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Never fall in love with a poet
For you might forget your true self
Cos they paint a different picture of you
And make you feel like someone else

Is it true or is it lies?
How can you truly know?
They give you a taste of the high
So when they leave, you’re really low

They tell you things you never heard
And even words you can’t pronounce
They make you fall real deep
And then they expect you to bounce

Never fall in love with a poet
Or you’d have to put their heart together
Their broken heart belongs to someone else
And Some pieces would be gone forever
Never fall in love with a poet. By Moore
love poem
met an angel about a couple weeks ago, turns out her choker was a disguise for her halo. there's a war in her heart and it's a thing of beauty. she said i gotta fight for her love and that's my call of duty. her boy thought he was the god of war and he could disrespect us. so i put that lord in the ring now she watching her ex(x) box. she asked 'you a player or a baller?' she said show me your true colors. i said yeah, but i'm in a game boy where it's more advanced than colors. i make beauty in six seconds like the vine app. i make something out of nothing now it's your turn, what can your mind(mine) craft? she said it's too busy harboring demons, there's not a thing that's given her life meaning. but i came along and like i'm a hitman in her mind, I killed the demon inside just so the devil may cry. And then we kissed, and I found out that cupid is just a drunk teenager playing arrow ambush with my back. We kissed again and I felt the next 30 years of my life, then i looked into your eyes and saw the year 2048 and all the other years after the first 30, those years we have to find our uncharted feelings. let me be the  Nathan to your Drake. Leave me clues to find the treasure you have hidden in you.
your hair might not be as long or as soft and can't be stroked but nothing beats strong and short on a chocolate skin. if the eyes are the windows to the soul then take those window blinds you call contacts off. Let me into your real life let me see the color of your real eyes and realize where the real lies and that's in your beautiful soul. they say black is the devil's color and I don't think that's right, cos you're all angels high off your melanin overdose spread your wings and fly. they say beauty lies in the beholder's eyes, but even your beauty is felt by the blind. we are children of God and we have heavenly bodies. so people should know that our weather is not the only thing that makes us hot. We are the nicest people you'd ever meet. fun fact: Afri actually means not cold, maybe that's why we're hot and not cold. Africans are beautiful.
started out talking thought our conversations were temporary, then you sat next to me got me hotter than Mercury. took you to the corner hope your boy ain't seen us, say she love me but she used to curve me like Serena and Venus. didn't even kiss her lips I kissed her neck first, my **** out put it in her mouth felt like I left earth. we made love on the moon and we slept on stars, she slept on me and I slept on her. she begged for my Milky Way with her hot chocolate heavenly body so it's safe to say that I slept on Mars. wake up on the red bed with a red head, go to the kitchen we on the sink and I tell her to bend. I make her scream and the other planets runaway from fear, not only Mila Kunis could make Jupiter ascend. I told her 'I wasn't looking for love but Either ways I found it, let me treat your finger like Saturn put a ring all around it.' Then I asked her 'can I put it in your ****?' she said 'Guy that's disgusting
I met a girl today, she was pretty legendary. she had batteries for eyes and metal for skin so anytime she touched me I felt a spark. I exaggerate a lot but she really had wings on her shoes cos she looked like she wasn't touching the ground. face like Aphrodite, mind of a god and the body structure of a goddess, she makes me wonder if heavenly bodies are found only in outer space. I guess I can actually say she's out of this world. she's got da Vinci fingers for teeth cos every time she smiles it's pure art. so you see, she was pretty legendary. I wanna meet her again and see how deep she is and I'm not talking about our conversations. I wanna plant rose seeds in the creeks of her lips so every time she cries and the flowers grow, she'd remember who put them there. let me be the reason you laugh and the reason your tears cease, the reason you're happy and the reason you're not sad. let me make you smile, unlike Arsenal I won't let you down.
she said she wanted to try something new with me. she said it's called friends with benefits and she wanted the physical thrills without catching the emotional feels, so everytime I made her rain she won't have to fall. I agreed to those terms knowing my emotions are like a car without a steering wheel, can't be controlled and doomed to end up a mess. so I embarked on a journey with a tattoo map on her skin and a torch in her eyes that can only be turned on by soft kisses on the right places. soon she got naked, and I cld feel the shortage of oxygen in the room cos she was breath taking. she consumed so much gas that I had to wonder how she still drives me crazy. she wanted to be a wild child, but little did she know that beneath my stomach lies a drug and she got addicted. and with every fix, every soft kiss she felt bliss she caught feels I saw it in her eyes and she couldn't quit cos the emotions she disliked made her feel so alive. I knew I'd regret but I didn't care cos I tamed a beast that was wild.
always means everytime and forever doesn't end and I promise to love you everytime without ending. They say the world is upside down, so I guess falling (for you) is my only way Into heaven. I'm a seven you are a ten maybe that's why we can't be together. and I'm so negative without you cos that happens when you subtract 10 from 7. No matter what happens I'd always think we're soul mates. cos you always drive me crazy but you have one too many toll gates. our deep fights would always end up with gives right? you always loved to scream like you're watching a horror movie at midnight. back to the topic of discussion which is eternal love, you might act like you hate me now but I cld still feel your internal love. that's one thing I love about you you really couldn't hide things from me. like when they used to call you a ***** I assured you its cos you're hot not cos you're sunny. one thing I'm sure of is that you changed me for the better, and that's why no matter what happens I'd love you always and forever.
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