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10.7k · Jul 2014
A Thousand Colors
amrutha Jul 2014
I would paint your sky a thousand colors, if I could
And inspire the restlessness in your heart;
I would give to you a million stars, if I could
If I could, I'd gift you a new start.
7.8k · Feb 2014
amrutha Feb 2014
You have seen those cheerful kids
Flying kites high up above
Bearing a happy heart, lighter than a feather
No worries, just innocent thoughts.
The kites feel like they've conquered the silver clouds
Though they fly many many layers beneath 'em
Their abstract vanity and enduring pride
got them strangled over tree tops.

You have seen those sulking self-haters
Flying kites high up above
With a hope to escape memories of the ghosts
To forget the evil they long ago bore.
The kites, they seem to refuse to speak
Owning souls too heavy to fly,
Urging to die.

You have seen those random kites
Stringless, wandering in the sky up above
Lost their way trying to discover themselves
Ending up somewhere and falling in love.
The kites, they feel they are way too different
To survive with the other ones in a normal world
Hungry souls, creative eyes
In a clear blue sky, they don't know where to hide.

Tangled strings, tired wings
Irritating distractions, infinite other things
Restless kites, not even sparing the dark nights
Worthy ones and unworthy ones
We all know one thing

Kites are meant to fly.
This poem talks about the kind of people and the kind of struggles they face. But in the end, everyone is worthy and capable.
"Kites are meant to fly".
7.1k · Apr 2014
What the hell?
amrutha Apr 2014
The tears are yours,
the pain is mine
The wounds are yours,
the blood which runs out?
The fears are yours,
the trials are mine
The problem is yours,
Just who the hell am I?
4.0k · Feb 2014
The Indian Dancer
amrutha Feb 2014
She moves those hips hypnotically
As she smiles through her slender long fingers
Speaking with her big beautiful onyx-black eyes
Ah, Will you just look at her grace?

Her saree painted rich brass
With amber brown motif on the edges
Heavy indian anklets adorn her ankles
Her skin so golden on which sunshine sketches.

Glorious, every little move she makes
Flamboyant, her mehendi feet, the way they part and meet
All the energy any strong man can have,
Reflected in her elegant femine beauty, sincere and discreet.

Like a goddess, she holds her head high
And showers you with her immortal blessings
When she gets down the stage with a humble smile
You'd exclaim "paradise on earth" with a sigh.
amrutha May 2014
Secluded, isolated
Underestimated, excluded
Alienated, unsolved
Too good for you, too bad for the rest
Too happy they seem, living to pass the test
Secluded, isolated
Underestimated, excluded
Alienated, unsolved unlike the rest
Because what hides from truth and shines in darkness
Exists for the good and works miracles for the best.
3.4k · Feb 2014
As the Legend holds.
amrutha Feb 2014
Indian Legends.

The Legend of Triambakeshwar
The supreme Lords, Brahma and Vishnu
On that auspicious day were fighting for the highest milestone
For honour
Claiming Wisdom
Voicing out their mighty combat impale
At that very moment, a resplendant pillar
Emerged, took form before them
Standing tall into the skies and stooping low spearing the Earth.
Brahma and Vishnu saw the pillar
As an examiner of infinite Wisdom
They both decided to find either end of the pillar
to prove their supreme position.
Brahma took form of a swan
to find the topmost portion of the pillar
Vishnu turns into a Boar, being the land's wild driller
to discover the bottom part of this pillar.
Brahma returns and lies to Vishnu
"I Have Found My Goal, 'O Vishnu"
Lord Vishnu surrenders with a humble heart
A fruitless effortless failure.
This pillar is no ordinary pillar
The Legend holds it as the sacred Linga
The Lord of Lords, the destroyer of Evil
The three-eyed one, the blue-throated one
The Lord with 1008 titles of honour
Ageless, timeless, formless,
Shiva cursed Brahma that day dusk
"Your foul deceit smells above this land, Brahmadev
Punishment is a part of crime.
You shall never be worshipped under the stone-carved.
Temples shan't have place for you"

Brahma, enraged, growled upon the Lord
"Your greatness shall be pushed into this Earth
Into the same pillar, the Linga!
At the foot of Sahyradri, your abode lies
from now,
till forever comes."

