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Namrata Feb 2020
Our story
stands in the long queue along with million others,
waiting to be stamped
with the big, bold letters
of the word
What lies
in the future is unknown
to me and everything
we share right now remains trapped in the
cage of uncertainty.
Namrata Feb 2020
I love you
Like you love Harry Potter
Like Luna loves puddings
Like Dobby loves socks
Like Harry loves his parents
Like Hermione loves books
Like Ron loves food
Like Dumbledore loves Hogwarts
Like Hagrid loves his creatures
Like Fred & George love pranks
Like J.K. Rowling loves writing
Namrata Feb 2020
I'm not only thanking you for promising me,
I'm thanking you for everything,
I'm thanking you for always being there,
I'm thanking you for making me smile,
I'm thanking you for holding my hand when I'm nervous,
I'm thanking you to understand me,
I'm thanking you for accepting me,
I'm thanking you for trusting me,
I'm thanking you for being mine.

Because one of the greatest gift you can give someone is thanking them for being part of your life.

&  you're not only a chapter in my diary, you're the ink , I'm writing my diary with.

#youarelife #love #iloveyou
Namrata Dec 2019
in the photo I'm smiling
looking at the tiny camera
on the front of my phone

over my shoulder: you
sound asleep on the couch
covered in that silky blanket
looking for all the world
like home
Namrata Dec 2019
I miss you
and there's nothing I can do about that
I love you
and there's nothing I can do about that either
You're my best friend
My only real friend
I think
I need you here
I need your voice
Your touch
And I can't have any of that
Why do you hate me?
Why does the universe hate me?
I just need to hear your voice
I need to know
you still love me or not?
You ever loved me?
Why did you do this?
Why do you hate me?
I just need to know you're okay?
And that are you still going to wait
Like I'm here waiting for you!
It's been these long days
These hard ******* days that I haven't seen you
How do you deal with not having any contact with the one person you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?
I love you
With all my heart
My body
And my everything
I miss you
I love you
And I hope
You still love me too
And I hope to see you soon
And I hope you're okay
And 1 last question
Am I this hard to be loved?
Namrata Nov 2019
And you are Gone
leaving me torn!
Gave me the happiness heap
then took a big leap.

If already wanted to do so
should have told me "I WILL GO."
Tears don't stop in lights
keep on felling in nights .

YOU completed my laugh
now left me half;
Oh! you never intended to stay,
and so made your own way.

Telling ME to be silent,
Ehh! Look at your deeds done violent;
How can I keep calm?
Our memories are alarm.

I made you mine..
Well played! and told it's fine!
Took far away my life,
Kept it on the edge of the knife.

I never asked you to GO
so why you said me NO?
All I wanted you to let me heal,
But you left me this to feel.

You came in like a wrecking ball
all you wanted to let me fall;
You did wreck me,
and break me...
Namrata Nov 2019
Love is the rain,
and it's the shade.
Love is the colour,
and it's the fade.
Love is the dark,
and it's the light.
Love is the peace,
and it's the fight.
Love is the lost,
and it's the path.
Love is the joy,
and it's the wrath.
Love is the *****,
and it's the pure.
Love is the pain,
and it's the only cure

— The End —