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Dec 2016
We stand tall, yet so low
above our fears, below our doubts;
we can see through thick
and so we hope so bold
but that is as far as it goes
here we are, hands tied;
we cannot move far
and so we shout for us
to be free

In the grave of dreams,
are hopes shattered, and joy
turned sour
lights turned darkness;
shadows encamping our hopes
all that we ever longed for,
but could never accomplish
all the days of glory,
now a shadowing story

Let us be loose, we pray
take us out of this cage
break all these bars of rage
let us claim the roaring sea,
and name its depths our own.
From the grave of dreams,
I see the sky
but cannot claim it
and so I dare to fight the walls

From the grave of dreams
comes a thousand wishes.
In our helpless and tormented state,
we still seek for freedom
shouting through these scars of rage;
hoping through the chains of siege
praying with all tongues of flames,
but that is as far as it goes;
here we are, hands tied

We look to the world all known,
and wish for the thrills unknown;
though scared of the things unseen,
still wishing for them all
for a song to let us loose,
and a call to give us hope;
for we are locked within walls,
all we do is to dream of dreams
and so painful we never attained them.

Ovi OdieteΒ©

Written 2014

*first published 2014 on poemhunter
So many dreams are shattered in the grave of dreams,
So many wishes never accomplished.
So many years lost within time

'In the grave of dreams, I am restricted within walls so all I do is scream to be heard in the distant hills'
Written by
Ovi-Odiete  lagos,nigeria
       Poetroyalee, RK, ---, K G, L B and 32 others
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