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There is SEPARATION, I felt.
There is MIS TRUST,  U felt.

There is IGNORANCE, I felt.
There is DISTURBANCE,  U felt.

There were PROMISES, We made.
There are "BROKEN HEARTS", We made.
Looking into your eyes
Everything falls into the right places

Holding your hands
Everything now seems perfect

You by my side always
Was all the protection I needed

a felling I would never forget
But now they are all memories
When I think of you all i can do is cry
The artists impartiality
Of their craft's integrity
Is their profound gift
May it set us all free-
& Vanquish all anxiety.

When each page is blank, and book empty
Its full with potential's entierity.
Our real gift is sweet opportunity
To create and contrive

Its in our art we become who we wanted to be
With truthfull eyes we garentee
That you'll one day begin to see

The artist's impartiality.
Grace & Reem
try to send a letter to the one you barely scratched on paper
with words like every other that you stamped with blood

call someone to remind you to be scared

saturate your mind with the sirens that you wish were coming for me

love me in my passing

remember the thing about monsters and why they are created
only to be used

convince the world why i won't love you

forgive me

erase me

make me what you want
U r like a sunshine
Bright in my eyes
Clear to my heart and
Energy to my SOUL
You are my Heartbeat
I am your Rythym
What say darling?
let's dance around

You are Candy Crush
I am ur PUBG
What say darling?
let's play around

You are my PINK WORLD
What say darling?
Let's be funny around

You are my Red Wine
I am ur *****
What say darling?
Let's get drunk around

You are my Sugarcrush
I m ur Lime juice
What say darling?
Let's make some juicy LIFE
My heart is like a war zone
that I can't decide
When to Choose you and
When to choose me

How could you BETRAY US
How could you FAIL US
Where you said, I glorify your world
And I said, will always do that.

I am not very strong to bear this
I am not very strong to forget this
Maybe, I m not very strong to forgive this.

My heart is like a war zone
that I can't decide
When to Choose you and
When to choose me
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