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broken stitches, missing pieces
we are bleeding through these nights and shining spotlights
We are melting beneath the blue moon
but we are so naive

skinny love and blinded eyes
so fragile, yet so divine
let this be our symphony
our secret serendipity

flooded tongues with buried lungs
but our only paper hearts can save us

speak now or forever hold your peace
take me to the wilderness and let me be
Fall into your arms, craving for your warmth
Hey constellations, don't fail me now

Fragile hearts with violent parts
these jigsaw pieces still fit perfectly
As our mind and soul collide
Neglecting your voice
Neglecting your choice
The idea of you and I
became a beautiful misery;
A reckless memory

Blurry eyes with blinded mind
Never knowing this will be a
Monstrous explosion of
tears and emotions.

Hey, Constellations
What have you done?
Tying up fate and destiny
All combined
Connecting the stars
forming another part
This is tearing me apart
Let me be at peace

Hey, Constellations
Don't fail me now.
I've never felt the same way as before again.
I am sorry to say but I'm slowly drifting away
Times have passed, mistakes were being done in the same way
I am confused
I don't know what to do
Dearest Matthew, please let me hear you
I have tried keeping up with everything
But it's not working for me anymore.
I am hurting myself again again
And I am hurting him also deeper and deeper.
I would always think of you as my first reason to keep my life worthwhile; my first reason to live and not just survive. You have all my firsts, hopefully to be my last.

I would always remember how the stars would shine for you, seeing and feeling every inch of your skin glows underneath the blue light moon,
How the night sky shines and rise for you. I knew that when I look deep into your eyes, I knew you’re the one.

I would always remember how fate and destiny lead us here
That every mistake and misleading decision I made lead me right into your arms
Each coincidences are not plain luck and would often happen.
It was a one in a million experience and yet was still meant for it to happen.

I would always remember how we first sat and talked, with our hearts full of passion and tranquility, that neither of us never wanted to stand up and leave on that coffee table we were sitting in
I knew from the very start that you will be the one.
You understood all my thoughts in a blink of an eye back then, our thoughts clicked in just a jiff and I think it’s a beautiful thing for me.

I would often think of the future with you. That one day I’ll wake up next to you, morning sun rays hitting our morning faces.
With our tangled feet underneath the tangled sheets
We’ll wander with our minds, never wanting to get out of bed and do our errands for that day.

You never fail to seize my mind, and you know that.
You never fail to bring out the best in me and pull out the worst.
You were my hope when in times of doubt and darkness, you are my star.
You taught me to sail far across my comfort zones and to ride back on each big waves I will encounter.
Through the rigged battles that we have, yet I still don’t know when to come, you just sat there with me, telling me not to worry a single bit.

I would always think of you as my first reason to keep my life worthwhile; my first reason to live and not just survive. You have all my firsts, hopefully to be my last.
We often fight because I am such a pessimistic person. You see, I am someone who can't see a single gem in me. I wonder how you managed to have feelings for me. Yet you're still there beside me; and I like it.

I never liked the idea of you taking pictures of me. When I sometimes check your phone to delete some candid photos you took a while ago, I would accidentally check you private messages out of curiosity. Hoping I would find something funny, something that'll shock me, or an assurance that  maybe some other girls are trying to lead on to you. I never doubted you. You told me thousands of times that you will never look at someone the same way you look at me but who knows? Even sometime, the rain falls on deserts.

I am still afraid of you spending time with other girls, not because I don't want you to have girl friends or so but I am afraid that you might find them attractive. When I knew that you had this sort of connection to this girl, I was in complete dismay to myself spending the next three weeks crying before I go to sleep, asking why didn't you go for her and why me? I don't know what's worse, my swollen eyes by the time I wake up or the day you realize you deserve much more than me.

I never wanted to meet your friends, not because I don't like them. In all honesty, they're really nice and fun to be with but I know by the time they see me, will also the time they'll ask you if you regret loving me. I am not like your past girlfriends who're petite and beautiful inside and out. I am no beautiful nor an amazing person. I never looked myself as a beautiful person, I never will. However every single day you never fail to tell me that I am. Honestly I still don't know if you really mean that or you're just complimenting me because I am your girlfriend.

