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There's a certain uniqueness in being strange

The thought of being different,
Unique with words,
Best amongst equals

The thought of being the light amidst the dark
Invading all chasms
Shining forth

The thought of being strange,
Like a talisman abstruse
Strong, yet soft in approach

Tall, yet bend when the wind blows,
Cold, yet melt with emotions,
Better by far

Best amongst equals

Ovi Odiete© Jan, 2017
I just needed to write something to come out of writing drought
        *TO **** OR TO?

THE FIRST ONE  *was obsessed with the penchant to ****
Where he lay bare when darkness falls, lurking around looking for blood to spew and flesh to drill.
Customarily, from a distance, he looked calmer and more laid back, but on a closer view, he's a
  frenzied  beast prowling for a prey.


THE CLOUD  gave way and an emanating surge of blackness forged in.
The green leaves became blur, the shrubs, dull and the air smelled dark.
And tonight, no guiding star traveled by

The stars had refused sprouting, so darkness took charge, winning an inglorious war.
And in the midst of the thick chasm of darkness, stood a monstrous shadow. Hiding a knife neatly behind his trousers. There he was, prowling, watching the arena until he claimed it safe.

Like a meandering hungry wolf waiting for a shriveling prey. This shadow swirled, turning in circles, hungry and abashed. His impatient attitude took the better half of him as he began canvassing round a circle. And as if fate had a penchant for entwining tragedies, a young and innocent girl with eyes that scored blue was seen walking into the presence of an unseen monster.
It was fate, not serendipity. And here she was, unsuspecting.
The monstrous shadow still in hiding, watched his new founded prey and was waiting for the perfect moment to pierce and attack. He's baying for blood and just within this dark patch of time, a beautiful and enchanting young girl was passing by.

All of a sudden, she felt some unseen eyes plucking into her soul. Someone must be lurking around. She could feel it.
The air smelt horror.....
The breeze was too cold.
The arena itself was encapsulating danger and turning around she saw a stranger.
A very tall, muscled ripping, Strong and unusual strange man. Fear gripped her. She began breathing too hard and too shallow at once. She couldn't make do the exact face of him, but from the heat of the moment, she could tell he wants just one thing. Her blood.

The monstrous stranger brought out a knife, sharp and direct and attempted to pierce. Groaning and roaring like a savaging beast he directed it to her chest, but then he paused. Her eyes.

It was her eyes

Her eyes held him there. There was something about her eyes that made him pause and ponder.
There was tears. Tears of a broken soul, that was long kept within the chasms of her spirit. There was hope, hope for a fallen soul, that it will rise again. And there was warmth, warmth for a cold heart, that it will melt again.

He looked into her eyes and for once in his life, he could see himself within those piercing sunken magnetic eyes

And for the first time, the monstrous stranger was on his knees, crying in pain and agony.
"What can bring an undaunted warrior down on bended knees"?
A woman's tears can pierce into the most rigid of hearts.
Raising his head, he could find her no more. She was gone, gone into the black night.
A moment of rocketing rage flew in as he screamed
Perplexed, fascinated and enraged at the same time, he would go into the night and search for her amidst the wave of blackness and spill her blood to the sands of time.

But could he actually spill the blood of the strange girl  with eyes that brought warmth, hope and whose tears brought him down on shriveled knees?

**Ovi Odiete© Dec, 2016.
A woman's tears can pierce into the most rigid of hearts.
Mystical Goddess of Night times
Queen of the caliphets
Daughters of the Caribean blue
As days did mark quarters
As lilies did spark waters
As rain lit the hydrosphere
And green fit the atmosphere
As oceans falls beckoned on MĔ

And open floors endowed the ŚĔÁŚ

And the moon thrilled a beguiling dark
And the beam filled a bewildering black
I call on the gods beneath the seas
Heed me to a wavering ŦÁĹĹ

Mystical daughters of the hereafter
I become the waters that flow endless
I become the rain that melts the patch
I become the tussles of a million ŴÁŤĔŔ

I swivel and swim through an unseen world
And when darkness falls,
I stand
I watch
From a scoring cosmos above
I render the sea blue
Glowing from an encapsulated moon
Tearing all obstacles
I am Luna
Queen of the Moon
I bewitch the night with my mesmerizing glow
And when time flips away,


ĎĔČ 11 2016©
We stand tall, yet so low
above our fears, below our doubts;
we can see through thick
and so we hope so bold
but that is as far as it goes
here we are, hands tied;
we cannot move far
and so we shout for us
to be free

In the grave of dreams,
are hopes shattered, and joy
turned sour
lights turned darkness;
shadows encamping our hopes
all that we ever longed for,
but could never accomplish
all the days of glory,
now a shadowing story

Let us be loose, we pray
take us out of this cage
break all these bars of rage
let us claim the roaring sea,
and name its depths our own.
From the grave of dreams,
I see the sky
but cannot claim it
and so I dare to fight the walls

From the grave of dreams
comes a thousand wishes.
In our helpless and tormented state,
we still seek for freedom
shouting through these scars of rage;
hoping through the chains of siege
praying with all tongues of flames,
but that is as far as it goes;
here we are, hands tied

We look to the world all known,
and wish for the thrills unknown;
though scared of the things unseen,
still wishing for them all
for a song to let us loose,
and a call to give us hope;
for we are locked within walls,
all we do is to dream of dreams
and so painful we never attained them.

Ovi Odiete©

Written 2014

*first published 2014 on poemhunter
So many dreams are shattered in the grave of dreams,
So many wishes never accomplished.
So many years lost within time

'In the grave of dreams, I am restricted within walls so all I do is scream to be heard in the distant hills'

A city that radiates happiness,
A people of class and heritage
A Nation that has seen its station
A World of black and white.


A fire burning amidst the waters
A river flowing through
Children of the ancient ones
A world of black and white.


A people that prefers hate to love
A revengeful and boastful heart
A people that read more, yet less sense
A world of black and white.


The trueness of hate itself
The scandal of ignorance
The product of callousness
A world of black and white


Be love or bliss defined
Be the city upon the hill
Be the fighters on bended knees
We can be Great again

Only if we shun hate and accept love

Professor Marylyn-D©
All right reserved
Only if we shun hate and accept love
A warrior keeps rising
like radical waves
in violent seas,

Regardless of how many times
a warrior keeps falling,
their valiance
will never cease.

Strength, courage,
and determination
are the mechanisms
built within,

Valiance reigns supreme
with this human being;
even if they are defeated,
they still win!

By Lady R.F ©2016
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