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Jan 2019 · 182
Sky Jan 2019
The threads between us
and strengthen our connection
with every word.
Jan 2019 · 94
Sky Jan 2019
I would love to sprout
a pair of wings,
flowing from my spine.
They’d be feathered,
and black as night,
and could carry me to the stars.
Jan 2019 · 133
Sky Jan 2019
Do not be ashamed of what you feel,
for you are human.
Your feelings are completely normal,
and I have felt the same.
We both have something
that drags in the mud behind us,
But I believe that we
can help each other relieve
those weights.
Jan 2019 · 82
Watch the Ghosts
Sky Jan 2019
It’s ok to watch the ghosts sometimes.
It’s ok to look at them
and wonder, “What if?”
It’s ok to watch them smile
and wish that you were the cause.
It’s only natural,
and it proves how much
you really care.

It’s okay to watch the ghosts sometimes,
the occasional glance back
as you walk away.
Everyone’s pace is different,
so don’t be embarrassed by yours.
Just don’t let the ghosts
blind you to what’s
right in front of you.
Jan 2019 · 303
Sky Jan 2019
Anxiety gnaws at me,
and it’s hard to keep control.
I won’t let it drive you away.
I won’t let my fear
wrap chains around your wrists -
I have to let you breathe,
and maintain my own breathing
at the same time.

I can breathe,
I can control this.
I can keep us safe.
Jan 2019 · 114
Sky Jan 2019
You lift
my heart
into the very center
of the universe
and fill it
with a cosmic magic
that gives me fresh life.
Jan 2019 · 97
Peace in the Aftermath
Sky Jan 2019
There is a sudden peace.

I stared the dark fog of death
in the eyes
and I never blinked.

I feel strong. I feel like
I understand.
I may not know yet
where I will go,
but I know now
how I will live.
My heart will lead the way,
for I know that it won’t lead me
The pain that I’ve felt
has only made me stronger,
so that I can survive the future.
I will not die,
for I have too much life to share.
Jan 2019 · 550
Sky Jan 2019
you slowly push
my doubts away,
and every day
that we talk
i feel the hole fill.
the universe
might finally be kind
to my aching heart.
could you really be
the comfort
i’ve been seeking?
Jan 2019 · 115
Sky Jan 2019
You make me feel
And it’s such a nice change.
Jan 2019 · 115
Sky Jan 2019
Someone will be reading this soon,
ready to learn my secrets,
ready to hear my thoughts.
And to you, new heart, I say,
Welcome to my world.
Tread carefully through these words,
for they contain a rollercoaster
of emotions,
a constantly shifting tide.
Here is where you see who
I really am.
Jan 2019 · 72
Sky Jan 2019
Last night
I dreamed I was high,
Once again able to touch the sky.
I woke up
with my body aching
and my mind spinning,
and reality was all too real.
Jan 2019 · 72
Sky Jan 2019
There’s a warmth in my heart again,
A hole I hope can be filled -
Will he disappear like everyone else?
Or, this time, is it real?
Jan 2019 · 100
Sky Jan 2019
I’m sorry
that I leave
so many ghosts
behind me
every time
I try
to love.
Jan 2019 · 840
Night Demon
Sky Jan 2019
I feel it creeping in
just under my skin;
It comes when
my thoughts are fuzzy
and the sky is dark.
It pulls tears from my eyes
and pours embers into my brain,
it whispers in my ear
and leaves a frozen knife
in my heart.
And it’s not until
I finally close my eyes
that I am safe.
Dec 2018 · 520
Sky Dec 2018
This app that tracks
how my brain is feeling
asks me what emotion
is sitting in my chest -
I wish there was an option for
multiple feelings,
or all of the above.
Dec 2018 · 500
Caught Between
Sky Dec 2018
No one can see
that I'm caught in between -
my body is in the present
while my soul is in the past.
Dec 2018 · 519
No Pulse
Sky Dec 2018
I am being asked to love again,
and my love is being questioned —
It makes me want to rip
my heart out,
smash it against the earth
And declare it dead.
Dec 2018 · 489
Sky Dec 2018
If I could stop time, I would,
right here, right now,
and wander this cold,
starry night.
I’d sit on a ledge
and ponder the end
before walking away
because I remembered.
I’d dip a toe in chilly waves
and try to keep demons at bay
as they try to drown me.
I’d head back home
to be safe and warm,
and remember that I don’t have
a home,
just a house with strangers
sleeping inside;
I don’t know my own life
I’d look at the clock,
stuck at half past the dark 3 —
and let time slide its way
through my skin
to drown me in
sorrow, regret, and anxiety.
Dec 2018 · 312
Sky Dec 2018
Memories flicker in my mind,
fireflies always escaping my grasp.

