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Jul 2019 · 225
Herselfher Jul 2019
Trust is greater than love
You can easily love anyone
But to trust them,
Is vulnerability
Jul 2019 · 62
Body Dysmorphia
Herselfher Jul 2019
Confused between loving myself
Or hating it all
Between loving my body
Or changing it all
Nip & tuck
So i could simply be a good
Jul 2019 · 67
Herselfher Jul 2019
I restored
What she destroyed
#relationship #love #secondchance #breakup #love #life #lovelife
Mar 2019 · 45
Herselfher Mar 2019
She was in search of something
Other days
Whatever was  
But she was afraid
He didn’t want the same
She wouldn’t lose herself
Like she once did
Falling for someone’s
Is a great mistake
Yet his kind heart
& fatherly ways
Made her question should she go?
Or should she stay?
Mar 2019 · 75
Herselfher Mar 2019
Compiling life  events
In one day
Live with no regrets,
The old folks say
However, i regret you
Mar 2019 · 66
Herselfher Mar 2019
She wondered
Is she learning from her past
Is she repeating the same mistakes
Was this going to last
Was this the non-traditional
Storybook ending
Or was this just a harder lesson
Than the past
She wondered
#past #lesson
Mar 2019 · 223
Herselfher Mar 2019
Woke up today
Even for the pain
& swollen eyes
A new day
New adventure
Convincing myself
#okay #ok #eyes #tears #grateful
Mar 2019 · 358
Herselfher Mar 2019
Took him for granted
Maybe he was not that bad
I didn’t realize what i had
Until someone else
gave him a chance
For her,
he is the best
She has ever had
For me he is my sad
Mar 2019 · 80
Non existent
Herselfher Mar 2019
Wishing a knight in shining armor
would save me
From my fears
Wipe my tears
Years of pain
& Sorrow
Longing for a rescue
Fairytale, yea,
It does not exist
Mar 2019 · 119
Super Hero
Herselfher Mar 2019
Everyone wants to be a
super hero,
But only for validation
Mar 2019 · 58
Like you
Herselfher Mar 2019
From the outside looking in
Everything is alright
But on the inside if my organs could talk
They would spew
Of the most pleasurable poisons
Drugs, alcohol, ***,love
Things You would never get.
So i just shake your hand
Pretending normalcy,
Just like you.
#normal #drugs #*** #poison #love #justlikeyoi
Feb 2019 · 191
Herselfher Feb 2019
It was about an hour train ride
One to relax
Think of past regrets
& stress about future ones
Feb 2019 · 67
Herselfher Feb 2019
Love day
In bed
Wake up start the day
love yourself
How you wish others would
Today and Everyday
#valentines #selflove
Feb 2019 · 516
Just Fuck
Herselfher Feb 2019
She was appealing
With scars still healing
She was curvy.
Men love that ****,
stared and gawked
“Hey let’s just talk”
Which translate into
“Let’s just ****”
Feb 2019 · 435
Herselfher Feb 2019
She was a worker
After all she had demands
She didn’t like to ask for help
She didn’t need a man
Yet, she suffered every day
Longing for a hand
To guide her
And make her understand
Maybe, even be her biggest fan
Motivate her, man!
Feb 2019 · 234
Herselfher Feb 2019
He cared, So he said
I belong to him
An object he was obsessed
Feb 2019 · 342
Herselfher Feb 2019
You may feel down and out
You may feel like you can’t get out
You may feel worthless
You may feel like no one will ever love you
You may feel homeless
You may feel selfish
You may feel confused
You may feel passion
You hold on for the ride
The day will come
Things will be alright

— The End —