Dear Fearless Devotee, know this that you must
On the dark midnight of this hand-chosen day
Maha Shivratri
The Holy Linga takes form as the Lingodbhav Moorti
At the blessed land of Triambakeshwara.
From underneath the Earth,
Like a descendant from the skies
The ruler of the seven worlds
Bhu, Bhuvas, Svar, Mahas, Janas, Tapas, Satya
The invincible source of destruction
Of the Seven Hells, Paatala
*Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasaataala, Talatala, Mahaatala,
The Patala.
काममय एवायं पुरुष इति।
स यथाकामो भवति तत्क्रतुर्भवति।
यत्क्रतुर्भवति तत्कर्म कुरुते।
यत्कर्म कुरुते तदभिसंपद्यते॥

Holy Shivratri, 2014.
3.4k · May 2014
amrutha May 2014
Memories and people
Have come my way
When I just tried to survive
Those times, I didn't know how to live.
Memories and people
Have made me strong
When I just cried for relief
Those times, I healed myself.
Those memories and people
Have walked with me all along
Till I get used to living
Just with myself.
Now, those memories try to fade away
Those people are leaving. .
one by one, effortlessly
After teaching me how to walk
After magically getting me
to fall in love with myself.
3.3k · Feb 2014
Arise, awake and strive.
amrutha Feb 2014
You never complain when joy hits you,
a taken-for-granted part of life.
Why do you wail over the misery then?
Arise, awake and strive.
3.3k · Feb 2014
amrutha Feb 2014
Without a lover who'd slash your heart
Or an impudent cut across your cheek by your step mother
Without the pain, without things to bother
Without the mosquito and the rat,
Without Malaria and plague to smother
You will be living in paradise
Dear friend, you just realized
This is Earth, the devil's prada.
3.0k · May 2014
Why Silence is so expressive
amrutha May 2014
Emotions are like colors
Some yellow, some red and green
Pour them out on paper
Paint over them with black.
What do you know?
Emotion runs behind.
What do you see?
2.1k · Mar 2016
Fragrance of temple
amrutha Mar 2016
I still remember the sound of that stillness
Gentle, careful like a lullaby
caressing the dust rising and falling on my skin
The warm sky sang her broken songs
blew her ***** May winds through the village
ever so passionately

The sun shone dark by the dying river
he wept silently his purple evening tears
into the narrow streams underneath
The fragrance of that temple, hard to forget,
Hard to leave behind anything but pondering footsteps..
Yet I walked
into the womb of that scent
forgetting my age old fears
of facing the friction of time,
of dreams, of hope,
of separation.

I collapsed onto the bare earth before I entered
and stared at the air uncouthly
like a barbarian

Moaning, singing, breathing in ecstasy
that old familiar temple fragrance
2.0k · Oct 2014
Imperial love
amrutha Oct 2014
This dawn, the buds covered in dew
From them a new love will bloom
Compassionate like a helpless infant
Smiling for a reason beyond cause.
This dawn, as you hold me closer
From us will radiate a new star
Shooting across the imperial darkness
The moon kisses the sky and dusk falls.
1.8k · Sep 2014
amrutha Sep 2014
Summers pass me by
Breathless your heat touches me
I found an ocean
Underneath your desert sand.
Monsoons drench me whole
Cold frozen water from space
I treasure the droplets
Dripping off you.
Winters intoxicate me
But your breath keeps me warm
You kindle in me the fire
We sweat through the rainstorm.
1.7k · Apr 2014
Beauty and her beast.
amrutha Apr 2014
Lips of an angel
Her skin, sun-kissed
Hard to bid farewell
Beauty descends upon her bliss.
That curve on her lips
The structure of those hips
Her smile, jailed you in ecstasy
For her, your nights you skip.
Exploring deeper down,
Her beauty matches her ego
Her body hides her corrupt soul
Jealousy, hatred and disloyalty
Her heart—rotten, beastly and stole.
1.7k · Mar 2016
amrutha Mar 2016
Buried under your eyes is an endless winter.
Your ambiguity is drowning
Your faith is shivering but I'm holding you
I'm not too warm myself.
I'll manage to get you safe into my house
You like fire, don't you?
We can sit by the chimney.          