I try to catch them,
keep them in a jar,

But they escape,
leaving me lost and alone.
Dec 2018 · 404
Old Ghost
Sky Dec 2018
What are you doing
back in front of me
With shards of glass in your chest -
You wait for me to pull them out,
And tell you that you’ll be okay,
But I don’t know that I can still help you
If all you’ll do is push me away.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Old Love
Sky Nov 2018
I miss kisses.
I miss the gentle meld of our body heat,
Soft sighs in the dark.
I miss late whispers
and hugs that make me forget.
I miss the laughs,
And casual word trade.
I miss your presence,
never an empty space.
I miss kissing you,
and forgetting everything else.
thinking about an old love
Nov 2018 · 257
Bloody Waters
Sky Nov 2018
The tide has come,
Stained with blood,
Filling my lungs
With fear.
I’ve stopped swimming,
And now I float -
I can taste rust
In the water’s murky flavor.
My arm stings,
Yet I still want more,
The blade gleams at me
From the sea floor.
I wish I could cry,
But the ocean takes
My tears away
So that I only drown faster.
Nov 2018 · 184
The Torment
Sky Nov 2018
Everything hurts, but
I have no bruises,
no leaking wounds.
The torment
a persistent infection.
It grew bored
of letting me hide,
and the tide has dragged me
I almost feel like
this time,
I might really drown.
Nov 2018 · 405
Sky Nov 2018
I’m ok for now
But I can’t stop fearing the worst
Can’t stop watching the horizon
For the crushing wave -
This is too good,
And I know that it’ll end eventually.
Nov 2018 · 341
Sky Nov 2018
If I could relive a moment of my life, I would pick a Tuesday
in my senior year of high school.
I would hug all my friends,
and walk through the halls with confidence,
and give my boyfriend a good long kiss.
After school, during fencing,
I would treasure a moment
with a friend now gone,
and when I got home,
I would help cook dinner
and give my parents a hug.

I would call all my grandparents,
and actually do my homework,
and cuddle with my cat,
and just enjoy being
17 again,
before everything changed forever.
Nov 2018 · 86
The Saltwater Bucket
Sky Nov 2018
So this is what finally tips
the saltwater bucket,
sends the rivers down my cheeks-
Home cannot be home without you here,
and I wish you didn’t have to go.
Just found out my dad is going out of town for an indeterminate amount of time...
Nov 2018 · 274
Chasing Fireflies
Sky Nov 2018
My existence flickers,
but only in my own mind-
I seem to be forgetting reality,
and the memories I've captured
are finding ways to escape the jar.
I chase them through the dew-speckled fields,
but they deceive me every time.

And sometimes I stop,
and fling myself to the ground -
roll to face the stars,
and nearly drown in my own tears,
and ask

Oct 2018 · 241
Sky Oct 2018
The excited shout of a “Happy birthday!”
is my reminder that someone still thinks about me.
I always love getting birthday wishes on my special day, it reminds me that people do still think about me.
Oct 2018 · 120
Sky Oct 2018
I’m watching that first big wave looming closer and closer.

A single tear slips down my face.

