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Denel Kessler
You, my fellow poets, are amazing. I'm glad I found you. Keep writing and sharing. Regarding copyrights? Our poems are a part of us and ...
38/F/Australia    Shed no tears, use the words as a burning flame..... A confessional poetess
26/M/Washington    Welcome to a corner of my world. Make of it what you will.
Melanie Kate
I'm a dreamer, a traveler, a food maker and a teacher. I write because there is no other reason than just to write. It's like ...
just north of ordinary    Under construction. Dreaming out windows. Want to hear me read it? Please visit: I have two eBooks on Amazon.
F/Choctaw Nation    "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." ~J.K. Rowling
Lora Lee
I am a writer, of both poetry and fiction, since as long as I can remember. It is simply a part of who I am, ...
PLEASE RESPECT THAT ALL MY WORK IS COPYRIGHTED. If you want to use any of it, please ask my permission. Thanks.
Autumn Rose
F/Where the roses wilt    ,,Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again,,
Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad
Sydney, Australia.    Australian Poet, Rosalie Fayad - Lady R.F. Author of "The Edge of My World" is debuting her poetry book internationally - available at and ...
F/Ottawa    The French poet Aragon said: "By the time we learn to live it is already too late" Instagram: rose_emerald_ وردا‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
long island   
Abdulhamid AlAttar
33/M/Dubai    I wish people can take my eyes to see this world from my different point of view. Vague for a lot, open book for some. ...
Little Bear
Equality feels like persecution when you have only ever known privilege
Emma Elisabeth Wood
F/UK    // queer poet // hack poet //
Joelle A Owusu
LDN    A contemporary confessional poet. twitter: @Joelle_o
54/M/Cleveland, Ohio    DON'T TRADE ME "LIKES". Creator of the "Quantum Loop" poem. I study English, science, and mankind. Calculus...God`s math. Shemale and he-she. Asian/black/arab/white/americaN.
Los Angeles, CA    I breathe fire out of lipsticked teeth and reflect prism filled sunbeams.
J Aigboje Ohiro
ABUJA - NIGERIA    Black of origin. Original and innovative.. Innovation keeps me afloat.. Afloat for positive change.. Change is necessary for growth.. Growth is what shows the presence ...
Reza Bavar
Los Angeles    Reza is a passionate writer, photographer, SCUBA and Yoga Instructor, traveler, adventurer, reader, food eater, food cooker, Hookah user, drink mixer, social interactor, life experiencer, ...
Lagos, Nigeria    Call me Luna Call me Moonshine~`````` Call me mystery Find me in the night By the Moon's edge Just call me Call me Luna ©Evna-Luna
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