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Sekhar Jan 2
I miss the waves
I miss the sea
I miss the laughter
that came from thee

Another year passeth we
albeit strange, and slowly

I loved thee from nigh
I loved thee from far
only to part with thyself
a part of me to keep thee warm
Well, I tried
Sekhar Sep 2019
I seek what I’ve learned but failed to understand
Celebrating this nothingness, oblivious to my heart
Expectation creates pressure that elevates my fear
Reality sets me free or so they made me believe
I walk along this thread, no ends on both sides
Balancing this lunacy with outbreaks so calm
I carry these words, no longer they are mine
What more can I do, to make them satisfied
just jumbled thoughts and fears
Sekhar Sep 2019
Your eyes were passion and they sinned,
Always they have but laid for me.
Just a glance gives so much pleasure,
Break it to see you’re already in pressure.
That **** eyes
Sekhar Sep 2019
I thought there was no escape
not from this darkness surrounding
only then I heard the wind whisper
"I loved you but not enough to see you fall"
Sekhar Sep 2019
Build upon these tattered pieces
Sew together what's left and sane
Exhale that which antagonizes
Pour out what's amber and abstain
- note to self
Sekhar Sep 2019
I still am walking this road
which seems to go on and on
sooner or later I'll be bored
alas its the way we are born
The dissatisfaction bought forth by the routine of doing the same thing over and over again
Sekhar Aug 2019
Blood and gore, isn’t that the core?
of lucid dreams and whiskey thoughts
visions of past, rage in my eyes
of flushed skin and her lush lips

In prison of sorrow, I find myself
no longer whole, a husk of a man
What of love? What of passion? What –
Of secrets that are secrets no more?

Pour down on me, your anger, your blames
Let go those kisses, freely given, freely taken
When the sun goes down, take that dagger
**** what’s no more but a toxic love.

— The End —