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U r like a sunshine
Bright in my eyes
Clear to my heart and
Energy to my SOUL
You are my Heartbeat
I am your Rythym
What say darling?
let's dance around

You are Candy Crush
I am ur PUBG
What say darling?
let's play around

You are my PINK WORLD
What say darling?
Let's be funny around

You are my Red Wine
I am ur *****
What say darling?
Let's get drunk around

You are my Sugarcrush
I m ur Lime juice
What say darling?
Let's make some juicy LIFE
My heart is like a war zone
that I can't decide
When to Choose you and
When to choose me

How could you BETRAY US
How could you FAIL US
Where you said, I glorify your world
And I said, will always do that.

I am not very strong to bear this
I am not very strong to forget this
Maybe, I m not very strong to forgive this.

My heart is like a war zone
that I can't decide
When to Choose you and
When to choose me
This feeling in me
I am going shy

This BIG SMILE of me
I am going crazy

This anxiety in me
I am going nuts

Now,  Love speaks in me
I am going all NEW
I am going all HEART.
Holding the fear, walking fast
Rolling my eyes, walking fast
Scared of nights, walking fast

Looking for me, walking fast
Screaming out, walking fast
Crashing nights, walking fast

Crying out heart,  walking fast
Holding my sandel,  walking fast
Calling for support,  walking fast

Carrying CRIME, walking fast
Unruffled him, walking fast
Folding shirt sleeves,  walking fast

Reached my home, breathing fast
Curtains down, breathing slow
I am SAFE,  breathing RELAXED
I am bounded with ur memory.
Stuck on ur smile
Painted with ur dreams

Looking for "YOU"
Looking for "SHE"(ME)

Forgotten the "SOUL" of mine
But remembered the "FOUL" of mine

Looking for "YOU"
Looking for "SHE"

Felt the presence of urs,  near to me
And then, felt the loss of urs,  inside me

Looking for "YOU"
Looking for "SHE

Structured LIFE
Unstructured ME
Clustered DREAMS
Scattered ME

Looking for "YOU"
Looking for "SHE

— The End —