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I see the clouds above me,
They're floating in the sky,
I wonder what they see,
And wonder why they cry.

I listen to the fire,
While sitting in its glow,
Not a thing does it require,
But wood for it to grow.

Gently does the breeze,
Whisper to my skin,
I wander if the trees,
Mind about the wind.

I will not shut my eyes,
Wont miss one part of this,
The sun is giving the skies,
A loving goodnight kiss.
More things will be opening up
and more things will be closing down,
an interesting turn of the turn of the *****
but what can we poor people do?

I see
well read people
well fed people
well dead people,
we try to ignore those
I still see them.

when it happens
we will know and
we'll be the first to go
under the hammers
into the slammers

we haven't got a say in this
you can
kiss your **** goodbye,
the only saving grace I see
everyone of us has to die.
Nature’s Song

    The wind whispers through the trees
Hear the ripple of the water as it flows
The bees are buzzing as they gather
Pollen and get some on their nose

Hear the dog bark in the meadow, chasing
Butterflies as they spread their wings
And outside of my window hear the
The morning song that the Robin sings

The sounds of nature are everywhere
Take the time to listen, don’t let them slip by
Pause yourself for a moment to smell
The rose and hear the baby cry

The Woodpecker pecking, the Owl hoots
And the Wolves howl
I’ve come to a sense of belonging
Even as the cats begin to scowl

It’s a continuous beautiful orchestra
And you can’t ever be wrong
If you just let yourself get lost
Into the vastness of nature’s song

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 02/28/2020
All rights reserved
I never truly understood before
Meaning of the word "bittersweet"
Until this moment our fingers
Cautiously extend to meet

The rush of longing fills body
Mix of nostalgia and despair
Electric passion flowing through me
Almost more than I can bear

The teardrops wet my expressionless face
I am thankful the sky is dark
You tentatively fiddle with the radio
Unaware I'm falling apart

I am trying so hard to be grateful
Each second I spend with you
The whole time our skin is touching
Wondering if you're grateful too

My eyes glisten and betray dismay
You finally notice something is wrong
Crack a joke to make me laugh a little
The happiness only lasts so long

One look at you
My hopes soar
In sinking waves of blue drown
Scolding stupid emotions for flying
I know our love will come crashing down

Yet despite desperate restraints
Expectations climb against will
So fond of you it makes me sick
Too infatuated I feel ill

The air coats clothes with loneliness
Lungs with empty residue
Stardust permeates sore limbs
Brightening everything we do

So curl up halfway on your lap
Savoring temporary bliss
The agonizing thoughts lurking in my brain
Are not so easy to dismiss

The ecstasy blooming in my center
Is why I remain here
Why does all the good between us
Have to be tainted by pain or fear?

The sizzling sensations are sweet
Presence infects my core with glitter
It's the inevitable hurt when you break me in two
Rendering me jaded and bitter

Now I realize how wonderful
Yet awful that word can be
Learned it is impossible
Spelling bittersweet without "we"
Finally one I am proud of that is semi-recent
 Oct 2019 Wayne Wysocki
She met him south of the border in Durango,
She was hot and boy could she fandango!
She said at a glance
"Señor like to dance?"
“No”, he replied, “But I would love to tango!”
 Nov 2018 Wayne Wysocki

The twilight clouds
went scudding past
like witches on their brooms.
The sound of laughter
filled the night
as ghouls departed tombs.

"Trick or treat!"
as menageries filed by...
Filling up their bags with loot
while candy stores ran dry.

Dentists filled appointments books
in brisk anticipation...
Knowing that enamel
would not stand
such laceration.

Zombies stagger down the street
and vampires trip on capes.
Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles,
Frankenstein escapes!

Princesses and knights with swords,
mummies by the score...
Ghosts and goblins saunter by
and darkened homes ignore.

Masks of every shape and type
monsters and the like...
Arriving via motor pool
on foot, skateboard and bike.

Kids of every age invade
demanding tribute thus...
(Oh dear...
here comes another group
arriving on a bus.)

People donning hobo clothes
adorned in eye-holed sheets...
Wearing out the doorbells
on the darkened,
porch lit streets.

Jack o lanterns
hiss and spit
as candles soon expire.
Children head back home
to count their swag
and then retire.

At last
the tempest peters out.
The pageantry is gone.
I look out
at the candy wrappers
littering the lawn.

Another Halloween is done.
I hope they had their fill.
"Trick or treat!"
still resonates
I hear its echoes still.

But... just around the corner
as Thanksgiving season nears...
We hear the spiels and ads
of all the rabid marketeers.

Turkeys gobble restlessly
at axes sharp and keen...
For them...
this is a nightmare...
just another Halloween.

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