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  Jan 2016 Ely Averill
Poti Mercado
Pain is inevitable―
     and so is falling in love.
     But the only difference between the two,
     is that love feels great and pain does not.

The inevitability of falling in love
     is a choice,
     a choice whether you'll let yourself fall,
     or if you'll catch yourself before you do.
It is a choice,
     a choice whether you'll fight for it,
     or if you'll let it whither―
     like the flower he gave you on your first date.

It is a choice,
     a choice whether you'll hold on,
     or let go
     and never turn back.

People see love,
     and they think they know what it is.
     But in the world we live in today,
     no one really knows.

People chose love,
     but all they got was pain.
     Nothing felt great.
     They weren't happy.

People think love
     is just a pastime, a joke,
     or breaking the bed and leaving the next day,
     with only the trace of their perfume left on the sheets.

But the worst thing,
     is when people think
     that love is a trap,
     something that no longer exists.
Ely Averill Jan 2016
Strong and steadfast
Light brown hair and blue eyes
Smiling, giggling, having fun
Ely Averill Dec 2015
Death—it is grievous,
It is also part of life,
No death means no life.
Ely Averill Dec 2015
A calm escape
that can be frightening
And yet better than the real world
Dream time
Ely Averill Dec 2015
Be always grateful,
It’s the path to happiness,
Follow this advice.
Ely Averill Dec 2015
Rippling clear surface,
Fluent and bold and mighty,
calm and powerful.
Ely Averill Dec 2015
Christmas is joyous
Being with family too
And also your friends
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