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  Jan 2021 Sekhar
Corrinne Shadow
I craft my love
From words and dreams,
Forgotten, bygone memories.
And of this life, Real Love knows not.
I am to him a Time Forgot.
He left me picking pieces, changed
He lives in my mind, I lie deranged
Sobbing and writing all over the floor
You left too soon, Love. I need more.
I resurrect you from the dead
And spill my heart to the you in my head.

So I wrote you
But perilously;
For you, in your brilliance,
Unwrite me.
Sekhar Jan 2021
I miss the waves
I miss the sea
I miss the laughter
that came from thee

Another year passeth we
albeit strange, and slowly

I loved thee from nigh
I loved thee from far
only to part with thyself
a part of me to keep thee warm
Well, I tried
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