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aih Sep 12
I am not mad
I am raising my voice
To express how I feel about the things you do
But if you cannot comprehend the words spilling vividly
Or see my emotions painted on my face
Or my moving hands measuring my intensity
Then you assume I am mad
aih Sep 12
I carry my heart in a tight grip
With a melody, a symphony
That trembles out my lament
Of longing to be who I used to be
In hopes I change my path
To the one I am meant to be.
aih Sep 9
Paint me a picture
Of long ago
When the moon stood still
And dreams came true.
aih Dec 2018
You say to go with the flow
But I move with a heart full of love
Despite the pain I carry
Ready to give.
aih Nov 2018
do you expect the best
when you offer the worst?
aih Nov 2018
you really took the bait
thinking you’re better than me
you did to me what I did to you
bitter and sweet what you did to me
aih Oct 2018
What a fool to think that what we had could be real
To think that a repeated story could turn out differently
But here we are broken for different reasons
You’re mad because I’ve had enough of your *******
And I’m upset from all I have been through
Sacrifices and rebellious love gestures
All for a greedy boy who can never Love
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