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Watcher Apr 2019
Yes, it's raining outside;
I can hear the world crying;
And today I do not want to reside;
I love you and I want to continue feeling;

I lost what they stole from me;
Everything was so dark;
But you made me see;
Like a sky full of sparks;

Keep sleeping, the moon still reigns,
The sun did not cast out the stars;
Stay calm, there are no more chains;
Close your eyes and travel to Mars;

Fail, break, hurt and cry;
The monsters are already leaving;
Rise, unite, heal and fly;
Reborn, you need to continue living.
Tark Wain Jul 2015
If I had ever met my mother
I assume she would have told me about you
but she did not
so I did not learn until later
you have quite the reputation sir
"GOD" people say as there eyes light up
if you are so great like they say
why did you take my mother away

— The End —