will be

with morse
 Jan 2019 amrutha
Char Blackmon
My laid back in the back seat
This is all she
A small town woman like me
She sticks to me
Solid untouchable
With a tangible touch
See and read into my mind
Meditating on a combustion gust
Spiraling down the knowledge grove
Wanting peace, love and improve
Mention unity
Brung upon nature
Distracted by our rollercoaster
Wrapped warmth snuggly memories
Peace, time and the ability to give everything
Missing words of you n me
Due dates;
A revolving strain on time,
A resulting
For proven effort;
Our productivity
Our professional fate?
We look inward,
And contemplate,
And find
Our update
Is late
 Jan 2019 amrutha
John Destalo
the basement
is dirt

walls and floor

the washer is a
a white tub and
a hand-cranked

the dryer is
a backyard
vinyl line and
a summer breeze

I am five
maybe six

and I like
the outside

playing toy
soldiers in
the dirt

throwing sticks
to attract bats

catching and
releasing fire

and playing
hide and seek

until it is
so dark
I can’t

and they
can’t or
don’t want

to find me
 Oct 2018 amrutha
Most Days
 Oct 2018 amrutha
Most days I think of you
I think of your smile
And your soft pearl skin
I think about the way your laugh
Would bounce off the walls,
Hitting me right in the chest

Most days I sit up to walk to you
Forgetting that that is no longer possible
You are gone
And I did not have enough power
To make you stay
My fingers will never forget you
And my lips shall always say your name
I will always think of you
Most days
 Oct 2018 amrutha
 Oct 2018 amrutha
Your lips were the edge of the world
I find myself
Forever falling
 Oct 2018 amrutha
 Oct 2018 amrutha
I worshiped your skin
A church to enter
A place to pray
Forever humbled
Let me honour you
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