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Alice Morris Jun 2015
Blue skies, lush green lands
the two of us hand in hand
a bubble of love.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
Turquoise feather eye
Show of beauty teases me
now fly me away
Alice Morris Jun 2015
An astral plane life
where the undead relive time
trying to change fate.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
A budding romance

between the flower and bee

sweet honey for me.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
If I could choose a colour for you
I'd always go for admiral blue
cause just like the butterfly
you bring my world back to life
behind your dark mysterious cover
you turned out to be a perfect lover
and just like the butterfly
true beauty lies on the inside.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
You entice me in,
with your whispers in the wind,
Canopy of love.
Alice Morris Jun 2015
I never thought it as being wrong,

after all inside I heard the love song,

it started as soon as I looked into your eyes,

it soothed me like a lullaby.

So now let them stand and stare,

Whilst we go start a love affair.
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