When I get this close to your face, everything else falls apart.
Maybe in the next few minutes, you'd understand
just how much I've waited for you.
1.7k · Aug 2014
Transient fragrance
amrutha Aug 2014
Every dusk, my roses die like the day
And still I say, " Honey, don't wilt away. "
1.7k · Mar 2014
Immortal Love
amrutha Mar 2014
The sea kissed the shore
The earth made love to the core
The heavens opened wide their gates and doors
Icy drops of fresh rain blessed the floor.
The fog masked over the moon
Nocturnal lovers cherishing the boon
As nice as under an umbrella in summer noon
Kids licking honey off a silver spoon.
Thoughts of beautiful things flock my mind
The feeling is indescribable
The impossible happen
When you look into my eyes like you do.
1.6k · Jan 2015
The Violin Song
amrutha Jan 2015
In the grace of your undying presence
Voices, all those scattered voices in me unite
In the light of your abducting black eyes
My bleeding heart begins to write.
It is your beautiful restlessness
That tears me down and builds me up
It is you and your silence
That flows in me.
In the heat of your blazing soul
My veins have hardened into steel arrows
Which caress my heart to and fro
Until it wails like a haunting violin.
1.6k · Feb 2014
Treasures of the Ocean
amrutha Feb 2014
O, beautiful oyster pearl
betwixt the oyster shell
Thy radiance defeats that of fullsome satin
that behind the morning sun dwell.
O, glorious oyster pearl
henceforth you are the Queen
resting on your strong mate
amidst the oyster shell.
O, aesthetic oyster pearl
Thou art ravishing I see
Wither do ye flee?
Please stay and sleep here for me
I shall watch all stages of you
Young, dynamic and fair or
old, antique and sea-green.
Inspiration is everywhere.
1.4k · Mar 2014
My letter to you.
amrutha Mar 2014
Pause before you say Life is unfair
Learn to make a single flower your garden
Master the art of saying No
Learn to keep curiosity under control.
Watch all your hopes shatter
Just to build them over again once more
Admire before you criticize
Get rid of that good-for-nothing ego.
Following rules or spontaneously living the moment
The choices are always yours
But like the great men always say
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Remind yourself of these things every day
And Ah! What a work of art you are
There is none on this planet
Who is just the kind of beautiful you are.
-Amy. Inspiration is everywhere.
1.4k · Mar 2014
A Speckle of Nature
amrutha Mar 2014
The limitless array of the animistic Jewels—Each fighting their magnetic urge
To come together as one, a forever lasting passion dripping off their kiss
Twinkling within the soul of the observer
Magically, like in an illusion, like one huge celestial trance
No gem on Earth can compete with the star
She is beauty beyond compare.

The ancient array of the mountain ranges — Some holding hands
Others neither eclipse, call out nor meet
Arising from the ground, leaping high tearing into the sky
A magnificent vision, an inspiring sight
The earthly mountain cordillera —
The anklets that adorn Mother Earth's precious feet.

Wandering around aimlessly with life taking speed and power
Kingdom Meteora devastating the passionate darkness around
Go ahead, wish the wish of your life
Lover, conqueror, dreamer — Abducted from your material world
Here, you found your self
As not all those who wander are lost.

