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Aug 3 · 425
Storm Aug 3
i met the right person
at the wrong time
Its hard given all the circumstances. But this wont stop us from fighting
Aug 3 · 240
Storm Aug 3
I wish I was a pencil
So that when I do commit mistakes
I can always try to undo

But I realized
I'd preferably be a pen
It cant be erased
but I can always thrive...

to correct it
Dont let urself be defined by ur mistakes. Always remember to make use of it as an avenue to grow and correct it. I know its hard to do but someday u'll realize that what im saying is true. DONT LET UR MISTAKE DEFINE YOU. Grow little seed
Aug 2 · 337
Storm Aug 2
Am I really happy?
Or it's just helping me...

hide what I really feel
When will storm finally be okay. Im storm
Jul 31 · 195
August Street
Storm Jul 31
Im no fan of streets
Its a crowded place to go
People trap in two parallel lines
All figuring out where to go

Most of them knows where
But Im new here
How do you walk alone?
In a valley of crowded people

Still searching for you
Maybe just the thought of you
I thought I can walk Cornelia street even without you. Wow it's been 6 months already

— The End —