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 May 2018 Dark Ink
Mohd Arshad
Giving alms is not a philosophy,
It's an act of loving the stranger too.
 May 2018 Dark Ink
Mohd Arshad
People oft ask about your deep issues
With a smile that's enough to understand
How much value they give you and how much attachment they have with your problems
 Jul 2016 Dark Ink
Slur pee
Your fingers tangled in my hair,
Roughly, gently braiding pleasure.
An ocean of blood rushing through ears,
As warm, wet lips dance together
To muffled music.

Running over miles of fabric,
Across hills and valleys and
Fields of madness.
Eyes burn through each other,
Skin slowly melts away like wax;
Yet desire never wanes,
It's flame flickers and comes back.

Souls penetrate deep, between
Temples and moaning.
Finding rhythm in thrusting vessels
As minds wander, searching
Through feelings unearthly;

Intimacy, otherworldly.

 Jul 2016 Dark Ink
S G Arndt
How many poems can I write
How many poems can I write
About the girl I want to call mine
Maybe one more time
I can write
Until she finds me
She will one day see
All these poems that I write
All these poems that  I write
Were all for her
Just please girl don't ask for anymore

 Jul 2016 Dark Ink
he said he'd always fight for me

I never realised he was fighting himself
 Jul 2016 Dark Ink
I let it wither and die
As it wants to blossom and grow
This crush of mine
I walk away
As my heart comes close
I harden sentiments
As I start to glow
And I said goodbey
And I gave up on you

But still, oh still
I lay awake at night
And dream in the day
Of your beauty and smile
Of your cheecky grin
And your eyes
That burned a hole
In that soul
Of mine
It's impossible and I need to pour my heart out to you guys, bear with, probably not the last one.
 Jul 2016 Dark Ink
I said: "****!,
We need a talk."
I set you down
And struggle not to drown
In your eyes
Looking at me
Spilling a hint
Of fear and anticipation
As you hope
Just like me
For words
Setting love free

And I confessed
As a long bore knot
A tear slipped from my eye
Cause I know too
It can not be
It was too hard to bear alone
The weight of unknown
Of love unshown

I handed you my poem
You melted
And gave me a passionate kiss
A cocktail
Of butterflies
And bittersweet tears

I gave you a last intense glance
Cause I never want to forget
The way you looked that day
As I walked away
Crushy cruschy, crush, crush!
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