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Don Akasha Jun 2018
Readjusting to the eternal present moment that is now and forever
Where all things spiral and grow... where all creation flourishes
Once again I lost my mind only to rediscover inner peace
and find a sense of contentment and bliss like never before
This maze gets deeper and deeper as I traverse the unknown and beyond
I keep wondering how things could get any more strange
I keep thinking that this life can't get any more magical
As soon as I feel like I know what to expect,
the path transforms once again, right under my feet
Doors close and windows open right in front of my face
This path is forever changing and adapting
Constantly shifting and expanding dimensions
I find the singularity and liberate myself with each breath
Pure eternal bliss...
Everything is perfect as it always was
Everything is perfect no matter what happens next
Expanding Consciousness - Month 8
Don Akasha Jul 2016
As I take in all the long days
I ask myself is this really how home tastes
the wrong place I feel like I've been in after I've escaped
to the top of the mountains where I seemed to fit it
feel the feeling that resides within
every since I was a young kid
before I knew I ever had a mission
pure bliss.. before I knew how to truly even listen
before I had to witness the struggles of life and emotions bubbling over due to the lack of having a mic.
I remember when nothing seemed right..
the world seemed hopeless
before my dreams were ever spoken
before they were even approaching the open mind
this feeling is just so divine
hoping that I can flow with the motions of this climb
was blind until I uncovered the treasury that was buried beneath the time
the truth it changed my mind indefinitely
severing all the ties to everything I've ever learned and assuming it was lies until I earn the piece of mind to believe it with my own eyes
I've been shown a disguise most of my life
projected by someone else's perception
perpetuated by misconception
and mental expansion neglection..
it's simple... I stand to correct all the lies that disconnect
me from acceptance and perfection
Don Akasha Jul 2016
Imagination has to patience.
I can no longer practice waiting
no more procrastinating..
tired of steady craving this passion
acting like time is everlasting..
cherishing the moments passing while perishing
isn't it ironically tragic?
Don Akasha Jul 2016
Is this what it's like to feel inspired?
I had all but forgotten that within there's fire
but not when consumed by the night it's like my brain has rewired
time's stopped for the craving of desire..
but only just paused and not doomed because it's by the rights
that have been tuned out by lack of motivation when the moon's out
What's this life about?
I've ran through my thoughts a thousand times trying see the things I'm blind to
and it seems to have caught on to the miles that climb to
the peak so we can finally take that leap to find truth
and piece together each one of our minds clues..
Don Akasha Jun 2016
What's with this world we're livin in?
Why's it constantly throwing hate our way
when the love is where we're givin in?
I'm never dismissive when
it's comes to letting my thoughts speak
plenty of replenishin when getting caught beneath
the neural pathways of my mind
I've let go of the bad days
that I used to be livin in for some time
used to be blind to the rat race
ended up being consumed by every inch of it
these minutes got me seeking higher consciousness
I'm just trying to build my dreams up into these monuments
that my brain has shown me
all these promises of potential that they always spoke of it seems to have changed the way I think and grown on me
I'm home only to feel like this place is no longer feeling *****
in my zone roaming
around feeling the vibrations in the sounds
and never understanding how
they could feel lonely when they're a piece of the galaxy like you and me now
and forever
I'm better off severing my thought
process with clever lines
feel the positive vibrations through my heart, mind
and soul
I piece together the truths as the time unfolds
try to keep the mind open but sometimes it can be more closed
than you think
that's why I grab the pen and let my brain sync with the ink
break the chains that hold together your mentality and think
about the possibility of radically
changing the way you truly view reality
that point where you begin to question
all the things you've ever learned
at that point in time the mind has turned
into a different leveling system
and although it may seem a little overwhelming
don't be concerned
embrace it and listen
open your mind and learn how society can seem to be so basic
I've been quietly patient for so long
it seemed my dreams started to look shapeless
that's when I made a makeshift bridge
in the paper spaces and realized I could be the creator
of any projection from inside
to discover myself as I uncover what was left on the shelf
many years ago
along with other things
other ideas and other dreams
traded for simple jobs that make me wanna close my eyelids and dream
a legend once said I wanna sing until freedom rings
a question once intercepted made me notice things when I couldn't see my dreams
clouded by mental perception and incidental mis-direction
why do we all seem to search for others acceptance before we look first at our own inner connections
I feel the need to write in order to further discover myself.

— The End —