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amrutha Jun 2015
He is a delicateness
a tender beautiful mess
He is the softness of
the papers of an old book
He is that forgotten wetness
of shy kissed lips
He is that sudden leap in her heart
when she smells rain
He is all those tiny things
unseen and untouched
Believe me he is
all that I have touched and cherished.

He is the emptiness
of a broken summer's moon.
Believe me he is.
amrutha Aug 2014
When your heart beats against mine, don't look away.
When I drown you into unimaginable depths, I hear the violin wailing,
through the radiant blue waters of this ocean.
The waters ache at night,
And the moonlight heals.
Give to me the sorrow. Cast on me your spell.
It hurts, and you won't stop.

Please don't stop.
amrutha Jan 2014
In Poetry, nothing is a mistake
For a poetess, the paper is the strongest stake
Which allows her to sculpt her mind's hunger,
Ever-lasting, bittersweet and opaque.

In Poetry, no plot is a sin
You are free to voice your imprisoned thoughts
where, to your own little land of dreams and nostalgia,
You are the invincible king.

In Poetry, you discover all those astonishing things
which stranger eyes cannot see, they're blind
So you use them to build your halo and wings
with not a single competitor around you who clings.

In Poetry, you are a free human
where no one would ask you to work.
In your land, you work with imaginary crewmen
and their company will never cease you to smirk.
- ♪Amy.
Inspiration is everywhere.
amrutha Jan 2015
Let go of yourself.
Feel the free flow,
     the free fall,
     fearless like a feather
You are the artist
      of your own destiny
The sculptor of your own beauty.
Let go of yourself
      and flow
      not with the wind,
      because you are the wind itself
Let go of everything,
      and observe.
Each color, a new dimension.
Each second, a new experience.
amrutha Jun 2014
I wish to study every point on your surface area
Let me rationally master your geometry
You prove your own stated theorems
And I love you like the salt loves the sea.
Our equation has no solution
No particular angle of elevation
Lost in all those likely probabilities
Your place in my heart has no substitution.
Your graph work and figures make no sense
Before the volume of love in my heart
You are as confusing as Algebra can get
And I tried ever so hard.
Your imaginary roots and relations,
Beautifully intersecting truth and lies
Your complex imperfections I adore
Pain from within fills my eyes.
I must admit that I never understood why
We were never collinear or side by side
The distance between you and me is parallel
I know, but I don't know why.
amrutha Feb 2014
La la la
La la la
La la la
♫ ♪
Dear Heather
I remember the time
When your father came up with your name
That fine saturday morn
The sixth day of May
I remember the time
When you wailed in my arms
You promised with your innocence
That you will never do us wrong
♫ ♪
Today you sleep on my lap
Taller than I am
Busier than I was
Lovelier than I ever could be
. . .
. . .
♫ ♪
La la la
La la la
La la la
♫ ♪
Go to sleep my beautiful baby
Remember that I am always here
You are all big and grown
You are now fighting this mighty world.
To me,
you're still that gorgeous infant
I held memorable decades ago. .
♫ ♪
La la la
La la la
La la la
♫ ♪.