Flowing with grace, inborn pride and honor
Sultry, sensual, worldly, wisely
Beautiful transparent, suspicious translucent or dangerous blue-green opaque
The Ocean sings to us the secret lullaby
Gushing and roaring out loud like a woman forced into burning pyre
Whispering her twilight prayers — seductively into your ear
Leaving you boundless and bare,
and to your imagination, she stretched it a far far way.
Inspiration is everywhere.
1.4k · Feb 2014
Sirius to the Night sky.
amrutha Feb 2014
In the magical moonlight, I wish I could hold him tight
On the wet grass lay I, beneath the Banyan, in the silver twilight
Branches sway to the rhythm of the crickets
Cool wind gushing into my ears, escaping into the darkness within
Like the scar above my eyebrow, he left behind a memory
Catching notice like the pain that caused it.
I close my eyes and I hear him
The intimacy in his voice awoke a long-lost God
infinite layers within me.
"But why? why? Just why?
Why don't you want love, *****?" I ask
He says "Love is unhealthy", I turn away and sigh
I look up at the dark sky to watch those beautiful stars I can't reach
He is right in the middle of it all, glistening bright
Like the Sirius to the night sky, a nocturnal emperor
I am fortunate enough to warm myself with a cuddly blanket
Well, it's just that I wish the blanket was him.
Inspiration is everywhere.
1.4k · Jun 2014
amrutha Jun 2014
When you want it to be
No force can stop you
When you expect miracles
No logic will guide you.
Awaken your senses
Set your sight on fire
Let your eyes gleam with
What within does hide.
Desert your brain
Control your mind
You are a wizard
Let your power shine.
Seek the impossible
Shaken dreams to truth
Show to your own self
What a wonder you are.
1.4k · Apr 2014
amrutha Apr 2014
I am not afraid of darkness
Why should I be?
The brightest of all lights
Is shining within me.
1.4k · May 2017
amrutha May 2017
The gloom feeds upon me
the sky, moaning, unafraid,

   a slow moon rises
and disappears before it rains
the breeze, inviting me into the woods

what do we have, to lose
1.3k · Dec 2017
amrutha Dec 2017
Clench your fists against my
ask me for what I want
more so, for what I need
and deny me my release

watch me enlightened
in all my glory
and watch me still.
1.3k · Sep 2014
Sunlit memories
amrutha Sep 2014
Take my hand onto your sun-kissed palm
Let us flee, the sunshine so warm
Your beautiful black eyes under the sun
Holding oceans of orange morning light
In you, I spend myself
Reincarnated every first second of daybreak
Like the sun rising up the horizon
Glory locked between your fingers and mine
As the moonlight shyly falls onto us
The night steals the morning light
And when I look into your eyes this moment
I still see the golden sunshine.
For Sir Pradip. :)
God bless.
1.3k · May 2014
Divine Love
amrutha May 2014
When I look at you,
Temple bells ring all around
You glisten like gold
With your deep deep eyes,
This heart of mine you hold.
With your sacred lips,
This soul of mine you kiss.
You are the undying God
Standing tall into the proud skies
Smiling down at this blind devotee.
I never knew the meaning of devotion
But when I lose myself in your eyes
My heart joins my hands together to pray.
You are a celestial sight
You are shining upon me so bright
My Lord, I shall be your faithful disciple
Every blessed second of my life.
1.3k · Jun 2014
I Walk Alone
amrutha Jun 2014
I sleep with desperate dreams, I sit in absolute darkness,
but I stand alone.
I smile in transient peace, I scream beyond the decibels,
but I weep alone.
I observe with stunning detail, I watch with the diseased world,
but I learn alone.
I wander into a sky full of stars, Along nature's beautiful walls,
but I walk alone.
1.2k · Feb 2015
Lost feathers
amrutha Feb 2015
The piano sings into the night
    like a nightingale upon a lonely branch.
Underneath, the lake glistens.
Every streak of soft blue, sailing gently
   to touch the moon on the satin water.
Stillness silences.
Stillness, and a bird's cry, the rest of the night.

