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Starsoul May 2015
We are the broken generation today, maybe just one happy day, no misery to surround us, hope the only thing around us, no need for medication that never helped, no hourly cost for how much we spoke, no hatred on people who can’t be the same, different faces, different names, races and pain, innocent eyes in the beginning lost on different streets, no matter how far apart we are we still are so close, all went through pain better version, or worse, it was still felt, experiences that tore our soul’s apart, emptiness, life of a loved one lost or just trying to save our own, the cancer, the abuse, the drugs, the misuse of the things that are supposed to save us, are the very things destroy us, day by day, night by night, if we fought together, everything would be alright, acceptance is the way, no more lives lost to the suicidal thoughts, tendencies forgot
angels no longer lost.
what I see
Starsoul Feb 2015
Rock-a-bye baby in tear soaked pillow tops
momma don't care and daddy don't try and if you shall cry no one will see,
no one will believe, someone as sweet as can possibly be could be so far apart her from deepest needs
They pull it they tug, they shred it apart
can you pick up the pieces dismantled on the floor
far apart from the world
oh pretty baby pick your head up
hopes not lost
hold you're heart together with string and lost dreams
hold your head up
don't show the darkness in side
rock-a-bye baby right back to sleep
I'm not sure if i like this one or if it needs some adjusting
  Feb 2015 Starsoul
Nothing Much
I am in awe of the limitless nature of the human mind
How it stretches infinitely inwards
Containing a private universe that would be forever in isolation
Unless that individual chooses to launch out shooting stars
Rocket ships from other worlds in the form of music, poetry, art
We are sending satellite signals out from our galaxies
Desperately holding cups to our ears
Tightrope walking on the string theory
Because the world needed yet another teenage poem with space imagery.
Starsoul Jan 2015
The nightmares went away when i laid beside you're warm body
wrapped legs around you
the rhythm of hearts beating in sync
Never did i wake up screaming
only woke up to the smell of food handcrafted by you
with a gentle kiss on the lips
Starsoul Jan 2015
grief doesn't come in order  
it skips and goes backwards like a broken clock
ten hours past the dot
it catches us off guard ripping us apart
though  acceptance is always the final stage
that is if it ever comes at all
The day had come when lovers had to say goodbye
Bid a piece of smile and wave a little hand
She thought that their love was so real
Yet ended up being strangers to each

Weeks had passed and you are still there
In her little mind that is full of moments
Moments that you had shared together
Moment that you should have cherished together.

It's been a while since her heart was so alone
And now, she had learned something new
That no one could fix her broken soul
But only she could do it, if she only knew.
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