*kisses good night.
I love you, mother.
amrutha Jun 2014
I remember he had the dreamiest eyes I could think of
They were as deep as that sultry voice of his
Well, a charming shade of brown
Ebony, to be more specific.
When he was out in the sunshine, I still remember how they used to glisten and sparkle
Overflowing with wetness which looked like warm liquid gold
Like an ocean of nostalgic summer waves, his eyes hid something.
So much. Another world, perhaps.
Whenever I tried to get to the core of his mysterious beauty, those lips used to curve into a smile gently .. slowly
Without notice, like how the sun rises up from under the horizon
******* out all the strength it took me to not touch him.
He was the Prince Charming on drugs, I'd say
A drunken Romeo at night with ripped off clothes
The love of his dreams is a crazy fantasy, he says
And he always messed up his fantasies so fine.
I would never forget how he asked me to stay away
How artistically he put it all together, trying not to hurt me
He used to say "love is unhealthy for me.."
How delicate and effortless he made it sound
Maybe he knew that anyone who looked deeper into his eyes,
beyond that beautiful brown, would fall for him.
And fortunately or unfortunately, I *did.
amrutha May 2014
Her thoughts, far beyond age
Her soul knows no time
A crazy mind, a beautiful mess
Always living on cloud nine.
Deaf to insults,
blinded by beauty
Thick skinned,
Numb to duty.
Living like there is nothing left to lose
Losing all she had so effortlessly,
Loving like there's nothing much to choose
She is the wild animal the human was,
centuries back into history.
amrutha May 2014
I ask myself this
For yet another time
Why I always lie
Towards the extreme.
I know they say
Too much of anything
Can make one sick
And me, I was never
Less than too much.
In me, I store love
Too much, once again
As unconditional as oxygen
As Logicless as miracle,
As huge as the massive sky
And to any ordinary man,
Anywhere among mankind
That amount of anything kills.
amrutha May 2014
Holding a lantern, walking myself out the dark
I found life in the very depths of darkness
Consuming that darkness into me
I feed my burning soul, I satisfy her heart
I see that this soul of mine
Knows everything my mind would dream of knowing
And yet, it sits back and watches me fight
Like a warrior, this material desire
In a world which is wonderful and deadly
Shining like the bright evening star on black
Generous, cruel; Stupid love, blind faith
To tell you, beautifully confusing.
Kindling within me, she screams at me
For every thing I do, confusing me
Now I know not the difference between ugly and beautiful
Pain and pleasure, they have made me numb
And I am just a bud,
Just a bud somewhere on an undiscovered species.
Fighting my own shadows,
Letting myself drown, fall, in love and cry
What do I know now?
Nothing, yet everything
I know everything yet how young I am
So, I know nothing; That young I am
In a world so beautiful, I tell myself
Not to fall in love with souls which cannot give to me
Behind my smile, I am dying
How beautiful you are, how beautiful all this is
Is this a blessing? What kind of a curse is this?
Please, I am tired of falling in love
Fighting back my tears like a lifeless weapon
I tell my soul that my heart is not numb
Do not play with it
I scream "Leave me alone"
How beautiful you are, how beautiful all this is
Is this a blessing? What kind of a curse is this?
Please, I am tired of falling in love.
What do I do with all this inside me?
I cast it upon myself
What would I do with this undying loyalty and hope?
I bless myself with all I have
Do not play with it
I scream "Leave me alone"
How beautiful you are, how beautiful all this is
Is this a blessing? What kind of a curse is this?
Please, I am tired of falling in love.
So, this soul insists that I move on
With a heavy heart, She tells me I am worth
With a smile on my face, I am weeping inside
But this soul inside me insists that I move on
I have a million more galaxies waiting to be explored
No time to waste
No time to sit and cry
I have a million more galaxies waiting to be explored
So with an immortal hope that you would turn,
And accept to take what within me does burn
I hold a lantern, walk myself out the dark
Finding life in the very depths of darkness
Consuming that darkness into me
I feed my burning soul, I satisfy her only heart.
amrutha Apr 2014
There once was a girl of fifteen
She fell in love with things no one has seen
Her mind took her to places where no one has been
Her strength was her weakness, her mind was keen.
She was as stubborn as one can ever be
None would change her, neither you nor me
To her wonderland, only she has the key
People called her stray, headstrong, wild as far as they could see,
She seemed insane but her mind gave reason
As to why her heart flew higher every season
Nature and all it offered was her nation
Paradise was in the palms of imagination.
Things would've been different if she wasn't stubborn
Society would be disrupting her inner discovery
Insanity which needed not any permission
I am telling you because that girl is me.
amrutha Feb 2014
You never complain when joy hits you,
a taken-for-granted part of life.
Why do you wail over the misery then?
Arise, awake and strive.
amrutha Aug 2014
When the world is dozing off
And the street lights slowly drain away, I just smile.
I embrace the eternal darkness
For being the ocean sheltering my soul.
I come out of this body of mine
And look down upon myself.
A human girl against this human race,
Singing out to them her song of realization,
A melancholy of golden morning wisdom.
But only, her voice is silence.
And when I dawn into my body again late midnight,
I realize how much devotion I have for you.
Purely spiritual, divine love and wise faith.
You are a blessing, and I realize it every night as I rest.
amrutha Mar 2014
The limitless array of the animistic Jewels—Each fighting their magnetic urge
To come together as one, a forever lasting passion dripping off their kiss
Twinkling within the soul of the observer
Magically, like in an illusion, like one huge celestial trance
No gem on Earth can compete with the star
She is beauty beyond compare.

