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Dark Ink May 2018
Let me apologize, to begin with because of my body type.
I will NEVER be good enough for anyone to date due to current 'hype.'
You know, the battle of 'bones' vs curves?
Just let me inflate myself to the  right number so I can properly serve
As the perfect specimen for your delicate eyes.
Obviously no one is good enough unless they've got decent thighs.

But just wait a ******* minute, because here I am again:
So let me apologize, to begin with, if I offend
You or your friends who think they're too good
To date someone size zero with some extra love under the hood.
How many times have I heard you exclaim in disgust
Of how large she is and how you'd drown in her,
If you even got near her? I saw you shaking in fear.
From your head to your toes, you were trembling dear.

See I'm told to eat less and maybe, just maybe
But if I was skinny, and let's tell the truth,
You'd be so disgusted by my looks .

I could eat a salad and still gain a pound ,
She could eat a salad and the crunch is the only sound
You hear a mile away and yet you would assume
That burgers and French fries is all that she consumed.
Do you ever stop to think, ladies and gents?
The true beauty of someone isn't based on the number on their pants.

So, let me apologize, to begin with,
If I bruise your massive ego,
But the way to tell if she's the perfect woman is not by your libido
I’ve always been insecure about my size and how I look. I still am ...  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love myself .. but I’m trying to. It takes a lot of self love, confidence and courage to stand up to someone who calls you out.
  Jul 2016 Dark Ink
Michael L
Alas! YOU have arrived
To soak up my words
May you drink them in
Delight in them
For they were penned for YOU
I know not your name
Nor will I see your face
But, you were on my mind when I wrote them

I knew you would come one day

And be touched by these few words
Not yesterday, not tomorrow, instead today
How was I to know the time
The timing I leave to you

I am just glad you came

Its never too late to proceed
For the words in my poems
Are meant for just the right moment
Filling a need
Easing some pain
Perhaps they turn your frown upside down

That is why ...

I continue to write

And ...

YOU continue to read
Ever notice how people meet your words at just the right moment
Dark Ink Jul 2016
Running, running
far away
Escaping dreams
of yesterday.
Faster, faster
there I go
Forgetting things
you'll never know.
Dying, dying
deep inside
Find a place
for me to hide.
Catching, catching
up with me
No more running
from reality.
Stopping, stopping
let me cry
Finding a way
to say to say
Dark Ink May 2016
You tore her apart for your own joy,

Her soul lies vacant and fragile,

Yet she faces the axe for getting *****,

As no case ,can be filed.

You still roam around and live your life,

While she carries a perennial pain,

Who gave you the right to commit such a heinous crime,

And leave her miserably insane."

Unfortunately the past cannot be altered
but we can certainly look for a brighter future.

"I hope one day,  there will be no stare,

I hope one day ,no one will care,

Whether the fabric ,is short or long,

Visible garments ...
Whether a mini skirt ,or a cloak,

Clothes aren't right or wrong,

It's your mind ,facing a deadlock.

I hope one day , no news of ****

I hope one day,no obscene tape

Is it so hard to achieve

A world  free of harassment and eve- tease?"
When you hear the word "****," what do you think of ?? Let me know .. Do comment Down below:)
Dark Ink May 2016
Who are you?
Why are you here ??
Where will you be in the next 10 years
When will you get there ?
What is your purpose ?

If you worry, these things will turn into burdens
But if you hold on to them in the back of your mind
All the answers will come in time.
Look to the future and not to the past ...
Always stand strong ❤️
  May 2016 Dark Ink
Can you speak for silence
Can you live for the dead
Can you sell your time
To cry out what's in your heart

You'll know what must be done
To fix the broken
The day you stand alone
And all worth losing is lost

Can you speak for silence
Voice what's in your heart
They let you die once
Now I roar in vengeance

Broken and on my knees
Aching and hurt
Subdued by stabbing fears
The strength I lack
Violently arches my back
As I cry out what's in my heart

So I ask you
Can you speak
when all remains silent
Can you live
for those who died
Can you sell your time
As I did mine
To cry out what's in your heart
If you can, keep strong, for all the people who can't hold on.
Write a song, a poem, words to help them along.
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