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Watcher Oct 2019
A sad man sailed above a dark pit;
There he drowned all his regrets;

A sad man sailed over the hollow trees;
There he hung his bales;

A sad man sailed beside the scorching sun;
There he forgot who he was;

A sad man sailed between the rough sea and the gray of the clouds;
There he found peace

A sad man sank,
There he became one with the sea.
Watcher Oct 2019
Oh great night wolf;
Who walks over the temple;
Take care of my weak soul;
Needy of emotions;

 Creature of magnificence;
The tears wash my hands;
Happiness was drowned in the black river;
And tonight I only have you;

May your white cape cover me during the nights;
And your big paws rip my nightmares;
Your pointy ears listen to my murmurs;
And may your aura never leave me in this melancholy land.
Watcher Apr 2019
Yes, it's raining outside;
I can hear the world crying;
And today I do not want to reside;
I love you and I want to continue feeling;

I lost what they stole from me;
Everything was so dark;
But you made me see;
Like a sky full of sparks;

Keep sleeping, the moon still reigns,
The sun did not cast out the stars;
Stay calm, there are no more chains;
Close your eyes and travel to Mars;

Fail, break, hurt and cry;
The monsters are already leaving;
Rise, unite, heal and fly;
Reborn, you need to continue living.
Watcher Mar 2019
I'm not talking about morphine;
Much less dopamine;
I speak of sensations;
Of colors, sparkles and emotions;

I speak of bright colors of space;
Verses that deliver us from disgrace;
I speak of glittering eyes;
And the power to fly through the skies;

Let the world take care of you;
Let everything stop being so blue;
Get out and feel the rain;
And let it take away your pain.
Watcher Feb 2019
The moon is my only companion among the nights, my two swords are always available to retaliate, but from this path I seek to move away. My oath is to protect justice against everything I dare to confront, even if for this my life I should sacrifice. As much as I seek peace, war always finds me and drags me back to hell. The cherry blossoms fall and stain the floor pink, and with my sword I pinch with vivid red that I draw from my enemies. But where will this come from? I just want to live in peace, but the sword is and always has been the fate of a Samurai.
Watcher Feb 2019
Distant lands call me;
Crying for my return;
Like a prodigal son returning home;
Bringing the glory of a fallen kingdom;

Evil has possessed the hearts of brave men;
And hope is only a dim light in the sky;
Fathers lean over their children's ashes;
And the crows pray before their next meal;

But all this hurts me like thorns;
My home has turned into a mire of hate;
My family is already lost in memories;
And I'm alone with the demons;

My brown cape rocks in the strong wind;
My eye reflects the sight of the troubled flames;
My sword is pointed at the darkness;
Challenging her for a dance between cut and emptiness.

— The End —