The ancient array of the mountain ranges — Some holding hands
Others neither eclipse, call out nor meet
Arising from the ground, leaping high tearing into the sky
A magnificent vision, an inspiring sight
The earthly mountain cordillera —
The anklets that adorn Mother Earth's precious feet.

Wandering around aimlessly with life taking speed and power
Kingdom Meteora devastating the passionate darkness around
Go ahead, wish the wish of your life
Lover, conqueror, dreamer — Abducted from your material world
Here, you found your self
As not all those who wander are lost.

Flowing with grace, inborn pride and honor
Sultry, sensual, worldly, wisely
Beautiful transparent, suspicious translucent or dangerous blue-green opaque
The Ocean sings to us the secret lullaby
Gushing and roaring out loud like a woman forced into burning pyre
Whispering her twilight prayers — seductively into your ear
Leaving you boundless and bare,
and to your imagination, she stretched it a far far way.
Inspiration is everywhere.
amrutha Feb 2014
Indian Legends.

The Legend of Triambakeshwar
The supreme Lords, Brahma and Vishnu
On that auspicious day were fighting for the highest milestone
For honour
Claiming Wisdom
Voicing out their mighty combat impale
At that very moment, a resplendant pillar
Emerged, took form before them
Standing tall into the skies and stooping low spearing the Earth.
Brahma and Vishnu saw the pillar
As an examiner of infinite Wisdom
They both decided to find either end of the pillar
to prove their supreme position.
Brahma took form of a swan
to find the topmost portion of the pillar
Vishnu turns into a Boar, being the land's wild driller
to discover the bottom part of this pillar.
Brahma returns and lies to Vishnu
"I Have Found My Goal, 'O Vishnu"
Lord Vishnu surrenders with a humble heart
A fruitless effortless failure.
This pillar is no ordinary pillar
The Legend holds it as the sacred Linga
The Lord of Lords, the destroyer of Evil
The three-eyed one, the blue-throated one
The Lord with 1008 titles of honour
Ageless, timeless, formless,
Shiva cursed Brahma that day dusk
"Your foul deceit smells above this land, Brahmadev
Punishment is a part of crime.
You shall never be worshipped under the stone-carved.
Temples shan't have place for you"

Brahma, enraged, growled upon the Lord
"Your greatness shall be pushed into this Earth
Into the same pillar, the Linga!
At the foot of Sahyradri, your abode lies
from now,
till forever comes."

Dear Fearless Devotee, know this that you must
On the dark midnight of this hand-chosen day
Maha Shivratri
The Holy Linga takes form as the Lingodbhav Moorti
At the blessed land of Triambakeshwara.
From underneath the Earth,
Like a descendant from the skies
The ruler of the seven worlds
Bhu, Bhuvas, Svar, Mahas, Janas, Tapas, Satya
The invincible source of destruction
Of the Seven Hells, Paatala
*Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasaataala, Talatala, Mahaatala,
The Patala.
काममय एवायं पुरुष इति।
स यथाकामो भवति तत्क्रतुर्भवति।
यत्क्रतुर्भवति तत्कर्म कुरुते।
यत्कर्म कुरुते तदभिसंपद्यते॥

Holy Shivratri, 2014.
amrutha Jun 2014
Crying for abstract reasons
Bewitched by a beautiful curse
I am aware of my insanity
The land of my artistic lunacy
My silence is an antidote
Something vital is missing in me
I could only tell this to a poet
Only he would feel what I mean
But this restlessness, I miss home
What is that noise?
Whose is that voice?
The endless music inside my head,
I need to know,
The answers lie within me
And I need to go.
"My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that, and I intend to end up here".
amrutha Jul 2014
I would paint your sky a thousand colors, if I could
And inspire the restlessness in your heart;
I would give to you a million stars, if I could
If I could, I'd gift you a new start.
amrutha Dec 2014
The cinematography, the imagery,
Visualizations, animation,
Those slow takes as the rain falls over the window
Behind which a girl rests her head
Looking out with dreamy eyes
Eyes, holding watery stories of a beautiful past