It’s coming.
Oct 2018 · 225
Dark Tide
Sky Oct 2018
I feel the cold waves lapping at my feet,
whispering dark words in the night -
The waves are slowly rising to drown my soul again.
The cold will leave me numb,
and the drowning will leave my lungs on fire.
It won’t be long before I’m sinking again.
Oct 2018 · 106
Sky Oct 2018
The infection is returning,
seeping into my blood—
soon I will be a creature
of shadows and tears.
Sep 2018 · 182
Hatred (TW for SI)
Sky Sep 2018
At first the
blade’s slice is slow,
But I quickly realize
that it’s much better
to make quick strikes
across my skin.
I lose myself
in the sound it makes,
the satisfaction of each
red line.
I suddenly cap the blade
and toss it away
and let the tears roll down my face.
What have I become?
I hate myself.
Sep 2018 · 125
Sky Sep 2018
I can’t

If I do,
I’ll leak
and drown
in my pain.
Sep 2018 · 145
Sky Sep 2018
You put the smile back
onto my face,
the warmth back
into my heart,
the life back
into my world.
Sep 2018 · 105
Sky Sep 2018
I can't stop remembering
the night
my innocence was devoured
by pressure -
I wasn't ready,
but I let him in anyway.
Even over a year later, I hate what I let him do to me.
Sep 2018 · 122
Friendly Heart
Sky Sep 2018
You surprise me
with things that
no one else has ever done -
You're a fresh thought, a kindred spirit,
someone I know I am safe with.
Sep 2018 · 133
Stepping Stones
Sky Sep 2018
Would you hate me
if you knew
how I've been leaping
from heart to heart
like stones in a pond -
they all crumbled under my weight
and left me to drown.
Sep 2018 · 129
Body Heat
Sky Sep 2018
The smell
of you
in my nose,
Your warmth
had stained
my heart—
I cannot wait
to be near you
Sep 2018 · 204
Shadow Steps
Sky Sep 2018
Tonight I wish to dance
with the shadow,
and let him sweep me off my feet;
I wish to let blood stain my wrist
and moonlight pierce my iris
As I embrace the ebony warmth
of my enemy.
I will let the dark feathered wings
sprout from my spine
and lift me away into the stars
To dance only the darkest dance,

and in the morning I will be light again.
Sep 2018 · 8.3k
Sky Sep 2018
You tend to me
in a way
no one else has before,
letting me grow
Sep 2018 · 85
Sky Sep 2018
You see beauty in me,
a torn flower?
One of us is surely blind.
Sep 2018 · 87
Sky Sep 2018
You put the static back into my body -
the kind that gives me life.
Holding your hand
was such a comfort,
and I didn't want it to end.
Sep 2018 · 180
Sky Sep 2018
I need to stop
digging up love
And let it grow instead
Sep 2018 · 101
Finding Pieces
Sky Sep 2018
The nice thing about being free
is that I can give other hearts
a chance.
Maybe this one will stay.
Sep 2018 · 98
Sky Sep 2018
I should delete the poems
I wrote for you -
But they’re too beautiful,
too painfully true.
Sep 2018 · 163
Sky Sep 2018
It hurts to see your name,
and know how quickly you cut me off -
but I suppose it allows me to move on
and find my happiness elsewhere.
Sep 2018 · 143
Sky Sep 2018
"Love will come when it comes,"
but what if I need it now?

I'm so tired of being left alone.
Sep 2018 · 94
White Liar
Sky Sep 2018
A small lie
has torn us apart,
broken my heart,
and left me in the dark
Aug 2018 · 80
Sky Aug 2018
I am so sad
and so scared
but I can't let you see,
so I put on a brave face
and a calm voice,
and I guide you through the pain.
Aug 2018 · 102
Both in Pain
Sky Aug 2018
You keep cutting deeper and deeper -
but don't you remember what you told me?
"Every time you hurt
it hurts me, too."
Your cuts leave scars on your skin
and my heart.
I wish we could both learn
how to stop.
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