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A boy walks alone under a starry night
and wonders what his happiness is supposed to be.
He remembers his past with delight
for those were the days when he had Serenity.

He forgets all of his happiness
and immerses himself with Loneliness.

The boy runs alone under a starry night
and he locks his heart to hide from Life.
The pain in his heart fills his inner strife
and he meets his new friend, Misery.

The boy jumps away into the Night
and he forfeits his deal with the Light.
The gruesome, gloomy, and two-faced shadows devour him
and then Darkness became his new sight.
Poti Mercado Jan 2018
Puno ng init ang unang higop ng kape
Nakakapaso ngunit ramdam mo ring gumuguhit ito sa iyong mga ugat
Hanggang sa umabot na ito sa iyong pusong bumibilis na ang pagtibok
Sa iyong mga kamay na walang tigil ang panginginig
Sa iyong mga matang mulat na mulat sa hating-gabi
At sa iyong mga bibig na nananatiling bukas at handang sabihin ang lahat ng ninanais

Ngunit sino ba ang iyong kape?
Ang nagbibigay sa’yo ng panandaliang lakas?
Sino ba siyang nagiging rason para manatili kang gising sa gabi kahit gustong-gusto mo nang matulog?
Sino ba siyang nagdudulot ng matinding panginginig sa iyong mga kamay at tuhod sa tuwing nakikita mo siya?
Sino ba siyang nagpapabilis ng pagtibok ng iyong pusong naghahanap lamang ng panibagong taong mamahalin habang inaantay **** mawala ang paso sa iyong dila na nadulot ng iyong nakaraang baso ng kape na punong-puno ng pait?

Ayan na’t naglalakad na siya papunta sa’yo
Inaantok ka pa at walang kamalay-malay na nariyan na pala siya
Papalapit nang papalapit hanggang sa nauwi nang magkahawak ang inyong mga kamay at ayan na naman
Ang pagbilis ng tibok ng iyong puso
Ang walang tigil na panginginig ng iyong mga kamay
Ang pananatiling bukas ng iyong mga mata
Kahit gusto na nitong pumikit, magpahinga, at mamaalam na sa ginagalawang mundo

Ngunit tulad ng epekto ng kapeng iniinom mo araw-araw
Papawi rin ang pananabik at pagkamulat ng iyong mga mata
Mapapagod din ang iyong pusong nalasing na sa dami ng kapeng iyong nainom na akala mo’y matamis ngunit nag-iiwan din pala ng mapait na bakas sa iyong mga labi
Titigil din ang panginginig ng iyong mga kamay
Sadyang panandalian lang at hinding-hindi na tatagal
Sapagkat siyang kape na nagbibigay sa’yo ng lakas
Ay siya ring kape na inubos mo hanggang sa huling patak
Poti Mercado Apr 2016
They said we can't be together  
     because our stars don't align
They said our temperaments simply
     can't be put together
They said you're a constellation and
     I am nothing but a comet passing

You said we'd show them that our
     stars do align
You said we'd show them that we
     can manage
You said we'd show them that I am
     not a comet but a meteor shower

But you lied

And that's when I realized

I was indeed your meteor shower
Keeping you happy for a while
But you left when you were no
     longer mesmerized
You left when your eyes fell on the
     Northern Lights

You love with your eyes
And I die a little every day knowing
     that you never loved me with
          your heart
Poti Mercado Mar 2016
I am a liar when it comes to my feelings
Not because it's in my nature to lie
But because I fear that you would see straight through me
When I say "I'm fine"
I am actually wrecked inside
When I say "I hate you"
I actually mean I love you

You see, I am a liar when it comes to my feelings
Not because it's in my nature to lie
But because I fear that the truth in my feelings will push you away
When I say "Go away"
I actually mean stay
When I say "I'm happy for you"
My tears actually start to build up

I have said it twice but again, I am a liar when it comes to my feelings
Not because it's in my nature to lie
But because I want you to be happy
When I say "You look good together"
I actually mean I wish it was me
When I say "I hope you'll last forever"
I actually mean—

But yes, I am a liar when it comes to my feelings
Not because it's in my nature to lie
But because I want to believe that these lies are the truth
I want to believe that I'm fine
I want to believe that I hate you
I want to believe that I am happy for you

I am not always a liar
There is truth behind these eyes
So when I look you straight in the eyes
And tell you "I love you"
I actually mean it
Poti Mercado Jan 2016
Across from me at the bar table,
the bartender smiles and asks for my order
I tell him, "anything strong," and hand him ten dollars
I drink it up, feel its strength running down my throat
into my ever-growing stomach
I look up and remember what I've left at home
My wife sat in the bedroom alone,
My children pacing around and adapting the way women and men are supposed to be

I have taught my son power, strength, and dominance
While I have taught my daughter weakness and submission
Maybe that's where I went wrong as a father
Where all previous generations of my family have gone wrong
Raising me as a man seeing women as objects,
And I raising my son in the same manner
I take one last sip from my ten dollar drink
Taking it in along with my realizations

In front of me is the door of my home
where I have left women to shrink
in order to enlarge myself to the point of overfeeding my ego
And then I decided to shrink myself into the size
of the women I've shrunk

The size of my home has grown larger
Its proportions have expanded
Allowing each of us to occupy the same amount of space
And so I sat across my wife at the kitchen table
Looking at her at eye level
She smiles and I smile back
This was written during one of our English classes yay if you haven't read/seen Lily Myers' "Shrinking Women" you can look it up on YouTube!

This poem was written in the father's perspective.
Poti Mercado Oct 2015
Pain is inevitable―
     and so is falling in love.
     But the only difference between the two,
     is that love feels great and pain does not.

The inevitability of falling in love
     is a choice,
     a choice whether you'll let yourself fall,
     or if you'll catch yourself before you do.
It is a choice,
     a choice whether you'll fight for it,
     or if you'll let it whither―
     like the flower he gave you on your first date.

It is a choice,
     a choice whether you'll hold on,
     or let go
     and never turn back.

People see love,
     and they think they know what it is.
     But in the world we live in today,
     no one really knows.

People chose love,
     but all they got was pain.
     Nothing felt great.
     They weren't happy.

People think love
     is just a pastime, a joke,
     or breaking the bed and leaving the next day,
     with only the trace of their perfume left on the sheets.

But the worst thing,
     is when people think
     that love is a trap,
     something that no longer exists.
Poti Mercado Oct 2015
Before I left, I asked how you were feeling.
You said you were okay.

But since when did okay turn into sleepless nights with your head resting on a pillow dampened by your tears?
Since when did okay turn into breaking wine glasses while getting drunk on the blood from your broken heart?
Since when did okay turn into drinking anti-depressants?
Since when did okay start to feel like hell?

If that's what being okay is like, then I guess I'm okay.
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