The door slams shut and
Out she comes
With winged feet and summer skin
Living in her head, she walks down by
Looks up above and smiles at the sky
She closes her eyes and the camera it shoots
How the sunshine falls on her eyelashes
Down, a perfect zoom in
Onto her lips hazed with tiny particles of light air

He blindfolds her eyes
Walks her gently all the way
The coldness increases and the noise reduces
He takes his hands off her eyes
And up she stares
with lips apart and stunned feet
At the gazillion stars chilled and silver
Against a black night
He smiles
covering her up from behind
with warm hands.

The rest of the night.
amrutha Apr 2014
Lips of an angel
Her skin, sun-kissed
Hard to bid farewell
Beauty descends upon her bliss.
That curve on her lips
The structure of those hips
Her smile, jailed you in ecstasy
For her, your nights you skip.
Exploring deeper down,
Her beauty matches her ego
Her body hides her corrupt soul
Jealousy, hatred and disloyalty
Her heart—rotten, beastly and stole.
amrutha Jan 2014
I am a dreamer
My imagination is tender and untouched
But if you dare interrupt my voyage
I'll crumble your bones with every single touch
and bellow like a ravaging bull
Nothing much.
Inspiration is everywhere.
amrutha May 2014
My mind is an amusing place -
A notebook of handwoven paper
Each memory writes itself down
Adorning the plain amber paper.
How, then, can I forget you?
You constitute my mind
I only turn pages
It takes too much to tear them and rebind.
amrutha Sep 2014
He lives in the silence between my heart beats.
Even after I'm gone,
the silence would still be there.

*Closer and closer
their breathless voices drown
Into an ocean of flawless silence.
amrutha Apr 2017
It cannot be silenced
this throbbing hunger, as it burns mildly
a yellow flame against the silhouettes of now

They know what this madness is
this hunger that I talk of, this fire that keeps bustling
the stars are watching me
as I look back up
and they know
amrutha Jun 2014
Unaware I walk this Earth
An Aura shields the soul
Soft music on forever flows
A Spirit as dark as coal
I now see a beautiful light
Realized what I should have
Here, my purpose is unknown
Somewhere else, my existence is sown.
amrutha Mar 2014
Like a God, you smiled at me
A warm one, a humble one
Turning my heart inside out
Little did I know that the next moment
My grievances would vanish,
That I would smile along
"Will everything be fine?"
I whispered looking into your eyes
"Everything is fine, dear", you said
And like a God, you blessed me with a smile.
amrutha Jun 2018
My colors are changing into ugly shades of pink
and the nausea is kicking in but wait
hold on, stay right there it'll get
better? worse? what am I dragging you in this for?
Exit please. Oh yes, the
colors they change when the sky dampens
late after lunch too soon after dinner
while I belch my mother walks by
as she tells me to pull my **** together, oh
the good old days haven't gone past me just yet
I sometimes think of my father
and how I should try loving him for
smiling at me and calling my mother a *****
while I tried hard to sleep
Sometimes I think I love my mother way too much
so much that I try to socialize and then I
somehow realize that was an ouch idea
Pessimism is more honest because the optimist
is lying to everyone.
amrutha May 2014
Drown yourself in the sound of music
Feel your heartbeat slow down
Hear that faint sound of the mess that you were in
Let it all go, lover
Feel swept off your feet this moment.

Lose yourself in the ocean of silence
Let your eyes do all the talking
Creativity takes infinite courage
To forsake the voices of environment
Let it all go, dreamer
Feel free to shed behind your fears.

Discover yourself wandering in the forest of the unknown
Let the music heal your wounds
Keep walking till something makes you stop
**** out of it the pleasure
Let it all go, discoverer
Feel the music running beneath your skin.
amrutha Apr 2014
'Can you be mine?'
She asks.
'Conditions apply'
Came the reply.
amrutha May 2014
Ah, to your undying grace
****, that beautiful beautiful face
Aye, honey, stay, what's the chase?
This heart has always been your place.
Just cut out all the drama
I know you more than you yourself do
You sure are extraordinary, alright
You do belong in the zoo.
I'm done crying over losing you
I see that you are lost too
Now stop acting, no one's looking at you
I don't want no explanations
Come back home, I'll be waiting for you.
amrutha Jul 2014
Dearly beloved, I know you do not exist
Among the walking people and the cement walls,
My love is insane, the lover is fixed
Someone unreal, a rose without thorns.

