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 Oct 2020 Sehar Bajwa
Little Bear
you only loved her
because she felt
like sunshine
you invented
the word


to describe me
reversed war

saw me as

for this world
not ready to


for anything
including you

and you were

you always
had a way

with words
 Sep 2020 Sehar Bajwa
Trying to fix other people
Will not make you whole
 Sep 2020 Sehar Bajwa
 Sep 2020 Sehar Bajwa
i got a new shirt
on the back it says hero

everyone says it fits me


my uncle says it fits cause i protect every one

my cousin says it fits because i try to fix every thing

my mom says it fits because i hold every thing together

the one that matters the most?

i say it fits cause my best friend said i saved his life.
 Jul 2020 Sehar Bajwa
A Memory
 Jul 2020 Sehar Bajwa
The clock is stuck at 3:33 AM,
my mind is stuck in yesterday

I drink a glass of water,
and wait for my heart
to stop bleeding

My soul weeps,
but I don’t stop writing
I picked a rose bud for you ,
I found it on a rose bed ,
it is not dead .
But  if you water it ,
and give it room to grow ,
it will blosom into something you don’t know .
For its buds will one day open ,
perhaps when you are curled up in bed ,
and you will think of me when I have gone ,
and all the things I said .
We are not heroes.
We are just people,
trying to survive.
You and I,
are not equals.
You work from home
while I...
I work to ensure
that I get to keep mine.
They call us essential,
because we provide
all the food and the things
that help keep you alive.
But I am resentful
that I don't get to decide,
What is more worthy,
my labor or life?
So don't call me a hero.
I am simply doing
what has to be done.
Don't call me a hero,
unless you plan to treat
and pay me like one.
 Mar 2020 Sehar Bajwa
 Mar 2020 Sehar Bajwa
there's a moment, late at night, when the
world has gone to sleep that i sit and think
to myself; what is life like away from here?
where, in this big wide galaxy could i find
happiness? because it's not here, where i am
now. where do i find it? where do i even
start looking?
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