I would prefer staying indoors than to walk along the pavements of a local park or have my time spent in the mall, window shopping with you. Don't get me wrong I want to at least have our dates or maybe just to be with you just like that but you have to understand me that I don't like it when people stare at us. Strangers giving you that same certain look, telling you "why are you with that type of girl?" Your delicate hands are intertwined with something unpleasant, a tight rope perhaps. I am no bouquet of flowers. I am a parade of not well made paper hearts.

We often fight because I am such a pessimistic person. You see, I am someone who can't see a single gem in me. I would often suggest that you should leave me for good and yet you're still there beside me; and I like it.
I know we aren't just a breath apart
Nor steps away from each other, love.
Skin to skin we barely meet
This distance is killing both you and me.
Craving for each other
Gathering cyber hugs and kisses to one another
Staring onto the screen
Waiting for each other again to meet

I know it's scaring you
That one day or soon. i'll be leaving you
That I'll be making actions that will impale you through
Leaving you marks and scars
And splash you with the colors of black and blue

Sweetheart, I want you to know that I am all yours
Your heart is m serenity and mine will always be your home
Every time we bid each other "good night"
The first and last thing I think of before I go to sleep
Is the thought of you sleeping beside me, holding me tight.

There maybe times we feel disenchantment coming our way
But look, we're still here
Stronger and happier than what we expected
Smiling all these storms away
Ignoring these thoughts that'll ruin our way.

Never think of me running away from you
For I know, my whole heart, body, and soul belongs to you
You'll always be my way home; bliss and sanctuary.

Every single day, you're always in my mind, thinking of you as always
Wanting your fingers to entertwine with mine again

Darling I am all yours
Every step you make
Every word you take
I'll be there, one step away
Each moment when I'm with you
Every hitched breathwhen you kiss me like you do.

I know this distance is killing you and me.
But don't you worry, darling
One day I'll be waking up next to you
Tangled sheets onto our resting bodies close to each other
There will be no cyber hugs and kiss anymore
But skin to skin we'll always meet.

I am all yours, love.
All yours.
Dearest You,
It's already past two in he morning and I'm still wide awake with my cup of coffee.
Thinking about you; I know, I'm crazy.
But honestly speaking, you just don't know how much you mean to me.
I don't know if we're meant to be but all I know is that the stars grant my plead of having a man that'll offer his everything to me
And from the bottom of his heart and soul, will love me truly.

Dearest You,
Connect all the thoughts your mind, heart and soul has to offer, and they'll make a beautiful constellation.
I always look up to your mind, heart and soul
For it gives me enough strength and reason to stay, to live, and to be happy.
Darling there may be times that I'm as hard as a rock, that no action and no person can cheer me up when I'm down
Just the thought of you and you being there for me can soothe me down and in a blink of an eye I'm already fine.

Dearest You,
Count all the flaws you have, because those are the reasons I love you most. Your flaws will be my treasures to keep
For they were the reason why I'm still falling in love with you.
I'll love you at your worst, and as well as your best.
Keep them and hug them tightly
For your flaws make them "you"
and I always and will always adore the idea of "you"

Dearest You,
Letters, hugs, cuddles, and kisses can't measure how much I deeply love you.
I don't know what will measure it, darling.
But I know that my love for you will be as infinite as the stars above, as impossible and unimaginable as the universe that surrounds us.
I am so grateful, so blessed and so lucky to have you, dear. I have found my home, my tranquility, my soul, my direction, my everything.
her head wilted into the crook of his shoulder- waiting to be taken apart
for diagnostics.
the circuitry was buzzing quietly. only the blue lights
and one orange switch
were left blinking.
outside the window, things were trembling billions of years away.
outside the window- the vacuum drank slowly
from what was left inside.

they had arrived at destination.whatever that means.
she didn't look up.
he couldn't.
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