Dearly beloved, you are a work of Art,
Art itself, the universe since the very start
How fluent your silence is,
The moon up there is your heart.

Dearly beloved, your existence is abstract
Yet I feel your breath on my face,
Your fingers on my skin, your warm smile,
A union purely spiritual and divine.

You are the platinum of the clouds above,
Clarity of the turquoise waters,
The whispers of the empty night,
The orange horizon just before dawn.

Then, what am I doing down here?
Take me into your comforting arms
Then I think, how can I lose you
When I never had you from the start?

Dearly beloved, wake me up from this slumber
Show me the way through this forest fire.
Anything but don't make me ask again,
What is this and where am I?
amrutha Sep 2017
call me at the midnight hour by the rainy window
we will watch the blue stars come alive
shooting down
into the late december sea
amrutha Jun 2014
When I got lost in you,
That's when I found myself
When I lost you to the world,
Within me, I found you.
amrutha May 2014
When I look at you,
Temple bells ring all around
You glisten like gold
With your deep deep eyes,
This heart of mine you hold.
With your sacred lips,
This soul of mine you kiss.
You are the undying God
Standing tall into the proud skies
Smiling down at this blind devotee.
I never knew the meaning of devotion
But when I lose myself in your eyes
My heart joins my hands together to pray.
You are a celestial sight
You are shining upon me so bright
My Lord, I shall be your faithful disciple
Every blessed second of my life.
amrutha Apr 2014
I wait all day hoping for a smile
When you finally arrive, you look away
Do you hear my heart break?
I understand that look in your eyes
When you try your best to sneak a look
Do you know that I get what you feel?
Those mixed emotions on your face
When I am around your beautiful grace
Do you see how I can read them all?
The way you smile at me reflexively
Then turn around and almost slap yourself
For taking it a step closer to my dream
Do you know what that ever means to me?
amrutha Apr 2015
It's early morning when he opens those gorgeous eyes,
Black and beautiful, precious and shying away
Early birds twitter, early lovers kiss
With faded early moons in their eyes
Burning, their thirsty lips, pale their fingertips
Coyly around his neck her wrist
and The forest breeze has woken up
Wailing like an infant, softly into the air
Who said love is a quiet bud in the bloom?
It's a wolf screaming with desire
And gratitude and coldness
It's that cave somewhere deep into the woods
Which you'll find,
and enter,
and wonder how you've ended up there.
amrutha Nov 2017
Why don't you rid yourself of these shiny
and sit back without ignoring for once
the blue light you bleed upon the sun

Why don't you want to be more of nothing
and less of you?
amrutha Feb 2014
A wound cut deep causes the bleeding pain
A heart slashed into slices, pain pleads you to flee
The pain when the one you love walks off your destiny's moment
is the pain you feel when you've failed your purpose and dream.
The pain when you are estimated to be under what the common world is;
The pain when your dear child grows too big to cuddle in your arms
The suffocating pain, the meaningless pain
All these are different yet share the same demean.

The most horrible pain is that of regret
The most miserable, waiting for death;
A parent's heart is dripping love and ancient discipline
while a teen's pain is that of guilt, disdain, disrespect.

Alas, Is there something someone can do
to avoid this pathetic feeling of pain?
He is heartless, he is shameless
Daunting your soul like an innocent four years old phantom.
Out of all these years I've been breathing
the only way I see is to
Relish the stinging in the heart,
Cherish that bittersweet soul
enjoy the pleasure
because it won't explain to you it's cause
unless you fall in love with the pain.
- ♪Amy.
Inspiration is everywhere.

"Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of Evil."
amrutha Mar 2014
Old days
Rusted dreams
The sound of those times
I need to feel your touch
Best friend, I miss you already
Your lovely eyes
Smiling into mine
I can't take care of myself
Like you can.
amrutha May 2014
Dive deep,
Swim shallow,
But explore it all.
A random saying by a dear friend of mine.
amrutha Mar 2020
I began as piercing blue light that heals
****** wounds and scars
from this human life

I have been touched by a man
immaculate his spirit
his eyes a mirror that hold

I am rock
sedimentary through eras in time
crumbling into stardust
screaming as I reach
the farthest corners of space

I am the eye of the universe
a void that reaches back into the
amrutha Mar 2016
Buried under your eyes is an endless winter.
Your ambiguity is drowning
Your faith is shivering but I'm holding you
I'm not too warm myself.
I'll manage to get you safe into my house
You like fire, don't you?
We can sit by the chimney.          

When I get this close to your face, everything else falls apart.
Maybe in the next few minutes, you'd understand
just how much I've waited for you.
amrutha Jun 2014
When you sharply stare at nothing but midair
Unseeing into the particles of space,
When you let your thoughts drizzle down upon you
In spite of the mess that you are a part of,
When you recap your life till yesterday
Those haunting memories you keep thinking of,
Smiling at some, skipping the ghostly ones
Moving restlessly and touching yourself;
These five seconds of blankness
When you stare at nothing but midair
Can either build you up stronger than before
Or tragically destroy all that you are
You know the odds, you know how to win over your thoughts
But you play with the loudest of your emotions anyway.
amrutha Aug 2014
Would you blame the stars for burning?
Would you blame the ocean if you drowned?
Would you get mad at the clouds for being so high?
Would you blame me for walking into a forest fire?
amrutha May 2017
A time will come when I'm barren inside.
Every sound would remind me that I am hopeful

I am rain, hoping for shelter
I am the running breeze. Screaming, unabashed.
I would confess all those ugly truths,
about living and loving and forgetting
and be fearless, senseless.
aimless, being
just for the sake of being
amrutha Mar 2016
I still remember the sound of that stillness
Gentle, careful like a lullaby
caressing the dust rising and falling on my skin
The warm sky sang her broken songs
blew her ***** May winds through the village
ever so passionately

The sun shone dark by the dying river
he wept silently his purple evening tears
into the narrow streams underneath
The fragrance of that temple, hard to forget,
Hard to leave behind anything but pondering footsteps..
Yet I walked
into the womb of that scent
forgetting my age old fears
of facing the friction of time,
of dreams, of hope,
of separation.

I collapsed onto the bare earth before I entered
and stared at the air uncouthly
like a barbarian

Moaning, singing, breathing in ecstasy
that old familiar temple fragrance
amrutha Dec 2016
the night is falling onto me
and my eyes stare at the descending blackness
that first frost touches my eyelash
and I shut them close,
collapse back into the
womb of death

morning's here
and I have nothing
amrutha May 2014
It feels like I am walking on frozen water
With my head swung back, gracefully sliding across the ice
Smiling with my eyes closed, delicate snowflakes disappearing into my skin
All my feelings freeze, they swim through the tides of silence
Yes, I feel worthy of all of this
I deserve to own the key to the heavens
Lying down on this thick sheet of iced blue, I let the cold consume me
What a crazy dream, what a marvel, what insanity is this?
Every word I whisper shouts back at me
Echoing as if the world's a deep deep cave..

.. And everything I touch turns to undisturbed peace
Like just ice and seagulls
Just silence and peace
Yet, so so much more than what they seem to be.
amrutha Nov 2018
Come sit next to me
and don't speak a word
I will find in your flaws
something to treasure
and caress your unruly hair
when you're miles deep in sleep
amrutha Feb 2015
It sparkles unknowingly
Gleams like glowworms above a silent sea
On a monsoon December midnight.
It sheds slowly it's skin
Reveals two angelic wings to the midnight
It sparkles unknowingly,
my soul intertwined in yours.
amrutha Jul 2015
Don't you see?
Beyond this working and moving
a star trembles in the dark
You speak to me
and all I seem to see
is the grace with which your voice
mixes with the breeze.
Measurement I do not understand
Dimension I am
Language suffocates me
I am the air that chokes my throat.

Nothing is as graceless as a poet.
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