The bird has died but the feathers wander on.
1.2k · Aug 2014
Underneath the Banyan
amrutha Aug 2014
The raindrops softly invade the stillness of the blue sea
The thunder sinks into the silence beneath the horizon
Let the whales cry, let the wolves howl
Let the rain fall as underneath the Banyan
we dream .
1.2k · Jun 2014
A symphony of silent tears.
amrutha Jun 2014
Crying for abstract reasons
Bewitched by a beautiful curse
I am aware of my insanity
The land of my artistic lunacy
My silence is an antidote
Something vital is missing in me
I could only tell this to a poet
Only he would feel what I mean
But this restlessness, I miss home
What is that noise?
Whose is that voice?
The endless music inside my head,
I need to know,
The answers lie within me
And I need to go.
"My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that, and I intend to end up here".
1.1k · Apr 2015
Quiet words
amrutha Apr 2015
They hear the thick ripples pouring gently over the rocks.
A muddy path silently walks into the heart of the forest.
Just him and her,
the wild and the delicate,
and the voices of the night hiding unseen among the branches.
The sun is going to set.
This evening too, it will settle on the sea
Like a wise old man, walking back home
with crinkled eyes that have seen so much.

The wet mud is their bed.
He held her palm against the cold ground,
his fingers into the wetness.
Her eyes fluttered open for a moment
She saw a quiet amber sun sailing on the infinite sea.
The water will devour all the daylight she thought.
How much more could she be lost?

Tiny silver stars peep out
The sky is a shade of naked blue
The sound of the water grew nearer,
and she held him so tight.

And when he'd get her eyes wet,
he'd just hug her closer to his chest
But he never stopped, because
everything is suddenly more beautiful,
and they always kept wanting more.
1.1k · Jun 2014
Celestial Aura
amrutha Jun 2014
Unaware I walk this Earth
An Aura shields the soul
Soft music on forever flows
A Spirit as dark as coal
I now see a beautiful light
Realized what I should have
Here, my purpose is unknown
Somewhere else, my existence is sown.
1.1k · Jan 2014
Soul Eternal
amrutha Jan 2014
I am just fourteen but my immortal soul is sea green
Old and antique like my grandfather's shattered canteen
Realistic like Déjà vu and alive like death and demean
It has grown tough and stubborn like wood covered with jade green.
- ♪Amy.
Inspiration is everywhere.
1.1k · Mar 2014
Steal it all away, please.
amrutha Mar 2014
Ignite my soul
Welcome my pleas
Smirk at my grief
Steal it all away, please.
Excite my skin
Invite me to kin
Show me how scary life can get
Steal it all away, please.
Dance around me while I sob
Employ my sorrow
Pay me for each teardrop I shed
Steal it all away, please.
Pleasure my senses
Unleash my beast
And just when I think I need to cry
Steal it all away from me, please.
1.1k · Apr 2014
Outside my thoughts
amrutha Apr 2014
Religions matter
Opinions hurt
Time drugs me
Disgust and dirt
Fake phenomenon
Music-free pop concerts
Logic outwits emotion
When I live outside me,
When my mind I desert.
1.1k · Jun 2015
A Broken Summer Moon
amrutha Jun 2015
He is a delicateness
a tender beautiful mess
He is the softness of
the papers of an old book
He is that forgotten wetness
of shy kissed lips
He is that sudden leap in her heart
when she smells rain
He is all those tiny things
unseen and untouched
Believe me he is
all that I have touched and cherished.

He is the emptiness
of a broken summer's moon.
Believe me he is.
1.1k · Jan 2014
A dalliance with Poetry
amrutha Jan 2014
In Poetry, nothing is a mistake
For a poetess, the paper is the strongest stake
Which allows her to sculpt her mind's hunger,
Ever-lasting, bittersweet and opaque.

In Poetry, no plot is a sin
You are free to voice your imprisoned thoughts
where, to your own little land of dreams and nostalgia,
You are the invincible king.

