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I'll sing of all the ways I miss you
and how this sorrow came to be
the verses, lies I should have whispered
the chorus, truths in harmony.

The melody will break the silence
and call your broken heart to me
to be repaired by love unyielding
to broken hymns in minor key.
Depression lies and makes us push those we love most away, sometimes so far away that they can never return.
One day ..

I will come and ask for your hand

A day that cannot wait ...

We lock the door with a key
And go inside ...

Oh my ... what I will see ..

...Oh my ... what I will hear ...

... Your sweet voice ...
That harps the heart ...

Your glamorous beauty ...
Thats full of warmth
And tenderness ...

Ye prettier than the beauty ...

... My eyeful darling ...
love as purest love
is as white as flight of dove
over land of dreams
dove is a symbol of love,
peace, pure heart,
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
A heart that yearns for love in return,

Lost in sorrows and burning bridges.

Yet hopeful, till moonlit night's reborn,

Love may die but for a thousand ages.
Romeo hath *******
and gone to the pub
to partake of six pints of ale
with his mate Scrub

thy hopes he doesn't
get booked by the cops
as he drives home
with his portly belly full of hops

Romeo is vexing and irking
me no old end
he's been excessively visiting
pubs all weekend

doth his affections
for me no longer exist
hath beer swilling
taken priority on his list

thine shall be stowing
his wallet away
so Romeo can't go out
on the town to play
Was there a note? she asked.
Nothing we could find, I said.
(isn't the gun quite enough
to say that she is dead?).

Was she acting strange? I asked.
Nothing out of the ordinary, she said.
(the body's now inert,
from where the soul has bled).

Suicide comes quietly,
oft times, without a clue;
is the heart that now lies dead,
the one we really knew?

What of her charm and smile?
what of the love and laughter?
why leave a grotesque answer,
to what we call disaster?

You sure there is no note? she asked.
Nothing we could find, I said.
I never even suspected, she claimed,
as more copious tears were shed.
I may not scream it from the rooftops
nor paint in rainbows cross the sky,
all the times I've thought I love you
with all the sorrow of a sigh.

I may not hold your hand in public
nor bare your bussom to my breast,
all the times I've longed to hold you
with a whisper gone unblest.

I may not dance with you at sunset
nor feel your breath upon my cheek,
as you too hold back in silence
all the words you wish to speak.

I may not fall before your beauty
nor let my heart or' ride my mind,
just to once admit it freely
yet the truth is so unkind.

I may not say my words in open
but here in private know I'm true,
for no matter what the world thinks
my love's alone meant for you.
smother me
with the sadness
in your eyes

grey and heavy
like the words
i can't stop
from falling out

hide in my lungs
bright scarlet
and i
can't let them come out
and reassure you
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