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280 · Nov 2020
Under the moonlight
Priti kumari Nov 2020
In my mind you just arrive
like a surge of a wind,
why am I so crazy for you?
Is the question I ask to my mind.

At times, I lose all control,
on myself without no reason.
And that's the moment when,
I miss you most with no real reason.

I sometimes wonder,
whether to grab a moment,
And spend my time precious,
under the sparkling moonlight.

The way the stars shine
in the dark of the night.
I promise to shine for you,
In our relationship forever bright.
78 · Nov 2020
Whirling memory
Priti kumari Nov 2020
Memory which i have
Is unforgettable,
A whole day in your whirling
Memory is unexplainable.

Not having you here is
Tearing me deep inside,
Impossible to stop wondering
No  matter how hard I try.

Oh! my crazy heart
A lot of memory is left to describe,
My grief and my pain
That no words can describe.
Sometime it's so hard to express your feeling. And you are left alone fighting with yourself. And I feel the better way  to express is  in poem instead of confiding to anyone.

— The End —