In Poetry, you discover all those astonishing things
which stranger eyes cannot see, they're blind
So you use them to build your halo and wings
with not a single competitor around you who clings.

In Poetry, you are a free human
where no one would ask you to work.
In your land, you work with imaginary crewmen
and their company will never cease you to smirk.
- ♪Amy.
Inspiration is everywhere.
1.1k · Apr 2014
The Rainy Day
amrutha Apr 2014
Raindrops raindrops feel my skin
Bring with you the monsoon din
Sweep a smile across my face
Purify me with your flowing grace.

The skies are raining cats and dogs
I sing my song to the birds and frogs
From over the moon the raindrops fall
To free this world of the heat and haul.
1.1k · Jul 2014
Midnight Love
amrutha Jul 2014
Palaces of marble, floors of red mud,
Sweep me off my feet,
On your lonely roof let's meet.

As with your eyes you hold my heart
A closer, tighter, fresher start,
Losing to the coldness of your touch
Cherish this as you tear me apart.
1.0k · Aug 2014
Forest Fire
amrutha Aug 2014
Would you blame the stars for burning?
Would you blame the ocean if you drowned?
Would you get mad at the clouds for being so high?
Would you blame me for walking into a forest fire?
995 · Feb 2015
amrutha Feb 2015
It sparkles unknowingly
Gleams like glowworms above a silent sea
On a monsoon December midnight.
It sheds slowly it's skin
Reveals two angelic wings to the midnight
It sparkles unknowingly,
my soul intertwined in yours.
990 · Nov 2018
girl in violet
amrutha Nov 2018
Come sit next to me
and don't speak a word
I will find in your flaws
something to treasure
and caress your unruly hair
when you're miles deep in sleep
988 · Aug 2015
Window to Space
amrutha Aug 2015
Here I am lying against this pillow again
As the moon's haunting the starless sky
at the same hour of dusk
As a trembling secret writhes under the mud
Growing into my roots screaming through my leaves
Moaning like moontides on a full moon night
And here I am lying down staring
at the sleepy shadows walking away slowly on this ceiling
Behind me, a window to eternal space.
984 · Jun 2014
amrutha Jun 2014
Get ready to fly with bleeding wings.
983 · Mar 2014
Titanic Hope
amrutha Mar 2014
Walking on the wet September grasslands
Waiting for you as I smile to myself
The hours they swim through the rough shore of time
Ignoring the weather, welcoming the cold
My feet kicking off those tiny stones
They do not know where they belong
My head faced down, eyes staring at the ground
Oh, what an unusual treat
of curious mystery pumping through my veins
This silence, one may call it absurd
But right now, it's the tune to my song
The clock strikes twelve and yet
You are to be seen no where around
Is there ever going to be a limit to my madness?
I know the truth
I shan't be seeing you anymore
So, I walk my way back
Back the wet September grasslands
Smiling to myself
All the way home.
963 · Jun 2014
Only you, my dear.
amrutha Jun 2014
Like the stars,
A thousand dreams burn softly in me
There is only one who can light up my sky
And that is you.

*Only you, my dear.
963 · Jan 2014
My guardian in disguise
amrutha Jan 2014
Lilies, Blossoms, Roses, Dandelions
You made my barren heart a garden.
The fragrance, the pleasure, this feeling I can't measure
Give me a break, I beg your pardon.

The Rainbow, the sunset, Fog and Aurora
Delicate and tender, you painted my form.
The sight of all the work you've done
Made me strong, caused my heart to harden.

A snake, an eel, salamanders and reptiles
You sat there still and watched me slither on the floor.
You smiled and ****** my pain away
from my wounded heart and my naked soul.

Passion, Endurance, ***** Love
For a moment I stopped to stare into your eyes.
When I saw these three I have mentioned
I knew that you are my guardian in disguise.
961 · Mar 2014
amrutha Mar 2014
She can see her dreams
But cannot reach out to them
She is the bird in an open cage
With wounded wings.
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