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 Jul 2018 Kae
 Jul 2018 Kae
sometimes i wish i left my nails long
because in moments like this
i really want to scratch and shape them
on my skin
until they get red
a pretty vibrant color
i will never stop being like this
 Jul 2018 Kae
 Jul 2018 Kae
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Youllneverunderstand me
 Jul 2018 Kae
 Jul 2018 Kae
i was told
to make my body
my home
so i painted
on the walls
and hung
from the ceilings
i am uncomfortable
in this home
and the image i see
saddens me
because this home
is messy
and the other girls
are pristine

 Jul 2018 Kae
Shruti Dadhich
I just want to go from here,
To a place where I could be more happier,
A place where I'm not known to anyone,
& I'm all free with nothing to fear,
I want nobody to be with me right now,
As I know they won't understand me now,
With no binds to make me alive,
     & no force to make me die,
I want no reason to answer anyone,
But I need a place to be unknown to everyone,
A place where I'm nothing to anyone,
A place where there is nobody to ask me questions,
      & nobody whom I shall reply,
A place where nobody is present to break my trust,
      & nobody on whom i shall rely....
If someone find such a place, then please tell me as I'm yet searching for such a place...
 Jul 2018 Kae
You made me
 Jul 2018 Kae
You took my childhood, you matured me too young.
I looked for you in other people, but I never found you.
You bruised and broke my heart.
My tiny little heart.
You made me want to die at the age of 8, you made me hate my body at the age of 10.
You made me attempt suicide at the age of 11.
You made me cut at the age of 12.
You made me anorexic at the age of 13.
You made me believe that I am worthless because even my father didn't love me.
You made me believe that I could and never would find love.
You made me believe that happiness was a joke.
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