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im dreaming of you
i wonder if
you're thinking of me too
i meant it when i said
im sorry
and i meant it when i said
i love you
you're always there but
you're afraid of me
i wish you could see
the change in me

maybe in another life
i'll see your eyes
and we can try again
I am sitting in the rain,
Awaiting the bus.

I want to go home.

But I am sitting in the rain,
Awaiting the bus.

The bus is here, but I don't want to get on.

So I am standing in the rain,
Considering the bus.

The driver opens the door, waiting for me to enter.

And I stay standing in the rain,
Eyeballing the bus.

"Ready to go?" I shake my head, but enter anyway.

I am sitting on the bus,
staring at the rain.
i still dont like the bus.
no one really wants to die.

no one wants to go through with the act of bringing the razor to their wrist or swallowing the pills or pushing themselves off-

what they want
is to escape.
Inside you

is where I want to



within the folds

of your mind


the sweet softness

of your soul,


as I release my love

deep within you.
                                     Jon York   2019.
The man
who kept
his emotions
at bay
in them
Won’t you look at the mess you made?
The lights go out,
I come apart.
The sun rises,
And so do I.
But in the night,
When I’m alone,
Your shadow stands over me
And offers a sad smile
A plastic sorry
And I forgive you.
“she sleeps, she’s quite,
she’s depressed...”

parental whispers,

I hold my breath.
i love you
but i know i'll leave you.
warming your bones have
turned mine brittle.
i was 14 when the boys with sad eyes
started picking me apart
im not far from 21 and all I wished for
last year was to shed the skins
that have touched mine
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