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12.2k · Aug 2016
Train the girl child
That she may know her ways in time
And find her path in time
That she may give to the society
For every girl child has a right
And that right must be sensitized early enough

*Educate the girl child
The girl child
8.4k · Aug 2016

She told me she had been *****,
She had been ***** by her father,
A Man who brought her with his seed into this world,
Now using that same seed to defile his own living seed

She had been ***** by her own father
She had been ***** by her Father
4.1k · Aug 2016
CHILD RAPE...........
Expose the culprits that hide behind the stars to perpetrate their evil
No child should be abused
Every child deserves the best
Child ****
4.0k · Aug 2016
If you chose to fight,
Fight with love,
**** with love,
Let thy love flow endlessly,
Fight with love and not with hate
Fight the good fight,
The good fight of giving your love unconditionally
Give me Ink,
give me paper,
Give me Ink and Paper
That is all I ask for,
Not money,
Nor gifts,
But Give me Ink and Paper
Or I die
1.9k · Aug 2016
Women have rights,
Right to life and right to speech
Rights to love and be loved

Feelings and emotions running wild,
Right to vote and be voted for
Feelings of happiness running high

Not to be harassed or blackmailed,
Not to be abused and relegated
Women think too
Respect the girl child,
And tender her
Give her the right words
And build her ego

if a man can lead the world,
A woman can heal the world

Professor Marylyn-dolly©
On gender issues
1.5k · Sep 2016
Sequel to my poem A Mourner's tale

Her days turned darkness, as evil taunted her soul
Shattered she stood as the night fought her
Harrowing it was when time stood still
Fearful it were when he held her down
as he took away her reason to smile again
In a journey of ten minutes he took away her dreams alongside her innocence

There was no morning too bright to elude this darkest plight
There was no one to hold her again
No reason to smile
No light too bright

And then

I say

It was blinding how the sun pierced into her damaged soul
And when night came, she could not feel,
She could not see

It was shattering
It was shattering how pieces of her couldn't be mended again
And how these pieces spread beyond her life
It was shocking

It was shocking how her own mind questioned her existence
And how she lived through life, existing, but not living
It was monstrous*

It was monstrous how men could damage a flower so pure and beautiful
And how they go on damaging more flowers,
Crushing them and eluding them all of their innocence
It was blackening
Copyright professor Marylyn-Dolly
All rights reserved.
1.3k · Aug 2016
Entwining body and soul and mind,
Baring flesh to flesh
Soul to soul
Clinging and holding
Joining together as one
And becoming inseparable
In a moment of never ending bliss
1.2k · Aug 2016
It is the River that tells the tales of life in a never ending flowing pattern of liveliness
The River
1.1k · Aug 2016
It was piercing the way the day slowed in her eyes
As she felt the pain of been abandoned
It was shaking.

It was shaking how the cold stole her skin in the mid of the night
As she watched through her window pane, with tears in her eyes
It was harrowing

It was harrowing how her lights turned darkness
As she moved through time without any hope, wishing her life would end
It was fearful

It was fearful how darkness taunted her soul, and how she searched for light in darkness still
As she sailed in an ocean of endless misery, without any destination
It was blinding

Professor Marylyn-Dolly©
A Mourner's tale
We grow old everyday and when we clock the Age 50, we begin to count our days and deeds as never before,
Though old age may not show in our faces,
But the experience we have had all the years, are our medals and awards
Who would believe I am above 40?

I have been blessed with the gift of youthfulness
Growing old
904 · Feb 2017
Let there be light
And darkness gave way for light to come in as the light invaded all depths
Narrow and wide
Vast and shallow
And the light eluded misery and sorrow
And tragedy was defeated
And the light began a mysterious sojourn
From the west ends to the northern eastern poles
And the light shone through the deepest fronts
And the light began glowing
And the light illuminated the rhythms of darkness and that too gave way
And the light sojourned still
Journeying through time's hand
Traveling through thin and thick
Meandering, bending
And nothing was left unseen
And nothing was left untouched
And every other thing began unraveling
And the light won a glorious war

Prof Marylyn-D
My first poem for this year
858 · Sep 2016
In a shell darker than the devils mind,
I rise and fly through air until I see the light*

I Rise
662 · Nov 2016

A city that radiates happiness,
A people of class and heritage
A Nation that has seen its station
A World of black and white.


A fire burning amidst the waters
A river flowing through
Children of the ancient ones
A world of black and white.


A people that prefers hate to love
A revengeful and boastful heart
A people that read more, yet less sense
A world of black and white.


The trueness of hate itself
The scandal of ignorance
The product of callousness
A world of black and white


Be love or bliss defined
Be the city upon the hill
Be the fighters on bended knees
We can be Great again

Only if we shun hate and accept love

Professor Marylyn-D©
All right reserved
Only if we shun hate and accept love
656 · Aug 2016
As each day passes by,
I do not grow old,
Rather I grow younger in the word of God,
God makes me ageless
Ageless in Mind and spirit

This piece belongs to Professor (Miss) Mary-D (Myself)**
645 · Aug 2016
Let us Pray
Let us pray,
That our children be fruitful and multiply
That they love God and keep his words
That their lust disappears
And love reappear
That they give nature her dues
And bring peace anew
That their heart be pure
And souls be purged
That they may not miss heaven
Let us pray
Our children
618 · Aug 2016
Let it be known that there is a God who watches over the earth
Let it be known that this God
Cares for us
Let it be known that you are not the maker of yourself
Give Glory to Thine God of Heaven and Earth
Let it be known that whether you are an atheist, Muslim or Christian,
You shall all bow before this God
And give accounts of all your deeds on Earth
Whether you believe it or not
There is a God
And He's God whether you believe it or not
God is real,
He lives
Even if you don't believe doesn't stop him from been God
579 · Aug 2016
Let thy will be done Oh God and in so doing,
Let it begin with me
Thy will be done
548 · Aug 2016
"To My Older Daughter"

She's vast and full
Blossoming like the tides high
Too perfect, yet soft
She is like a full fledge rain
Falling and brooding the earth
She wants to heal the world,
But in so doing,
She has to learn that she can't do it alone

she needs to balance getting a PhD and having a family,
The two must be balanced to be a full woman.
A woman must Create a world, A world called family
For Isabella, my older daughter
544 · Aug 2016
"Promises that Run Dry"
The years are like stagnant streams that stay starved of nourishment to a Woman
A Woman's years are like promises that never be
Like promises that run dry
Like Fountains of miseries
Like Seas of Evil,
Like Promises that never be
As Promises that run dry
Promises that run dry
478 · Aug 2016
Help the child find his way
For soon that child will become a  STAR  and no one can stop his shine
Help the child
The winds are like volcanoes,
Volcanoes that erupt the peace of the earth
Such winds and volcanoes are likened to the lonely years of a bleeding heart
On bleeding and loneliness
367 · Apr 2017
**** them with love
I'm back from writer's block
280 · Aug 2016
Always smile at life's misfortune and keep moving on
268 · Aug 2016
Beauty lies in your heart, not in your face
266 · Aug 2016
Eating soul since the beginning of its existence....
But we are stronger than it,
Because we live,
But it doesn't live,
It only attaches itself to us to be able to live,
Live above Cancer
You are too strong to fall
Too much to be defeated

— The End —