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A-S Mar 2017
Magnets as bodies
A field of words
A guide of emotions
I feel your need
Fulfill me please
A-S Mar 2017
Don't leave me for you
Toxicity as sweet as love
Drown in my sorrow
Turn into stone
A-S Jun 2016
These feelings apply to the weakness of my mind and the negative space in my lungs and heart. How they creep up on my dark and lonely soul will determine the cycle of my mind and the termination of my alter ego. Define me as I would in my darkest dreams. I'll be revived
A-S Jun 2016
So much love to give
Hidden in high expectations
A capricorn's blood
Lonely predicaments
Stars blinding their health
My body needs it now
Are you there?
No response from the moon beneath
No response from the seas above
A-S Jun 2016
I remember your feel
And the poetry you speak
I remember the bliss
And the joy in your laugh
I remember the sorrow
And the reality that hit me
When you did
A-S Jan 2016
Being so vulnerable for such a long period of time
Tears didn't even mean anything anymore.
How could you be so resistant in a year of sorrow?
How could you not break and fall?
How did we both survive?

Why was I so comfortable in your negativity?

I am a scared soul
A-S Jan 2016
I wish to dream with you,
feel the happiness songs try to explain
and love what we are supposed to create.

We are so stuck in time.
I can't get comfortable enough
with the thought of being vulnerably in love.
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